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Self-Realization / True Self (96)

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  • Away the Shores of Your Soul

    Away the Shores of Your Soul

    • Posted: 6/9/02
    • 96 words
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    There is a storehouse of Sanity, A vault of Love, A treasure of Kindness, All bursting at their seams. Can't you feel the pressure To just be Light? Don't the walls of your heart Ache to break loose and open The floodgates of Freedom? You have riches untold, But have lost the map to the upper regions of yourself Where you are always overflowing. So, forget this world with i...

  • Take the Road

    Take the Road

    • Posted: 9/29/02
    • 271 words
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    Some take the high road. Some take the low road. Some take the road with friends and family. Others take it alone. Some travel with clowns and animals. Some take only walking shoes. Some take the road with guru and saint, While others take the road with drunks. Some walk the road so slowly as to stand still, Even as some sprint toward a finish line as if it's in sight. Some...

  • The Way His Will Works

    The Way His Will Works

    • Posted: 1/19/03
    • 50 words
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    The one who looks to me for strength, Is not without my own, The one who calls on me for peace, Finds quietude is sown, The one who reaches for my hand, Will never walk alone, The one who comes to me for love, His heart is made my Home.

  • Saturday Student Q&A with Guy Finley (1/19/2019)
    Saturdays with Guy

    Saturdays with Guy (1/19/2019)

    • Posted: 1/21/19
    • Meeting: 1/19/19
    • Time: 00:51:02
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    Topics Covered: Real change is rare; The lineage of the Work; Reclaiming your humanity is reclaiming Real I; Human beings are the only creature that can be in relationship with the world above them; A real human being has compassion; Immunizing the brain; The brain is in conflict and at war with itself; The past is a kind of infection; A conscious human being cannot be goaded; The field of thought...

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The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

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