Release Your Fear of Any Mountain Before You
Release Your Fear of Any Mountain Before You
  • Posted: November 21, 2017
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Key Lesson

The first step toward learning to make fearless choices in life begins with abandoning the fearful chooser.


We read in timeless religious writings that "taking thought" about tomorrow -- searching for ways to enhance ourselves -- can neither diminish our fears nor add anything of true value to our life; yet in these same teachings we find no real "how to" stop being identified with thoughts that trouble us about our future.

We also hear that one must have faith to move "mountains" -- but again, no mention of "how to" call upon this power to clear the way before us. The word "mountain" doesn't mean a physical barrier as in something standing between us and a hoped-for position or possession we've imagined will bring us security and peace.

The original Hebrew language implies that the "mountain" -- that only faith can move out of our way -- is not a physical barrier of any kind; it is more a psychological obstacle that "rises to meet (us)" -- much as the way fear never enters into the picture of some new plan of ours until we imagine losing the reward that might come with it. Here we are taught that mountains are molehills of our own making that come into existence the moment we set out to increase ourselves in a time to come.

Here we can see that real faith has nothing to do with wanting to possess or prevent anything. Its true nature is a new order of freedom that comes with being able to see through the false idea that who we really are needs praise or possessions in order to be happy and whole. In other words, as we realize that the contentment we long for already lives within us, we are empowered to tell that "mountain" of discontented thoughts and feelings to "move out of the way." It must obey our command.

The real power behind faith is found in the Light within us that shows us what's true, and what's not, about who and what we are in reality. This insight helps explain the old adage that "the truth sets us free," because it means that in moments of trial our enlightened self-understanding actually "goes before us" to make the right choice for us! Rather than search outside ourselves for a solution to our suffering -- as when we run after the promise of some new "power" to escape the shadow of a fear -- we deliberately drop these old reactions in favor of quietly remembering what we know is true: there's nothing that we need to do to get past any dark shadow that shows up in our life except to be the Light that already lives within us. If we do our part, the rest is done for us.

For instance, perhaps a phone call delivers uncertain news about our deteriorating health, or someone tells us about a forthcoming change at work that threatens our sense of security, and we find ourselves caught in the dark grip of fear.

In moments such as these our future grows as dark as it seems full of the worry and loss we see coming our way. But our lives need not be swallowed up in unconscious servitude to this kind of suffering. We have another choice if we will only dare be still and be the Light. Here is a way to practice realizing the truth of your Self... beginning with remembering to make a new choice.

Bring your fear and worry about "tomorrow" into the Light of your Self. Remain there in your awareness of these frightening shadows and here's what you'll see unfold before your inner eyes: you'll watch these dark doubts dissolve into an unquestioned knowing that no time to come has power over the peace of being in the present moment. You will see that serenity is one with the life of the Light you have chosen to be.

After many years of talking to aspirants about being the Light instead of searching for what they think they need to deal with their dark states, I have found there is one main reason most people won't take the leap of releasing their fears into the Light that lives within them. On one hand they profess a love of the Light, but whenever an unwanted moment appears, and they look into its unknown abyss...they see no Light there, only darkness. Then comes an immediate resistance and darkness rules the day. But things are not always as they are seen. We have forgotten that who we really are cannot be made a captive of any dark condition any more than a sunbeam can be caught and held in a bottle. Our True Self is success itself, in every meaning of the word, because by its Light it fulfills and liberates all that it touches.

Never mind all the voices you'll no doubt hear shouting at you the first time you decide to be the Light of your Self. That which is dark does not go gently through being made new and bright. So there is work involved. But unlike all our former achievements that we see crumble beneath us even as we mount them for a temporary high, the Light we realize within us never fails; it literally carries us above whatever "mountain" is before us by revealing it to be nothing other than what we had yet to see about ourselves.

We cannot control the way the world turns, we cannot change day into night, we cannot keep what is not ours; and we cannot hide these facts from ourselves no matter how hard we try. But what we are given to do, and that turns out to be the one power of ours truly capable of transforming the whole of life, is that we can choose -- moment to moment -- to be the Light of our Self. We are created as co-creators of all that we can be conscious of within ourselves. It is our right to be in relationship with only those powers whose presence serves our chosen purpose in life...which is to be one with the Light.

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