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  • Catch and Drop the Compulsion to Talk Endlessly About Nothing
    Short Talk

    Catch and Drop the Compulsion to Talk Endlessly About Nothing

    • Posted: 1/31/19
    • Meeting: 1/2/19
    • Time: 00:02:47
    • Comments (4)
    How much time and energy and breath would we save if we were aware of the part of us that wants to speak before it starts speaking? Much of the talking that we do is brought about by an unconscious nature that compels us to speak so that it can experience more of itself. By observing ourselves we can catch the anxious part of us that demands we say something in order to relieve the pressure.
  • Awaken to the Forces at Work Within You
    Special Lesson

    Awaken to the Forces at Work Within You

    • Posted: 8/5/19
    • 770 words
    • Comments (1)

    The real adversary in our lives, that proverbial thorn in our side that leaves us aching and angry, and then sends us looking for someone to blame, is not what we have always believed. It is not something "out there." It's something "in here": an intimate enemy.

  • Let the Storms of Life Change You
    Short Talk

    Let the Storms of Life Change You

    • Posted: 10/2/19
    • Meeting: 9/29/19
    • Time: 00:02:02
    • Comments (0)

    What we call "talking to ourselves" is really the action of a consciousness that produces negative assumptions, and then plots how to bring an end to the very storm that it is seeding. We can't stop that level of mind from creating storms, but seeing them changes our relationship to that consciousness, and then we don't unconsciously reseed them. They appear and then disappear. Then you are...

  • Here's Why You Talk to Yourself
    Short Talk

    Here's Why You Talk to Yourself

    • Posted: 10/18/19
    • Meeting: 9/15/19
    • Time: 00:02:11
    • Comments (0)

    Real reactions are wordless, soundless, and even without familiar content. They are just the expression of something timeless touching something in time. The mind talks to itself in order to define these reactions for its own purposes, using its own past content in a vain attempt to reconcile the moment. The true reconciliation of any reaction is built into the very moment of the appearance of it...

  • Stay Out of All Dark Dialogs
    Short Talk

    Stay Out of All Dark Dialogs

    • Posted: 12/10/19
    • Meeting: 8/10/19
    • Time: 00:02:38
    • Comments (0)

    There is always something talking to us, and we don't know better than to talk back to it. The next time you find yourself caught in negative dark dialog, try to see that it doesn't exist without a corresponding so-called positive aspect, promising the end of dark days and a brighter future. In that awareness you stand in the middle as a point of observation, as opposed to...


The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

Here is your step-by-step guide to building the foundation of a fearless life. Learn how to see through the illusion of limitation and become unstoppable.

5 Item(s)

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