The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self

The core of your being -- heart, mind, and body -- holds within it a consciousness capable of realizing a world without limitations; a life unfettered by any fear, empowered by a Living Light, and renewed every day by timeless Love. It is our unique possibility as human beings to know this Gift of gifts, to not only realize the kingdom of this higher consciousness within us, but for our entra...

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The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self
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The core of your being -- heart, mind, and body -- holds within it a consciousness capable of realizing a world without limitations; a life unfettered by any fear, empowered by a Living Light, and renewed every day by timeless Love.

It is our unique possibility as human beings to know this Gift of gifts, to not only realize the kingdom of this higher consciousness within us, but for our entrances into it, to be liberated from a life of unending problems and enter into one of unending promise.

The liberation of self is, and always has been, the aim of the true spiritual path.

For thousands of years seekers and aspirants have been invited by Truth to transform themselves -- to turn their indwelling potential into a divine reality.

This is your invitation to be one of the few.

In this powerful audio program you will learn the little-known secrets of how to:

  • Turn what limits you into what liberates you
  • Learn to let go and let Love handle your life
  • Release any kind of painful regret, guilt, or resentment
  • Touch the creative forces that can transform your life
  • See through and drop whatever is compromising your happiness
  • And much, much more!
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Talk 1: See Through 7 Common Illusions and Take Command of Your Life

  • That painful sense of urgency, that fiery feeling that comes with anxiously running after something in life thought to be critical to our well being, is one of the ways in which the false self makes what is essentially meaningless into something seen as being highly meaningful.

Talk 2: Liberate Yourself From Imagined Limitations

  • The wish to escape a trouble is trouble's wish, which explains why so many troubles are born with a wish.

  • Illusions, by which we are deceived, always ""arrive"" in pairs that appear at the same time. First, there is the imagined quality or character of that illusion -- such as the illusion of security through something possessed -- and then there is the imaginary self that feels safe for what it dreams is its possession.

Talk 3: End the Illusion of Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

  • The clock tells time, but its hands also show that time goes nowhere -- even though it takes a hundred parts in constant movement to impart that truth.

  • The force ""to do"" what is Right and True comes to us only as we free ourselves from those forces draining us of our power to perfect the moment. We can dream our lives away -- always trying to make ourselves into what we imagine is ""right and true"" -- or we can use our lives working to see what is true and, for those revelations, learn to do what is right. Only then are we empowered to make this grand discovery: participating in what is Real grants us a life far greater than anything we could have imagined.

Talk 4: Let Go and Grow Into the Unlimited Life

  • The four conditions of happiness are simple: clear eyes, a quiet mind, a sense of beauty, and an open heart. Unhappiness is the dark effect of refusing to cultivate these essential elements for having imagined, by a false light, a contentment that does not exist.

  • The real limitation in life is a creation of the illusion that outside of us exists something that -- if we could only gain it -- would have the effect of making of us more than we already possess the potential to be.

  • We can only begin to change the world around us by becoming a conscious part of all that is changing.

Talk 5: The Path to True Abundance in Life

  • The life I see is the mirror of me, and each reflection, a correction -- if I am willing to be!

  • It is what we do with our difficulties that determines our destiny, and not our destiny that makes life difficult. The former we are empowered to work with, constituting free will; the latter only becomes a form of captivity when we refuse the gift of our own (often difficult) possibilities.

Talk 6: Meditation: The Life of Letting Go

  • The secret of higher success is to make impersonal those times and places when we stumble or fall, whereas to take failure personally is to lose sight of Life's great exercise in transformation through self-discovery -- which is the reason why we are here on earth. In fact, there is no ""self"" to fail at anything, only a certain level of understanding not as yet adequate to the task set before it. To know this truth helps us transcend not only the trials we must face, but empowers us to drop those painful parts of ourselves that love to sit in judgment of everything!

Talk 7: The Power to Shatter the Illusion of Negative States

  • It is said that ""beauty is in the eye of the beholder,"" but this truth tells only half the story. For whenever we see something of beauty -- and take into ourselves that loveliness -- we ourselves are transformed into something now made beautiful. And so it is with any state of being to which we give our attention!

  • The difference between a real love of Truth, and one's dependency upon self-created images concerning the same is easily told: The genuine love of Truth neither fears, nor ever feels that its Beloved has let it down.

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