Cancel Self-Wrecking Resentments
Cancel Self-Wrecking Resentments
  • Posted: August 17, 2004
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Key Lesson

The seeming advantage to reliving scenes from our life is that since these mental movies are really just reruns whose outcome is already known, there is little to fear in them. But the real downside to this unconscious level of life needs to be seen to be transcended: In exchange for this false sense of comfort we derive from our dreams, we live as unwitting captives in the darkened theatre of thought, and we are kept from the life-giving Light of the Present Moment.


Unconscious conflicts, in dialogue form, play themselves out in our mind by painfully reenacting various scenes from our past; moments gone by in which we either know, or sense, we were compromised by our own weakness.

If these inner dialogues were left to themselves as they popped into our mind, they'd be as powerless to disturb us as an echo is to change its own sound. Where we get into trouble, when resentment rules, is when we're unknowingly drawn into these scenes out of our past and find ourselves interacting with a cast of ghost players! The ensuing mental dialogue is always a desperate but futile attempt to change what has already been said and done so that maybe this time around we can come out a winner.

One good example of this kind of dark inner dialogue is giving someone a heated piece of your mind -- when he or she is not around to hear it!

Tired of going twelve rounds in routine fight scenes that always turn out the same?

Try this step for the winning solution.

If you sat down on a metal bench and suddenly realized the midday sun had heated it way beyond the comfort zone, you'd stand up as quickly as you could. The same intelligence behind this instinctive physical reaction can help you release all resentments and drop their dark inner dialogues.

Each time you can catch yourself in a dark inner dialogue, of any kind, use your awareness of the conflict it's creating within you as a springboard to help you leap out of those scary scenes from your past into the safety of the present moment. Then, instead of giving yourself back over to those inner voices of conflict that are still trying to converse with you, remain quietly aware of yourself in the present moment, and of their continuing beckoning presence.

No matter how many times you hear in your mind those fighting words that have always prompted you to jump into that dark dialogue, refuse to join in. Ground yourself in your awareness of the present moment.

The unconscious resentment responsible for creating heated scenes from the past can not follow you into the now, which means no dark inner dialogue can tag along either. Why? Because when you're no longer a captive of your own past, then you can recognize its ghost voices as the source of psychic intrusion they really are.

Learn to ask for a happy, new life by refusing to relive what's been tearing at you.

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