Choose to Let Go
Choose to Let Go
  • Posted: November 17, 2008
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Key Lesson

A whole new kind of spiritual happiness dawns in us as we realize that dark clouds do not ruin sunny skies... they merely pass through them to help us remember our love of the light.


To be able to touch and appreciate what is new, we are created to open up and, as needed, to let go of whatever is no longer useful... especially when it comes to our need to release those old feelings and worn out thoughts that first clog up, and then compromise, our hearts and minds. These tiresome states of ourselves have become "stuck" within us because we haven't learned how to release them.

Once we understand that letting go is the missing half of the whole happiness our heart longs for -- that it is a necessary and full partner in the power to discover and complete our True Self -- everything about our life grows easier.

Old regrets dry up and blow away. We awaken to a quiet kind of faith that fears nothing. New possibilities for us appear almost moment to moment because we've hung an "open for business" sign on the door of our life.

The following key lessons are taken from "365 Days to Let Go." Use their insights to align yourself with your growing discoveries about the secret of letting go.

Whenever unhappiness lingers on -- so much so that we start believing darkness has won the day -- we may find new strength to start life over in this bright truth: the only cause for our continuing sense of feeling so bound and restricted is that we have agreed -- without knowing it -- to live in a world smaller than is our potential to let go of whatever may be limiting us. (March 10)

Only those who never give up, who persist with their wish to find and fulfill the promise of themselves, make this truly self-liberating discovery: places once seen as being impassible barriers to happiness become as bridges to the same, but only if they are welcomed as a part of the journey. (October 6)

The first cause of unhappiness in our lives is not the negative states that step into our hearts and cause them pain, but that we have forgotten that no darkness exists that is greater than the Light that is the life of our True Self. (November 15)

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