Dare to Stand in the Light of Truth
Dare to Stand in the Light of Truth
  • Posted: October 10, 2011
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Key Lesson

What you don't want to know about yourself wants to be known... which is why it keeps "showing up" at your door unannounced!


Whenever we dare to stand in the light of some unwanted truth about how powerless we are to change who or what we've been -- where we see that our present choices are secretly a part of what's holding us captive -- we're always shown two things at once. First, and perhaps most important: we see what doesn't work; we see that our present level of understanding can't lead us to freedom because its desires are a part of what has delivered us into our "prison" of the moment. And the second part of this revelation stands in relief of the first, much like the rising sun reveals a new day. It's quite clear: we know now that if we're to succeed in our search for wholeness, we not only require a new and higher order of self-knowledge, but one that must also take us in a completely new direction.

The Masters Speak ...

There is only one thing for which God sent me into this world and that is to perfect my nature in all sorts of virtue or strength, and there is no thing that I cannot use for that purpose. —Epictetus (55-135, Phrygia, Asia Minor)

This place where you are right now God circled on a map for you. —Hafez (1315-1390, Persia)

I have found by experience that man makes his plans to be often upset by God, but, at the same time, where the ultimate goal is the search of truth, no matter how a man's plans are frustrated the issue is never injurious and often better than anticipated. —Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948, British India)

Your humiliation is your salvation. —Vernon Howard (1918-1992, United States)

When the heart weeps because it has lost, the spirit laughs because it has found. —Sufi saying

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