Discover Your Power of Higher Choice (Transcript)
  • Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2003
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Discover Your Power of Higher Choice (Transcript)
Discover Your Power of Higher Choice (Transcript)

I want you to remember for the rest of your life on this earth that you were never created to be the slave of any negative thought or feeling, that you were never created to be the subject of some limitation.

The only way you'll ever know the truth of that statement is when, through what is ultimately a long process in this education of the soul, you begin at last to experience the dawning of a new light inside of you. This light is born out of your love of the Light. Your love of Truth is what gives birth to the truth in you that you love. It's always been that way. There's nowhere to go, there's nothing to do. There's only this willingness on the part of the soul who wants to learn the lessons that he or she is presented with all the time. There's only the willingness on that nascent soul's part to discover the unclaimed territory of itself, which currently has been claimed by something quite foreign to the purpose of that soul.

Part of that education and discovery is the following idea that I want you to remember, and I'll show you how it works: There is nothing that can stay in your mind, there is nothing that can stay in your heart, that you do not willingly remember. What does that mean? It means that when there is a painful, fearful, anxious, or hateful thought or feeling in your mind -- so that you look out and see a world that is painful, hateful, or fearful -- that thought or feeling remains in your mind because you are under the spell of a nature inside of you whose will is exactly the same as the negative state that you are identified with.

You were created to be the sovereign governor, the one within who decides what remains within you. Nothing can be held in the mind that isn't remembered there.

Have you ever had in your mind the image of someone who hurt you, or the image of something that didn't work out ten years ago or ten minutes ago? How does it stay in your mind? You fight with it, you try to fix it, you try to do something with it. You remember it. No image can stay in the mind, no sensation can stay in the heart that is not remembered there. Whatever it is in you that wants to remember that pain doesn't remember it for the purpose of freeing you from it -- even though this is what it seems to promise -- but does so because it keeps you a captive of that desire, of that nature.

So I don't have to remember anything I don't want to. Now I'll say it to you positively: I can remember whatever I want to.

Throughout time, the saints, sages, and wise ones have talked about what it means to remember God, what it means to remember yourself. I am telling you the interior meaning of what it means to remember yourself, to remember God, to remember the Light. In the moment in which you first discover that something in you is holding in your mind and heart a bitter picture, a bitter thought, an angry feeling, a regret, self-pity, whatever it may be, you must realize in that moment that you're remembering it willingly. But you don't know you're remembering it because you're a captive of what it's showing you as being the cause of that pain. This keeps you from seeing that the real cause is that you are agreeing to it. You are saying "I" to the will that whips you, because the will that whips you promises you relief from the whip if you will just chase what it shows you to chase.

I am given by my Creator the ability to remember what I want to. In other words, I am given the ability to no longer have to remember the things that have been imposed upon me by the will of my past – the will of what I have been, the will of what I didn't get, the will of what they did to me. And when I start to understand that, then in the moment where that pressure comes over me -- where I begin to see a dark world filled with dark people doing dark things towards me (whatever it may be that the individual uneducated soul sees) -- I can let that all go. I let it go by first seeing the fact of it. I don't have to hold anything in this house that I don't want in it. And what I don't want anymore is to feel as though life is against me. I don't want to feel anymore like I've got to straighten out the whole universe.

Then, instead of the partial, you remember the Whole. You withdraw your attention – which is an extension of your will – from the partial. You withdraw your attention from the object that the dark will is calling the dark problem. You withdraw your attention from the partial and you put your attention on the Whole. You remember the Whole as best you understand it. You remember the Light that has no burden, as opposed to identifying with the burden of bitterness that comes through blaming someone else for your pain. You come awake to yourself and you move from something that is isolated and separated through an unconscious action of a dark will inside of you, into something that has surrendered its small will to a greater will.

And listen to what happens: When you will remember the Whole, when you will remember God, when you will remember Love… you will begin to irritate the heck out of the devil – the darkness. When you're feeling anger and enmity, see that what you're feeling is because you have been made to remember something painful, and then caused to identify with the sensations both of the pain and the promise of being relieved from that pain. And instead of remembering hatred, remember Love. Instead of remembering your tiny little life, remember God's eternal life. You bring into your present painful understanding the higher understanding that you are growing into and that is growing into you.

The dark will of desire is what occupies the soul at present, because it promises the soul that it can find outside of itself something that will bring an end to the pain of the desire. And when the remembrance of the Light is brought into that dark will of desire, in that moment when a man or woman will remember the Whole, remember God, remember themselves and their wish, that dark will of desire is rendered powerless. It is suddenly captured and made into something greater that benefits the soul, even though prior to that moment, it would have hated anything that revealed its own limited, dead-end life. And in that moment when the Light enters into it, the same dark will of desire realizes that it was always the ground in which, and upon which, everything it ever wanted already existed. But it had to have the Light to cancel the opposites. It needed the Light to reveal this fact to itself. So the Light enters into the darkness that doesn't comprehend it, and the darkness is changed by the entrance of that Light into something that is greater than it was before.

Remember what I'm telling you. You were given by God, by Truth, by the Living Light, the ability to choose what is in your mind. You were given the right to determine whose will you live from. Your task is not to will the greater; it is to surrender the lesser into the greater – to change your understanding of your relationship in this world so that you no longer struggle to overcome something, but instead see that all you need to do is give up the nature that lives to fight with what overcomes it.

You must see it, over and over again, and then right in the middle of the darkest moment – right in the middle of that punishing thought or feeling that's come over you -- you remember what you have been told, and then you work at it. You find something that is broader, greater, bigger, kinder, truer, more loving, more wide, more deep inside of yourself… because it's there. In your uneducated, unenlightened soul dwells the whole of the kingdom with all of the mansions, and the punishment of the soul is the deception that the only house it has is the little one that now holds it captive – the one it must now fight to tear down. Don't fight to tear down anything. See through the deception. You see through it by an act of being willing to give yourself up.

You have to give up this little will, the one that fills you with the powerful and fiery thoughts and feelings when it's captured by something. You have to give it up, but you don't just give it up in the sense of "I'm throwing this away." Instead, you turn it over. You let it go through the natural process of remembering its relationship with the Greater Light that gave it life, and then it gives itself to that Light, and then that Light gives it Real Life.

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