Find the Freedom of Your True Nature
Find the Freedom of Your True Nature
  • Posted: April 14, 2019
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Key Lesson
Even our most difficult moments in life soon prove themselves to be the seed of a new, and higher level of being... but only when -- and as -- we're willing to receive whatever these same moments have come to show us about our present level of consciousness.

There is no greater feature that we human beings have than the presence of a living Light within us whose very nature knows what is our own and what is not our own. When at last we let go of all that is not our own -- all the mistaken conclusions and the painful contusions they cause as we anxiously search to remedy what ruins us -- we find that we already have everything we have ever needed.

There is a storehouse of Sanity,
A vault of Love,
A treasure of Kindness,
All bursting at their seams.

Can't you feel the pressure
To just be Light?

Don't the walls of your heart
Ache to break loose and open
The floodgates of Freedom?

You have riches untold,
But have lost the map to the upper regions of yourself
Where you are always overflowing.

So, forget this world with its intermittent streams
Whose waters begin and end.
Search out the Ocean, and stand in Her surge
Until the waves wash away the shores of your soul.

We must begin to do the necessary work of letting go, of consciously shattering our unconscious relationship with images whose conclusions are the source of conflict on this planet. Only then will we liberate ourselves through the light of understanding and enter into a new world in which we have the freedom of our True Nature.

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