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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thanks for That is my lifeline. Amazing how our minds work. Guy's talks keep me on the path.”

— Andrew S.

“I have just finished reading The Secret of Letting Go and I plan to read it again and make notes to study. I can't thank you enough for your golden words. They have come to me at the perfect time in my journey to finding my true self. No longer am I making choices unconsciously.”

— Julie B.

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“Guy Finley's book Letting Go is absolutely life changing. I like when he says "Events may happen to you, but you are not the event." Exceptional philosophy!

— Norman Lacasse, Author of Master Of Service

“This book is a treasure chest of perceptual insights. Open it up and allow its transformative jewels to adorn your awareness.”

— Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of The Heart

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To Release or to Resist... That is the Question

Talk summary: You can let go of any painful situation or darkened state in your life starting right now! This powerful talk explains how resisting your pain actually keeps it alive. Listen now to learn the one true way to leave your pain behind forever.

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Talk notes: Our lives in these modern times seem to consist of nothing but one problem after another. The level of mind that we live from currently is constantly trying to resolve everything that it sees as a problem. Our minds are often preoccupied with trying to change what we don't want, and so we find ourselves resisting life as it comes to us.

But is it actually "me" that does not want my present circumstances? Or could it be that resistance to life happens automatically, without any effort at all on my part?

There does exist another way to live. One in which we are not in a constant state of resistance to Life, wishing all the time that our lives were different. A life exists in which we can actually embrace all that Life brings to us because we understand the goodness of it.