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“A quick thanks for the work you present and passing along what has been passed to you. I've studied along with the LLF classes [on] as best I can, for over a year now.

Watching life unfold in all it's glory... and all it's chaos... what a gift it is to be witness to... and thanks for encouraging us to have the courage to do so.”

— Garth

“I have purchased the Secrets of Being Unstoppable MP3 downloads from your website. I have loaded the files to my memory stick and listen EVERYDAY on my 35-minute ride to and from work. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and consider the value PRICELESS! Thank you for your time and GOD BLESS!”

— Stephen S., Fall River, MA

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“The gems of wisdom in [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living liberate you to embrace and embody the Light of Your True Self and freely shine the love and peace at your core.”

— Alissa Lukara, president,, author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul

“Be prepared to be inspired! The Secret of Your Immortal Self, is a penetrating must-read guide for anyone who wants to live a more soulful and authentic life." ”

— Fran Sorin, Author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening

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The Greatest Reason on Earth to Rejoice in Heavenly Truth

Talk summary: We all naturally resonate with Truth and Beauty when it is being expressed. When we know we have heard something true, why does it stir us? In this podcast, Guy Finley reveals the answer, and tells us why there is reason to rejoice!

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Talk notes: Why do we like hearing about the Celestial? Why are we naturally attracted to such things? It's because we as human beings have the potential to have a direct relationship with that Life. It is seeded in the human heart to long for something higher.

The thought of one man is the thought of all men. The beauty pictured by one woman is the beauty pictured by all women.

Most of the time we believe that we are the originators of the thoughts we have. Then, because we call it "our" knowledge, we judge and compare "our" thoughts to the thoughts of "other" people, and we either praise or condemn ourselves depending on how "our" knowledge measures up to the competition. This is evidence of ignorance, not wisdom.

If Truth were not already a part of us, we would never be able to recognize its beauty and wisdom. No man, no woman, is the creator of the wisdom that he or she expresses. He or she is an instrument, and the notes that are sounded exist within all of us. If it were not so, how would we recognize Truth when we hear it spoken, or when we read it in a book?

We can begin to rejoice in every bit of wisdom that is expressed once we begin to realize that we are not really apart from that wisdom.