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How the Awake State Helps Heal the Ache

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how there is nothing more important than to Be Awake.

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Talk notes: Why is it so important to be awake? Isn't it actually a kind of self-centeredness to always have my attention on myself? No, it isn't a selfish act...far from it. The answer is that in the Truly awake state, there is no thinking about oneself at all.

God's Life is revealed in the moment. The present moment holds everything--bliss, pain, light, dark, and everything in between. When a human being is awake as best as he or she can do, then that person is experiencing the summation of that Life, including the natural suffering inherent in it.

Usually we are not aware that other people are suffering because we are too busy resisting our own pain. When we can be present to what we are in the moment--including the pain that is in us--then we can wake up to the fact that every human being on Earth goes through the same kind of pain. Then it becomes absolutely impossible to judge or add one ounce of pain to another person.

Don't resist the pain you feel. Suffer it consciously, as best you can. It is an essential part of God's Life. This weary planet is filled with people trying to find ways to avoid pain, and whenever we resist, the pain is guaranteed to persist. So work to be awake, and let something higher than yourself heal you.