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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thank you, Mr Finley, for helping me so much with your talks and lessons. I feel like a child who is being shown a glimpse into a world I never even knew existed, though I have forever thought it did.”

— Lourdes L., Portugal

“Thank you, Guy, for the amazing messages you bring to people!”

— Steve H., Camp Dennison, Ohio

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The Secret of Your Immortal Self reveals the keys to transcend your past and come to know your immortal self more intimately, and more importantly, be guided with deep insights to express it. This book deserves to be on the top shelf of every person who longs to awaken and live in the moment. ”

— Jonathan Parker, Author of The Soul Solution

“To the perennial wisdom of many awakened beings, Guy Finley adds his own wisdom, insights and inspirations. The book The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred speaks to us all about spiritual clarity, awareness, sanity and freedom. I highly recommend it.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

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Two Words at the Heart of True Salvation

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley reveals two incredibly powerful words that can help any sincere heart wake up to God's Life.

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Talk notes: There are two incredibly powerful words. It is through these two words that we can actually begin to place ourselves where what is True, Right, and Bright can touch us. The two words are "I'm sorry."

Most of us learn to say "I'm sorry" because it gets us through problems. Usually we say "I'm sorry", if we actually do, without any real sincerity behind the words.

But only human beings have the capacity to be sorry. The capacity to be sorry comes from the recognition that you have missed the mark. But most of the time we are full of reasons why we are "in the right" to be who we are and behave the way we do.

Life is bringing every human being the never-ending opportunity to see where thought has created--out of itself--a monster in make-up. What a fine day it is when humility born of honesty replaces the pride that wants to keep in place what we have been in the past. "Our humiliation is our salvation."

If you ever have to defend yourself, you've started from a position that is indefensible. Trying to prove to yourself that you are right never works. A moment of sorrow over being what you are is a moment of sweetness in God's Life because the sorrow comes as a result of a lesson learned. And most often the lesson we learn is that all I'm ever concerned with is myself.

Learn what it means--inwardly--to place wanting to see what you are ahead of wanting to prove to yourself that you are what you take yourself to be.