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Notes from grateful readers.

“This was an amazing set of lessons. I was riveted and have listened to all.”

— Netsanet A.

“Guy, thank you! As the great Bruce Lee said, "Simplicity is Brilliance." Guy, you are a master's, master. Your words are complete, clear, concise, cohesive and courteous. I love you.”

— Dr. Dean S.

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“Guy Finley reminds us that turning within is essential for living a life of peace. The practical guidance in this book will bring you home to the heart of Love. ”

— Ana Holub, Forgiveness counselor and author of Forgive and Be Free

“The gems of wisdom in [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living liberate you to embrace and embody the Light of Your True Self and freely shine the love and peace at your core.”

— Alissa Lukara, president,, author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul

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Make the Divine Discovery About Your True Self

Talk summary: In this podcast, author Guy Finley reveals how you can stop being pushed around by the back-and-forth movement of the opposites, and at the same time discover who you really are.

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Talk notes: There is an order of being that already exists as a possibility in the consciousness of humanity. This order of consciousness never gets caught up in trying to repair things the way our minds currently do. Because our minds are always busy trying to fix something psychologically, we automatically assume that what the mind is working on is worth fixing.

The divided mind believes that there is a difference between the discoverer and the discovered. In reality there is no essential difference between the discoverer and the discovered. Yet throughout our days, our minds are constantly switching back and forth from playing the role of the discoverer to playing the role of the discovered. We usually do not notice the moment at which the mind switches from being the "thinker" to being the "object" of thought. We vacillate from being the self who is thinking things through, to being the thing that needs to be thought through. And so we go back and forth all day long, being used without even noticing that this process is taking place.

In truth you are neither the discoverer nor the discovered. Latent within you is the possibility of living from an order of being that holds and reveals these opposites. Living from this order of life, you become the discovering--the seeing itself. You become aware of the opposites instead of being captured by one or the other. The opposites then cease to be a punishment, and instead actually begin to serve something higher.