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Notes from grateful readers.

“I purchased Guy's book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and I can truly say it must be the best book on the market today. Guy has a way of saying something that really touches the heart, a sort of mystical way with words. It has helped me a lot and I refer to it regularly.”

— Susan W.

“Thank you for your work, Guy. I have searched my whole life for spiritual insights... and finally someone who can make sense to me!”

— Loyd C.

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“His love and his passion give wings to his words, and the reader is lifted up to a whole new realm -- a rarified region of the soul... a very beautiful piece of work and will no doubt be read for many generations to come.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

“In The Secret of Your Immortal Self, Guy Finley masterfully reminds us how to start giving ourselves what we really want and guides us to receive the nudges and signals that are available to each of us at all times -- his insights allow us to expand into the powerful and unique expression we are each here to live.”

— Kristen Howe,

Audio by Guy Finley
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Open Yourself to Real Life and Find True Liberation

Talk summary: In this podcast, best-selling author Guy Finley presents an extremely helpful and practical exercise that--if you will do what is required on your part--can instantly change your day and your entire life.

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Talk notes: Do your best right now to feel everything that is happening. Most of the time we do not feel anything other than the pain and constriction of a mind that is busy trying to work things out.

Feel life as it is--not as you don't want it to be, nor as you want it to be. Feel life as it is. You are invited to feel everything. The reason that our lives are repetitious is that there is "no room at the inn." Our sorrow, grief, and false happiness is the result of a self that has decided that it will receive only certain things from life, rejecting anything that it deems as being uncomfortable.

When we revisit an old pain or a so-called pleasant memory, we are not feeling what is actually taking place. In those moments we are experiencing a reconfiguration of an old self at the cost of the possibility of a completely different order of ourselves.

Learn what it means to let yourself take in everything that is presented to you. It actually takes a kind of courage to do this. Most of the time, when something comes to us that doesn't feel right, we start thinking about it. When we start thinking, we separate ourselves from the original feeling, and therefore all we feel is a counterfeit state produced by our thinking.

What is counterfeit cannot change. Only what is real can change, and what is real changes itself. We are not here to change ourselves through thinking about what happens to us. We are here to realize that things seem wrong because we currently meet life from a self that rejects anything that does not confirm its image of what is right.

Your task is to gradually let life bring you everything it brings you without resistance to it. Simply become aware of the self that does not want to take in what is actually occurring to you, and then watch as your life effortlessly expands into new worlds with more possibilities.