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Notes from grateful readers.

“Breaking Dependency is a genuinely inspirational, powerful book! It gives the recipe to true freedom, how to break the devastating grip of addiction, and start building a life of deep love [and] joy independent of outer circumstances.”

— Sharon Shelton

“I found your site on Google as I was in need of some guidance. The Life of Learning Foundation is a goldmine for the head and for the heart. I can't thank you enough and I've only just begun to peruse your site.”

— Tim M.

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“Read these simple words, absorb their wisdom, and challenge yourself to apply these higher principles every day of your life. The reward will be a new-found freedom from the unrelenting negative emotional states that plague nearly every man and woman. This tiny book holds the promise for a new tomorrow, today!”

— Sara Robinson, author of Refuge, founder, Conscious Creating

The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred is... a giant leap for mankind, definitely more important than the footprint left on the moon! With this monumental undertaking, you have reminded each of us that we are Love and that all the religions agree, at their root, that this is the Truth of us all.”

— Dr. Michael Ryce, Director of the Khabouris Manuscript Foundation, and author of Why Is This Happening To Me...Again?!

Audio by Guy Finley
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The Cultivation of Love

Talk summary: In this podcast, best-selling author Guy Finley talks about how our experience of life is a direct result of what we spend our time attending to.

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Talk notes: There is not a person on earth that does not suffer from what something inside of him or her loves. A man who is addicted to a drug suffers over what something within him loves, at the cost of his own mortality. A woman with a gambling addiction suffers because of what something within her loves, at the cost of her finances, relationships, and integrity.

We spend our time doing what we love. We experience moment to moment what we love. Whatever we attend to is what we grow into. If you want to have a different experience of life, you are going to have to start loving something that genuinely loves you.

What you attend to during your day is what grows in your heart. What you spend your time planting, watering, harvesting, and then replanting is what grows in your heart. The love of God cannot grow in the heart of a man or woman who attends to nothing but the mechanical necessities of life. This is why your heart is dry. Your heart is dry because you never water it.

You'll never regret making the extra effort of attending to the present moment. One day you'll be so glad that you never gave up the effort of planting and replanting the seed of this love that is currently unknown to you. Become aware of the fact that there is something else, something higher, that you could love, and in doing that you will see clearly that your experience of life is a product of what you currently give yourself to.