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The Life and Death of Christ

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley examines the life and death of Christ, and shows how that story is not simply an historical event, but is actually intended to be a real experience right now for those who wish to learn the truth about themselves.

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Talk notes: The only one way that any of us will ever know the real meaning of Christ's life is to share in His death. This means that we must give up what this man gave up if we want to know from ourselves what was gained through His deliberate sacrifice. If we want to know the truth behind Christ's act, then we must stop thinking about it and get down to the business of actually doing it ourselves.

It doesn't matter what we believe in, and what we say is true amounts to nothing. The timeless idea holds true: faith is fruitless without acts. Just because we have the ability to judge others for not believing in the same things that we do does not mean that what we believe is true. In fact, just the opposite holds true. Nowhere is it written that we ought to judge and hate others just because they do not live up to our imagined ideals of what is true. Christ did say something to effect of, "See what is true about yourself in spite of what it may cost you."

The life and death of Christ is not simply something that happened 2000 years ago. The meaning of Christ's life is either one and the same as your own, meant to be found within your own life, or there is no meaning to His sacrifice. Seen or not, the life of Christ is now, as is His loving sacrifice for the sake of creation and its continuing perfection.