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Never Feel Disappointed With Yourself Again

Talk summary: In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about why there is never any good reason to feel disappointed or discouraged about your life.

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Talk notes: Do you think for a moment that God is ever disappointed with the moment that He has made? Your personal unhappiness is because you are disappointed with yourself. In reality, who you really are is not apart -- not separate from -- the moment that God has made. The moment and you are the same thing.

Whenever you can catch anything in you that feels disappointment or discouragement, drop it instantly like the dead weight that it is. Then as best as you can, come into full awareness of that moment and drink of that light, and see as much as you can about the whole of the moment. As you begin to take part in the whole of the moment, the habitual holes that you currently fall into due to thinking about yourself will be sealed, and you will be healed in a new way.