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“Mr. Finley- your site is AMAZING. I recently came here for the first time, and haven't been able to look away -- everything just makes SOOOOO much sense... I can't wait to see what you have to say on the next page... and the next... and the next. Thanks so much!”

— Amanda C., Hampshire, IL

“Thank you, Guy! You're moving, sincere and inspirational. I'm on my way to embracing and understanding fear and how my life will evolve with this knowledge, by faith and with God! God bless you for your dedication and service!”

— Pat L., Lansing, MI

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“Live lighter... be brighter... grow wiser. Read this book.”

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“Guy Finley holds the lamp high as we are guided on a journey toward self. In these beautiful essays and teachings, he illuminates the path to love, connection and meaning. ”

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End the Misery of Motivating Yourself

Talk summary: In this incredible podcast, Guy Finley reveals some startling, life-changing facts about motivation that, up until now, have been hidden in plain sight.

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Talk notes: How do I find some way to feel good about something that I have no interest in? If I am trying to motivate myself, it means that I have no real interest in what I am doing. Why would I even want to try to motivate myself to do something that I have no passion for? Why would I run myself through the same loops that I have already seen as being empty?

The answer is that we human beings have been taught by our parents, who were taught by their parents, that we must do certain things in order to become someone special. We think that the day will come when we will be seen as someone special, win the approval we've been seeking, and at that point we will finally be able to stop doing what we now resent doing, and at last do what we really want to do.

Human beings were not created to motivate themselves. If we have to motivate ourselves, it means that we do not love what we are doing. Any motive created by the human mind is a slave-driver. If we can take a good look at our lives, we know that is true! We are intended to be the instruments of motive, not the creators of it. We are created to be moved, not to move ourselves.

As an instrument, there would not be enough time to give ourselves a motive because we would be too busy being moved by real life! Currently we are not moved by life; we are moved by the life we give to ourselves. Then when we can't stand where we have moved ourselves to, we motivate ourselves once again in an effort to become someone special -- and on and on it goes until a person begins to realize that he or she is running around in a circle, going nowhere.

Catch your mind when it is about to hand you another motive. And when you refuse to take it, because you have seen clearly where it takes you, your mind will ask, "Do you know what will happen to you if you do not motivate yourself? You won't have anything!" Try to see that when all you have is your mind's motives, you do not have anything in the first place, and then refuse to have anything to do with it.

When you finally become so weary of running and you begin to deliberately divorce yourself from wanting to manufacture a false motivation, you will begin to feel another kind of movement within yourself. You will literally begin to become sensitive to the tides of life itself, and start to take your proper place as an instrument of the motive that created your life. Then there is never a need to think of a way to motivate yourself because you will always be moved to do exactly what life requires of you.