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“I want to thank you for the DVD on The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless. You have opened my eyes and mind to a whole new way of life and of thinking, and for that I am eternally grateful to you.”

— Fatima A., Westen Australia

“Many thanks to Guy Finley for all of the good he does in the world. His sharing of wisdom and resources at either low or no cost is a wonderful gift to all who seek guidance.”

— Caroline R.

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“Guy Finley's new Book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a blueprint of simple, timeless wisdom to liberate your heart to live from the center of your spirit and create your greatest life. ”

— Lorraine Cohen, Life architect, soul guide, heart healer, co-author of Embraced By the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion, and Purpose

“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self helps unlock the doorway to your inner Self. Guy writes in a manner that is both poetic and practical. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking truth. ”

— Nayaswami Jyotish, Spiritual Director, Ananda Sangha, Author of How to Meditate'

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Make Room for Real Love in Your Life

Talk summary: In this podcast by Guy Finley, discover what it really means to love every moment of your life, no matter what it is that you need to do.

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Talk notes: Every human being on this planet is created to love something. The problem is that, for the vast majority of us, the part of us intended to love something was crushed right out of the gate. That part of us was crushed by the idea that "I must become something special", which requires that I must get all stirred up to do something that I have no love for. We have parts of us that demand that we do what they say in order to become someone who is highly regarded.

The only way that we will come to discover what it is that we love is when we begin to understand the difference between what we need to do and what we want to do. There are things that we all must do to fulfill our proper responsibilities as good householders, but what we must do need not include keeping in place the idea that we must become something special.

It is possible that there's nothing more beautiful than sincere self-investigation. If we want to become true human beings we must make an honest examination of our lives and see that every road that we have motivated ourselves to take has turned out to be a dead-end. We are intended in this life to be profitable, but the true meaning of profitable is "to ascend toward the good", not to acquire goods by which we ascend socially.

We try to motivate ourselves to go to work because that work, whatever form it may take, is all we have and encompasses the entire meaning of our lives at that moment. As we are presently, we feel obligated to fulfill responsibilities that were never ours in the first place. By the grace of God, we can have a completely new understanding of why we are here. It is possible to do what we must do everyday, and yet not look to complete ourselves through what we are doing.

Do what you have to do, but be a real human being while you are doing it. A real man or woman is never just doing what they are doing; their hearts and minds are always being touched by that which wants them to love it. And gradually a person can discover with greater and greater clarity what his or her true passion is. We all have had hints at what our true passion is, but that passion has been rejected because it clearly wasn't going to make me someone special according to the world's standards.

It is not a given, but you have within you the possibility of true spirituality. Spirit can begin to give you what you need to do and who you need to be with. The love that you long for does not require that you motivate yourself to find it, but it does ask that you learn to be alone with yourself and remember what you truly long for. Then in that relationship, something of real value can come to you.