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Notes from grateful readers.

“I am immensely benefited by your key lessons. I earnestly feel that people, who are in difficult situations in their lives would find solace in you. I think God has chosen you to serve the mankind in this way.”

— Debdas, India

“I just finished reading, The Secret of Letting Go. It was one of the best books I have read and I look forward to reading more by Guy Finley.”

— Nola H.

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“Guy Finley's cutting edge work in [The Essential Laws of] Fearless Living takes us beyond illusion and taps into the pathway of "Unbridled Living." A must read for all!”

— Michael Dresser, host of the Nationally syndicated Michael Dresser Show

“Guy Finley's words always bring the reader to a still space of contemplation and transformation and The Secret of Your Immortal Self is no exception. Within it's pages those who are paying attention will find everything they require to discover their true self.”

— Cyndi Krupp, Inspirational teacher,

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Spiritual Stages Along the Way

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the subtle difference between becoming the embodiment of a thought or feeling that passes through you, and being fully aware of its presence within you.

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Talk notes: Eventually you are going to find, through your own work and the opening of your own interior eyes, that which you are intended to find along the road. However, the opening of one's spiritual eyes is a lot different from assessing and mulling over spiritual knowledge with one's intellect. The opening of spiritual eyes means that, now and again, you catch a glimpse of the invisible movement of thought and feeling as it directs you to do things against yourself. This gradual awakening means that within the individual a new understanding is being formed that makes it impossible for that person to be governed by thoughts and feelings to the same degree that he was formerly.

We have the mistaken idea that we are not supposed to express the forces and energies that pass through us, but the fact is that expressions take place in multiple worlds. Everything has to express itself. We are not meant to crush or resist anything. In order for light to act upon darkness, the darkness must express itself -- that is, it must present itself within the light of awareness. These forces and energies -- these "dark", unknown states that course through us -- are not punishing in themselves. What makes them punishing is our resistance to them. When we begin to work to become conscious of these energies, and not interfere with their movement, we at last have the chance to NOT become the embodiment of whatever expression happens to be present. The light that has revealed the state can then do what it alone must do.