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“I've read my share of spiritual teachers in my time and I must say that Guy is the most eloquent and accessible. ”

— Michael S.

“I honestly don't understand why you don't have 100,000 likes for these posts. In my 46 years I've never felt so close to Truth as I do through Guy's beautiful words. You get 100k likes from this follower!”

— Paul S., San Antonio, TX

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“Guy Finley not only empowers you to live the divinity within, he provides a step-by-step blueprint for becoming your immortal self. Your life begins now. Start reading.”

— Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do

“So much more than a profound and powerful collection of spiritual quotations, in The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred, Guy Finley has gifted us with an insightful work to slowly savor; a road map to assist us on that great and mysterious road trip, our journey to ourselves. I most strongly recommend it!”

— Greg Willson, co-editor, Cultivate Life! Magazine

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Let Life Touch You

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about what it would mean to allow every impression that touches your heart and mind to stir you as it is intended.

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Talk notes: Is there anything in the Universe that isn't touching something and being touched at the same time? None of the creatures that you find in nature can choose what touches them or what they touch. They are involuntarily moved by great nature for the purpose of perfecting the whole of nature itself.

As human beings we have been created with a unique possibility, which is that we can be aware of what touches us, and we can be aware of what we touch. But part of this possibility includes an unseen prison. Because we have the capacity to choose what touches us and what we touch, we also have the capacity to reject being touched, to refuse what touches us. This mind in its sleeping state has been taught to not let certain things touch it.

If you have a wish to really live and be a real human being, then you must let everything in the Universe touch you. And it is what you do with the touch that determines the outcome of your life. Anytime you refuse to let life touch you -- to let life introduce you to yourself -- all you are actually doing is resisting an image that your mind has presented to you.

Dare to feel what you are. You cannot be released from a feeling that you do not want, from a feeling that you resist. But if you will allow the feeling, and not push it away, then the feeling itself will be perfected, and you will be released from the prison of that order of self that seeks only to be touched in a familiar way.