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“Please tell Guy he changed my life. I listened to his audiobooks every night for about 1 year; I felt like he was talking to me. Thank you. ”

— Anne L., Roslindale, MA

“I just ordered Guy's new book on Love, on Apprentice of the Heart. As with most everything Guy writes and speaks about, it's moving beyond words, moving to tears, openings, challenges, the whole gamut.”

— Chris D., Ashland, Oregon

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“Guy Finley is one of our greatest living teachers.”

— Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction coach, Founder of

“Guy Finley's new book, Letting Go a Little Bit at a Time, is a brilliant masterpiece that feeds small amounts of wisdom one day at a time. By the end of the year, the reader will feel as free as a bird to soar to greater heights of blissfulness.”

— Michael Levy, host of Point of Life Radio

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Let Truth Tell You About Yourself

Talk summary: We are always wrongly trying to find the value of ourselves through an unconscious process of comparison. In this podcast, Guy Finley reveals why it is absolutely unnecessary to ever compare or measure yourself in order find the true value that you are seeking.

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Talk notes: We are always measuring ourselves in an attempt to confirm to ourselves that our lives have value. It is a fact that no creation is more or less valuable than anything else that is created. Is the tree more valuable than the ground from out of which it grows? No, in fact it is impossible to separate the tree from the ground. In one respect, all things are created equal, which means that all things are equally valuable.

What comes out of a mind that is forever measuring one value against another? We are always running from or running towards something in order to get rid of or acquire that which we think will make us more valuable. It is often said that in order to find what is truly valuable, one must pull back the veils that presently exist between oneself and the divine life. The pulling back of the veils reveals that in the wholeness of reality, there is no separation between this and that.

Nothing has ever been created that is more valuable than you are. Why is that true? It's true because nothing else in the Universe has ever been created to be the reflection of, and the reflector of, the divine life in the same way that you have been. Nothing else in the Universe can experience God's life like you can. Everything that has ever been created is unique. Every leaf on every tree that has ever existed has reflected a different shade of green. Everything created expresses the light that touches it in a way that only it can. And the same holds true for human beings. Who you really are is a reflection of the divine, and as such there is no other human being that holds the same value as you do.

Let us strive for the right thing, which is to understand that we have each been given a unique place in creation. If your heart is set on understanding and finding the true value of your life, you now know where to begin looking, which is within yourself, seeing the world as you see yourself through it. God never stops "talking" to the heart that seeks Him. Let go and let God remove the veils, polish the mirror, and purify the heart.