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Notes from grateful readers.

“I am immensely benefited by your key lessons. I earnestly feel that people, who are in difficult situations in their lives would find solace in you. I think God has chosen you to serve the mankind in this way.”

— Debdas, India

“Thank you, Mr Finley, for helping me so much with your talks and lessons. I feel like a child who is being shown a glimpse into a world I never even knew existed, though I have forever thought it did.”

— Lourdes L., Portugal

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“Guy Finley's visionary wisdom in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living speaks to the deep places within us. Read slowly. Absorb every word. This work redefines limitless living. Gems of Truth are awaiting your discovery.”

— Larry James, professional speaker & relationship coach, author of How to Really Love the One You're With

“The works of Guy Finley demonstrate a far greater purpose for you and me and the human race than simply making ourselves comfortable; they challenge, provoke and finally compel us to get to the real Heart of the matter: A place where the True Comfort of Reality exists.”

— Scott Cluthe, producer & host of Positively Incorrect

Audio by Guy Finley
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Every Day Can Be Your Birth Day

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the absolute fact that it is never too late to open yourself up to the possibility of being a better human being and having an authentic relationship with real life.

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Talk notes: Only God knows why a flower can remain tightly wrapped up as a bud for its entire life, never opening, so that in a way it never fulfills the purpose of its existence. In the same way, only God knows why a human being can spend an entire lifetime closed off from his or her higher possibilities. But if for some reason that individual, regardless of age, has the "impossible" impulse to open in spite of all of the seemingly contradictory influences, then that man or that woman begins a completely different line in his or her life.

At that moment of opening up, all the elements and influences that were previously denied access to that individual's inner life are now allowed to touch all of the parts of that person which previously had been shut off. It is hard to believe that human beings can spend almost their entire lives experiencing so much pain, and never get to the point of seeing the futility of fighting to remain who they are. There is something inside of us that fights to make sure that we remain who we have been. And yet any time that a human being can see the truth about himself or herself -- his or her actual condition -- it is a birth day in the truest sense.