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Notes from grateful readers.

“Just wanted to tell Guy Thank-You!!! Out of all the spiritual books I have read his makes the most sense and has given me freedom!! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!”

— Beverly S., Salt Lake City, UT

“Please tell Guy he changed my life. I listened to his audiobooks every night for about 1 year; I felt like he was talking to me. Thank you. ”

— Anne L., Roslindale, MA

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“A wonderful book whose meditations will help anyone interested in 'letting go' and entering higher consciousness. Since the meditations are synchronized with the energetics of each season, they will be more powerful -- produce greater results -- than normal meditations. Mr. Finley's essays on the four seasons are well worth reading and by themselves are worth the price of the book.”

— Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

“This book is a treasure chest of perceptual insights. Open it up and allow its transformative jewels to adorn your awareness.”

— Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of The Heart

Audio by Guy Finley
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Release Yourself From the Insensitive Self

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about an uncommon kind of sensitivity that is required of the sincere spiritual aspirant who wishes to know a freedom that cannot be assailed by any darkness.

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Talk notes: There is a requirement of a spiritual student that most are not willing to satisfy: it is called true sensitivity. And no one is truly sensitive who is identified with something. Human beings do not want true sensitivity, even though it might be said that people today are extremely "sensitive" in terms of being easily offended and touchy. The reason people are so wrongly sensitive is because of identification.

True sensitivity will not allow a negative state to exist longer than the moment that it appears simultaneously with the light that transforms it. Real sensitivity is pure receptivity, and no person is receptive who listens only to himself. Part of this new and true sensitivity includes the following remarkable discovery: it hurts to be identified. Anytime that you drift away from being present to yourself, you are in a world in which thought -- by its very nature -- creates a disturbance that it then promises to save you from. When genuine sensitivity is allowed to flower, you will begin to know from yourself that it is far better to be free than to be trapped inside of a mind that only knows to identify with every passing thought.