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“The first year of listening to your talks & putting them into action has made a vast difference to my life, but the talk on The Law of Attraction is fantastic it puts into one talk all the main principals you promote. Thank you all so much for helping me to find my true purpose in life. Long may you continue the good work.”

— John Houghton, El Perello Tarragona, Spain

“I just finished reading, The Secret of Letting Go. It was one of the best books I have read and I look forward to reading more by Guy Finley.”

— Nola H.

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The Secret of Your Immortal Self is THE BOOK to help you easily understand and successfully use Universal Truths that are there for us all to grow and prosper.”

— Linda Mackenzie, Founder/GM Radio Network

“Guy Finley is a very powerful and wise man who is teaching important universal lessons with a new and unique perspective.”

— Emily Aiken, Founder,

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Why No One is More Special Than You Are

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about an extraordinarily special kind of relationship we can have with real life if we are willing to let each moment reveal to us the truth about ourselves.

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Talk notes: In this world that we live in, nothing appears that is not an expression of an axiom. One of the reasons that the sun rises every morning is to reveal all that is created. Were it not for light, we would not be able to see forms because matter by itself is dark. Absolutely nothing in nature is special because everything is special.

How many of you think that the world is intended to revolve around you? Human beings all believe that, and yet strangely enough, it is true. No one on this earth is created to be special the same way that you are. However, a clearer understanding is necessary because the idea of being special, of self-love, is one of the most maligned, misunderstood subjects on the planet today.

Before one can know what it means to be special, in the truest meaning of the word, one must know what one's "self" is. What makes you special is that nobody else on the planet can have revealed to him or her what can potentially be revealed to you. No one that you know -- high or low -- is any more special than you are because everyone is exactly the same as you are in their relationship with revelation. Every human being has been given the same possibility of being in relationship with a full awareness of what each moment reveals.

Presently we want to be special because to us it means that we are glorified, but when you truly see something about yourself, it is not to the glory of your "self". Revelation is rejected by human beings because it does not serve their idea of what it means to be special.

What is the purpose of life revealing you to yourself? One must have self-love, but self-love means that one loves the Self that reveals. There is an instantaneous sunrise anytime you are willing to see the truth of yourself. It is love that shows you to yourself, and in that revelation you will begin to love being shown where you have been in a wrong relationship with life. In being willing to see the truth about yourself, there is a healing and a new wholeness that proves to you just how special God's Life really is.