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Notes from grateful readers.

“Have just finished reading The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and highly recommend it - I have learned so much and it is already making a difference in my life. Thank you.”

— Joan J., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I came across Guy's audio downloads about a year ago. Loaded some onto my MP3 player and listen regularly to them whilst having morning tea at work sitting out in the sun. They really do work on the negative and stressful thoughts bought on by daily life and work. Love them.”

— Anthony

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Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time, by Guy Finley, works because it's honest, natural, real, and wise!”

— Parthenia Izzard, CNHP, psychologist, radio host

“Guy Finley has done it again!! This little Letting Go book has a pearl on every page, and makes the whole world our oyster!”

— Sallie Felton, host, International Talk Radio, life coach, transition specialist

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Stop Taking Part in Unseen Self-Punishment

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we can stop cooperating with what wants to drag us down and open ourselves up to a greater life that is free of negative states.

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Talk notes: How much time do we spend each day in some kind of negative self-absorption? Probably more time than we would care to admit. Negative self-absorption is really a form of unconsciously taking something from ourselves in order to ensure that we will continue feeling the way we do. Whenever we are negatively self-absorbed we are actually absorbed in what we don't want!

We must catch ourselves over and over again in this state negative self-absorption. We need to see that this state literally steals from us the energy we need to awaken to the truth of ourselves. Instead of making ourselves unhappy, we can give ourselves over to something other than the part of us that wants to punish.

Just one split-second of bringing the light of awareness into any form of negative self-absorption refreshes us and gives us new energy born of seeing the truth of ourselves. The more that we allow this light to shine upon negative states, the more we will want to be connected to that celestial intelligence that reveals to us where we have been mistakenly hurting ourselves.