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Notes from grateful readers.

“Bless you for this website and sharing your works with the world. Your insights are absolutely brilliant and I am extremely grateful to have come upon your teachings!!”

— Barbara B., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Thank you so much, Guy Finley, your book has inspired the transformation of my life. :)”

— Tien F., Cupertino, CA

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“The timely message in The Secret of Your Immortal Self is illuminated with accessible, practical wisdom for connecting with our divinity. Finley succeeds in revealing to us that there are no limits to spiritual possibility in the Self that never dies.”

— Richard Harvey, Author of Your Essential Self and The Flight of Consciousness

The Essential Laws of Fearless Living illuminates what is possible for us to become in this time of shattering changes. It is a map to what I call Living Successfully. It's not surprising to me that Guy Finley was the man to pass it along to us.”

— Bob Keeton, host & producer of Living Successfully

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Let Your Pain Free You From the Fear of It

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about why we must not be afraid to discover everything that we need to know about ourselves.

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Talk notes: There is a definitive risk connected to opening oneself up to intimate relationships. Relationships introduce us to not only the light and bright parts of ourselves, but also to interior parts that are unknown and in the dark. Life serves to introduce us to ourselves. Life brings us lesson after lesson, but currently we are selective lesson choosers because we only want to see what we imagine will confirm the favorable pictures we have of ourselves.

Why do we run away from so many moments in our lives? The short answer is that we run because of the pain we encounter. We want to get as close as possible to what we like finding out about ourselves, but we have no interest in getting close to what seems to cause us pain. As we repeatedly resist painful moments, which are intended to reveal to us our nature, we run through a series of cycles in which we change everything around us, only to end up back where we started as the same human being still wrestling with the same problem.