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Notes from grateful readers.

“Guy has internally changed my life. He has impacted me with his wisdom as no other then the Holy Scriptures. In fact he has made the bible come alive with his teaching. I have read many of his books and purchase many tapes and I thirst for so much more. I will get to one of his live talks very soon. I had to write, this brother Guy Finley is awesome! I LOVE his teaching!”

— John C. Suber, Pittsburgh, PA

“I bought The Secret of Letting Go. It is by far the BEST BOOK I have ever read! Thank you for saving my life. I am 48 years old and I finally GET IT! No more living in fear. God Bless You!”

— Donna B., Westland, MI

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“Guy Finley has a beautiful knack for showing us the panoramic view of consciousness by subtly shifting our perspectives on life. His words allow us to claim that which has always been inside of us; the light of truth.”

— Matt Goltl, D.C., co-founder, Optimal Modification, Inc.

The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: How could so much knowledge be packed into such a little book? For anyone looking for a rich path to a courageous life, this book is for you!”

— Anna Darrah, Spiritual Cinema Circle

Audio by Guy Finley
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Let Go and Receive Real Life

Talk summary: In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how real relationship with the present moment requires both receptivity and letting go.

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Talk notes: We cannot grow spiritually without receptivity, but presently most of us do not understand receptivity in its entirety. As it often happens now, there are moments of being receptive to a higher impression, but then the impression is immediately taken over by the sensation of the impression, so that our minds instantly turn a moment of receptivity into a moment of "my" experience. 

We need to recognize that our minds are always busy interpreting those moments in which we receive new impressions. The mind only knows how to turn a moment of inception of a new impression into a personal conception, into something that it can recognize. At that point there is an unconscious identification with the experience of the impression that prevents us from learning the real lesson inherent within the impression.

We are created to be instruments of perfect receptivity. While we may indeed enjoy the experience of a wonderful moment, we can also be aware of the parts of us that want to take something from it in order to be someone who feels something about it. Already living within us is a higher order of light that is forever open to receiving new impressions even as it transforms what is being received.