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Notes from grateful readers.

“I find this a very good message from Guy. Very deep and it feels right and does resonate with me well. I will go through it a few times to absorb the data in more depth. Excellent for someone on the spiritual journey for decades now.”

— Michael T., London, England

“Hello, I have just about finished the book The Secret of Letting Go. In such a short time it has changed my life. I have gotten a glimpse of living in true happiness and the more I practice what I have learned in this book the more I enjoy who I am.”

— Nancy F.

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“Guy Finley has the ability to illuminate with insight the mind's darkest corner. If it does not brighten with the first reading, read it again, let it sit and know the light will come.”

— Wendy Garrett, radio host, author of Talking to Nightlights

The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a rich tapestry of Guy's spiritual wisdom that teaches us how to let go of the old conditioning of fear, control and outmoded beliefs, so that we can find what we really seek: our inner connection to the Divine.”

— Michelle Mayur, Author of Embraced by the Divine

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  • 5 Personal Practices That Put Anxiety Out of Business (Writing - 2/22/03)

    Your conscious participation in inner exercises, such as these five practices, is the only way to awaken the will you need so that one day you never have to answer…[more]

  • Transformation (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Real transformation is a task that takes intentional sustained inner work.

  • Starting Over (Part 2) (Writing - 2/23/03)

    How to make a truly Fresh Start starting over!

  • Life Changes (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Ending disturbances by learning to understand the nature of life changes.

  • Renewal (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Taking full pleasure in life's joyful, renewal of experiences.

  • Forty Ways To Determine Your Level of Inner Freedom (Writing - 11/8/02)

    Learn about your individual level of inner freedom.

  • Cancel the Cause of Self-Captivity (Writing - 5/10/03)

    A lesson revealing the extra effort needed on our part to realize True Freedom.

  • Live in Harmony with Reality (Writing - 6/9/03)

    Guy Finley shows how we can begin enjoying True Success by agreeing to accept the lessons life has for us.

  • A Simple Instruction for the Regeneration of the Soul (Writing - 9/21/03)

    In this lesson, Guy Finley illustrates how we can begin to become aware of the unconscious chain of pain and conflict that we pass along to others when we are…[more]

  • Kindness (Writing - 12/1/03)

    Kindness is something we all value and wish we are known for. Learn how to make kindness alive in your life.

  • Learn Life's Great Lesson (Writing - 12/15/03)

    Our life on Earth is a spiritual path. Our life is our path. There is no other. The path to the perfected life, to fulfilling the promise of our True…[more]

  • Using Your Relationships to Realize Real Life (Writing - 12/22/03)

    The greatest, most abundant resource on planet Earth is also its least understood and utilized. Its unlimited supply is found virtually everywhere, anytime, and under all circumstances, even though few…[more]

  • Change (Writing - 5/1/04)

    Guy Finley discusses the purpose behind the seasonal changes of our inner life and how we can embrace them as the spiritual teachings meant for us.

  • Break Through to a Totally New You (Writing - 9/7/04)

    By rising above any self-righteousness that wants us to blame others for how we feel, explains Guy Finley, we gain an entirely new perspective on this useless reaction and learn…[more]

  • Find Lasting Self-Renewal in Self-Release (Writing - 1/9/05)

    The reason why Truth sets you free, explains Guy Finley, is because it alone reveals that what you are held captive by has no reality outside of your wish to…[more]

  • Ask God to be in Charge of Your Life Without Telling How (Writing - 9/25/05)

    The type of prayer that brings true fulfillment, explains Guy Finley, starts not with asking God for what you think you need to be fulfilled, but instead asking God to…[more]

  • The Life Beyond Becoming (Writing - 11/13/05)

    A special writing by Guy Finley revealing the path to true change. Originally presented at a classroom talk given on 11/13/05.

  • Use the Ground of Discovery to Realize Your Self (Writing - 2/19/06)

    To succeed spiritually, to discover the new man or woman waiting within us, explains Guy Finley, requires going beyond being the thought-based, self-conceived creatures we are at present.

  • Awaken to the Wonder of the Ever-Changing World Within You (Writing - 4/9/06)

    There is no moment, explains Guy Finley, in which the whole of the turning of the universe isn't producing a corresponding turning in the soul.

  • Build the Foundation of a Fearless Life (Writing - 4/23/06)

    It's only what you do right this moment, right Now, explains Guy Finley, that's the seed of personal change.

  • The New Self-Understanding that Makes You Unstoppable (Writing - 6/12/06)

    We live in a world, explains Guy Finley, that is established for us to succeed in realizing that within us dwells an Intelligence beyond fear.

  • A Magical Prescription for More Positive Living (Writing - 7/15/06)

    It is not negative to see the negative in us, explains Guy Finley, since it is the perfectly positive that makes this kind of seeing into ourselves possible.

  • The Power to End Self-Defeating Patterns (Writing - 7/31/06)

    Guy Finley explains that before you can have a different life -- before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace, and in quiet command of yourself -- you must…[more]

  • The Agreement (Writing - 8/2/06)

    A special writing by Guy Finley which poignantly expresses the path we must take if we are to find God's Love. Originally presented at a classroom talk given on 8/2/06.

  • Realize the Timeless Truth of Your Self (Writing - 8/27/06)

    We are create, explains Guy Finley, with the capability of realizing the timeless truth of ourselves.

  • Advanced Lesson in Living the Good Life (Audio 10:23 - 9/10/06)

    In this talk Guy Finley describes why inner tension, fear, and a sense of limitation exist, and then gives the listener an amazing but simple exercise to move beyond all…[more]

  • Dealing with Healing Ourselves (Writing - 9/11/06)

    Guy Finley explains the power in seeing that we are actively involved with unseen thoughts and feelings that compromise us.

  • Find Personal Freedom in the Principles of Invisible Justice (Writing - 2/26/07)

    We can never hope to be free, as Guy Finley explains, as long as any part of us struggles with, or suffers over what others are doing, have done, or…[more]

  • Find Lasting Self-Fulfillment (Writing - 3/16/07)

    The object of any desire, explains Guy Finley, is powerless to bring an end to the desire that created it.

  • The Beginning of True Self-Seeing (Writing - 5/20/07)

    Guy Finley explains that true prayer must begin with a genuine request.

  • Welcome the Freedom that Comes with Being Fearless (Writing - 7/21/08)

    As we are coming to see, within each of us dwells a Light -- an awareness capable not only of observing the host of invisible forces that forge life itself,…[more]

  • The Secret that Shatters Self-Limitation (Writing - 8/11/08)

    True freedom is not an achievement, explains Guy Finley; it is our awakened relationship and participation with the genesis of real life.

  • Let Love Be Your Life (Writing - 10/6/08)

    If we want a whole life, explains Guy Finley, we must be whole human beings.

  • Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders (Writing - 11/29/08)

    Why try and change your outer world, asks Guy Finley, when it is only a reflection of your inner life?

  • Comes the Snow Before the Spring (Audio 8:52 - 4/6/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how conflict is born in those moments when our expectations about how life ought to unfold meet reality.

  • Nothing Flowers Without Light (Audio 10:35 - 5/12/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains why it is so important to stand in the real light of awareness and become truly conscious of the parts of ourselves that supply…[more]

  • Reflections on the Real (Audio 4:54 - 12/31/09)

    In this revealing podcast, Guy Finley talks about how attending to the true needs of others also allows us to discover our own limitless possibilities.

  • Master the Bucking Bronco Called Your 'self' (Audio 12:58 - 3/11/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about an altogether new kind of victory that can be ours if we will agree to see what the present moment reveals within us.

  • Just Let the Music Play (Audio 8:41 - 3/14/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about what it would mean for us to let real life sound its essential notes within us without the unnecessary dissonance of our resistance.

  • Outgrowing Relationships (Writing - 4/1/10)

    Outgrowing Relationships - Learn why walking the authentic spiritual path necessarily causes some relationships to fall away.

  • How to Discover Your Higher Possibilities (Writing - 7/9/10)

    In our willingness to journey to what seems the end of us, we are gifted with the understanding that there is no ending to our True Self.

  • The Work that Makes Everyone a Winner (Writing - 9/17/10)

    It is not enough to just passively receive the lessons we are given. We must act upon their revelations and further clarify their import.

  • Discover a New Way of Knowing Yourself (Writing - 10/22/10)

    No intention can be any stronger than our ability to remember it in the moment that it is needed.

  • Real Life: Lesson #1 (Writing - 12/27/10)

    In order for change to take place, we must be changed.

  • Procrastination (Writing - 4/30/11)

    Guy Finley discusses procrastination and the false sense of self-mastery and justification we receive by putting off until tomorrow what needs to be attended to now. Learn how to stop…[more]

  • The Doorway to a Higher Destiny (Writing - 5/9/11)

    The wish itself -- to be a higher person -- comes to you from a higher place and is received in its inner equivalent within you.

  • The Secret to Transcending Limitations (Writing - 6/27/11)

    As life pours itself out in the stream of passing time, and we run into challenges seemingly greater than our ability to answer -- each of these encounters "asks" this…[more]

  • Wake Up and Walk Into a Larger Life (Writing - 4/30/12)

    Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way.

  • Break Through Inner Barriers (Writing - 5/7/12)

    The next time you want to go ahead with any project -- whether it's designing a rocket ship, or finally getting around to repairing your favorite rocking chair -- and…[more]

  • The Key to Self-Change (Writing - 8/6/12)

    Self-observation is the key to a higher order of awareness; it is how we learn to become inwardly vigilant to our own thoughts and feelings, even as they pass through…[more]

  • Set the Stage for Your Spiritual Rescue (Audio 1:46 - 3/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how our sincere wish to act rightly in the moment will attract the authentic higher help that we need to change.

  • Learn to Accept What Life Would Teach You (Writing - 4/1/13)

    Ours is the power to choose what we will and will not give our power to.

  • The Three Stages of Spiritual Work (Audio 3:52 - 10/28/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about three essential elements that have always been found within any true spiritual practice: working on oneself, working with others, and working in…[more]

  • Practice Your Power to Choose (Writing - 3/24/14)

    Rather than defend our mistakes by finding excuses for them, we can understand that our refusal to learn the lesson at hand ensures we will meet that lesson again, along…[more]

  • Welcome Every Angel That Comes to Your Door (Audio 1:52 - 4/28/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this short talk that higher help is always freely given to us when we ask properly, but the "problem" is that most of the time we…[more]

  • The Secret of Healing Your Past (Audio 2:32 - 5/19/14)

    Guy Finley briefly describes in this short talk how our lives can change for the better, including all of our past, if we are willing, right now, to do the…[more]

  • You Are Forever (Audio 2:27 - 5/23/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley discusses the higher part of ourselves that is capable of observing the whole of all that happens in the stream of time, but yet…[more]

  • You Are Forever (Video 2:12 - 7/20/16)

    In this short video, Guy Finley discusses the higher part of ourselves that is capable of observing the whole of all that happens in the stream of time, but yet…[more]

  • The Victory of the Present Moment (Writing - 1/2/17)

    You cannot separate who you are from your experience of now.

  • Uncover the Fountain of Fresh Starts Hidden in You (Writing - 1/9/17)

    The new beginning we long for is now or never.

  • As We Change, So Changes the Moment (Writing - 7/10/17)

    Negative reactions make nothing better.

  • The Real Reason Why Things Never Change (Video 4:07 - 12/13/17)

    Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley Guy Finley reveals what we must do to change our experience of life and enter into a relationship with Freedom itself.…[more]

  • Only What is Real Can Change (Writing - 3/12/18)

    Make an aim for yourself... give yourself a task that you know you must attend to, whatever its nature. Just pick ONE... and keep it before you, at all times.…[more]