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Notes from grateful readers.

“I just want to say that Guy's mp3 audio Breaking Through the Fear Barrier has been one of the most life-changing things I have read so far.”

— Graeme

“Guy Finley, you have changed my life. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. You have revealed to me the simple truths of my mind, of my life and opened up doors I didn't even know were there. I am eternally grateful.”

— Mary G., Great Falls, MT

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“Guy Finley is a prophetic teacher whose focus is on the Light within each human being. His message is that when we direct our thoughts toward this Light we can live without fear and negativity. In this book, he provides a lesson plan for self-empowerment and transformation.”

— Mary Carroll Nelson, author of Beyond Fear, A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy: The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz

“Guy Finley again offers help exactly fitting to the times; Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time gives us gentle daily steps we can easily digest and use to remain intimate with our true, eternally peaceful, selves.”

— Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., host of Full Power Living

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  • This Key Unlocks the Door to a New Kind of Freedom (Writing - 5/25/04)

    The true answer to any problem we find ourselves in is not found in our thoughts about it, but rather in our willingness to allow new light to reveal its…[more]

  • How to Free Yourself from Fear and Worries by Walking Directly Into Them (Writing - 6/29/04)

    Instead of letting fear lead you off the path and into the dark, explains Guy Finley, remain true to your course and watch it disappear.

  • Two-In-One Undone (Writing - 10/13/04)

    A short yet powerful poem by Guy Finley that reveals the wrong pursuits we get caught in each time we try to escape from understanding our real interior condition. If…[more]

  • How to Defeat What is Defeating You (Writing - 9/17/05)

    The first step in the right rebellion to reclaim your own life, explains Guy Finley, is to learn what it means to think about yourself instead of from yourself.

  • Practice the Principle of Being Present (Audio 7:38 - 1/23/07)

    Use the powerful principles presented in this talk to step out of the pain-filled worlds of imagination, and into the one True world of authentic inner-peace.

  • Erase Those Fearful Feelings (Writing - 3/12/07)

    Being conscious of your fear, explains Guy Finley, empowers you to interact with it in an entirely new way.

  • Be the Ruler of Your Own Reactions (Writing - 3/26/07)

    Who you really are, explains Guy Finley, is an endless learning ground, a limitless possibility for higher and higher self-discovery.

  • Be Yourself and Be Complete (Writing - 4/23/07)

    There is no substitute, explains Guy Finley, for seeing the truth of our actual spiritual situation.

  • For True Self-Command Just Stop, Look, and Listen (Writing - 5/26/07)

    When the false self throws terrifying shadows, says Guy Finley, you must work to cast Inner Light.

  • Enlightening is Better than Igniting Yourself! (Writing - 12/10/07)

    Guy Finley explains how rising above the blame game is the same as learning how to be in total command of yourself.

  • Discover the Treasure of Your True Nature (Writing - 12/31/07)

    Awakening to who we are created to be, explains Guy Finley, is the first step in letting go of all that holds us captive.

  • Open Yourself to Real Life and Find True Liberation (Audio 7:50 - 10/6/08)

    In this podcast, best-selling author Guy Finley presents an extremely helpful and practical exercise that--if you will do what is required on your part--can instantly change your day and your…[more]

  • Learn to Be the Instrument of Life (Audio 4:08 - 6/22/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the immense difference between a life spent accumulating possessions, and a life in which an individual allows something higher to take possession of…[more]

  • Let Life Touch You (Audio 6:52 - 8/31/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about what it would mean to allow every impression that touches your heart and mind to stir you as it is intended.

  • A Fascinating Fact About Real Feelings (Audio 5:28 - 12/15/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the difference between true feelings born of real relationship, and imaginary feelings that carry us away from the present moment.

  • The Strange Non-Life of the False Self (Writing - 8/27/10)

    The sky is forever. And so is your true nature.

  • How Anxiety Imprisons You in a World of Empty Promises (Writing - 1/31/11)

    Anxious thoughts and feelings keep us a prisoner in the world of their empty promises.

  • Receive the Real Gift of God's Love for You (Audio 5:29 - 3/8/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how true spirituality is all about being receptive to the lessons that love wants us to learn about ourselves.

  • The First Step to Outgrowing Your Suffering (Audio 26:57 - 3/24/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how dissatisfaction with our lives is not something to be ignored, but rather something that can be transformed through diligent self-study.

  • Stop Fighting Confusion and Stormy Emotions (Writing - 2/14/11)

    When you begin to doubt everything you believe about your suffering, you will see that you never had to remain in the path of those destructive storms at all.

  • The Hidden Power of the Heart (Writing - 3/21/11)

    Great prophets and sages alike have long taught that this heart hidden in the center of us -- our own physical heart -- is but a three-dimensional reflection of an…[more]

  • Six Words to Help You Drop Any Dark State (Audio 6:28 - 6/28/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about a new action we can take to find freedom from negative states.

  • Unmask the Hidden Power of All Negative States (Writing - 10/29/11)

    We value negative states because of the strong sense of self we get from them.

  • Take Yourself Out of Harm's Way (Writing - 1/9/12)

    The foundation of self-observation is a higher self-awareness that puts you in direct contact with a new and superior Intelligence, a silent wisdom that immediately goes to work in your…[more]

  • Self-Healing Begins as Self-Hurting Ends (Audio 3:21 - 3/27/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about a new understanding of ourselves that will put an end to unconscious suffering... if we will remember to put it into practice.

  • The Power to Leave Painful Thoughts and Feelings Behind You (Writing - 3/12/12)

    Just as a storm in the atmosphere of the earth is born of conflicting fronts of different temperatures colliding with one another, so too must there be conflicting forces within…[more]

  • Discover the Self of Many Colors (Audio 4:17 - 4/11/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we are intended to discover that who we really are, our true self, is a multi-colored palette of extraordinary possibilities.

  • Free Yourself of Undetected Pressure (Writing - 7/9/12)

    The punishing pressure we feel in this life is not because of what life is but because of what we perceive life isn't.

  • Positive Steps to Drop Negative States (Writing - 11/13/12)

    Meekly submitting to any negative emotion in the hopes it will run its course and leave us alone just invites it to subjugate us again.

  • Practice the Pause that Spiritually Strengthens (Writing - 2/4/13)

    Negative emotions cannot exist without having something to blame for their punishing presence.

  • Rise Above Runaway Reactions (Writing - 4/29/13)

    Before we release ourselves into the hands of any automatically appearing rescuing agent, we must first take it into the light in order to see who sent it.

  • How to Ask For and Receive the Divine Consolation (Audio 7:36 - 9/18/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how freedom from the tyranny of psychological storms begins by refusing to be consoled by anything that our minds can imagine, an…[more]

  • Free Yourself From This Familiar Negative State (Video 3:26 - 9/18/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about the painful sense of self that becomes more and more certain about its false position of righteousness in exact proportion to the degree…[more]

  • Practice the Presence of a Power Beyond Yourself (Writing - 12/23/13)

    Whenever we find ourselves confused, depressed, angry with someone, or upset with ourselves for whatever reasons, we must come wide awake and realize -- through our inner awareness -- that…[more]

  • The Strength and Safety of Practicing Real Power (Writing - 12/30/13)

    More times a day than we want to acknowledge, we feel powerless. In such moments, for whatever reason, we see our situation as being without a solution. Confusion starts coloring…[more]

  • The Secret Place of Peace (Writing - 1/13/14)

    One reason why negative states sneak in so easily to steal our peace is that we have been conditioned to believe in their right to punish us.

  • The Root of All Self-Success (Writing - 1/27/14)

    If your choices so far have left you feeling dissatisfied and incomplete, you must stop blaming your selections and see that the problem lies with the chooser -- you!

  • Walk Away From What Hurts You (Writing - 3/3/14)

    Just as a child's runaway imagination creates menacing shapes out of shadows on the wall, it is the mind asleep to itself that makes monsters appear where there are none.

  • The Real Root of All Rage Revealed (Video 1:15 - 11/4/14)

    Guy Finley explains that all forms of rage, whether inwardly or outwardly directed, are the result of our thwarted attempts to possess what we think we need in order to…[more]

  • Put the Light on Hostile Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 12/1/14)

    The next time some hostile state takes you over, see that something foreign to your True Nature has imposed itself on you and taken over your life.

  • Children Learn From What They See (Video 2:40 - 4/28/15)

    In this short video clip, Guy Finley explains that because children learn mainly from visual cues and emotional signals, the best and most effective way to teach them is by…[more]

  • Free Yourself From Useless Suffering (Writing - 5/4/15)

    The justification of any negative state serves one end only: the protection and the preservation of the nature responsible for its manifestation.

  • Discover the Hidden Forces at War Within You (Writing - 8/3/15)

    The unhappiness we feel is the bitter fruit of a lack of self-understanding.

  • Walk Away from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 10/12/15)

    The only reason we ever feel trapped by anxious thoughts and feelings is that we just won't let go of the false idea that it takes time to know the…[more]

  • Change Your World by Changing Your Relationship with It (Video 3:52 - 10/15/15)

    In this short video, Guy Finley talks about how real change in our exterior world begins with being in right relationship with what appears in our interior world. Nothing changes…[more]

  • Claim the Power Over Troubled Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 1/18/16)

    We are created and each of us is intended to discover the truth of ourselves within ourselves.

  • Choose to Lose Your False "Friends" (Writing - 11/14/16)

    The things we put first in our life, our moment-to-moment choices in life, are a direct reflection of what we value most in that moment.

  • Free Yourself From This Unseen Force That's Dragging You Down (Audio 2:38 - 11/16/16)

    In this brief talk, Guy Finley explains that anything that tries to get us to identify with something outside of us is dragging us down, even though it may seem…[more]

  • Free Yourself From This Unseen Force That's Dragging You Down (Video 2:21 - 1/10/17)

    In this brief video clip, Guy Finley explains that anything that tries to get us to identify with something outside of us is dragging us down, even though it may…[more]

  • Use the End of A Bad Relationship to Change Your Life (Video 7:27 - 2/9/17)

    Guy Finley reveals that the "self" that grieves over an unwanted event is the same level of self that dragged you into the situation in the first place. We have…[more]

  • Let Love Lead You to a Fearless Life (Video 2:22 - 4/17/17)

    Guy Finley explains that if we wish to know God's life, then we must be willing to meet and walk into our limitations so that real faith can be born…[more]

  • Ten Causes of Needless Heartaches (Writing - 4/25/17)

    As soon as we see that the healing we hope for begins with releasing our unseen relationship with the parts of ourselves that are responsible for our self-hurting, the sooner…[more]

  • The Only True Answer to Any Anxiety (Writing - 12/11/17)

    Our one true responsibility in life is to be awake and receptive to the eternally unfolding present moment, even as we give our full attention to what is revealed within…[more]

  • The Awakening of the Heart (Video 3:37 - 4/5/18)

    In this excerpt from an online Q&A with Guy, he explains to an attendee that as negativity subsides, the heart's natural capacity to feel returns.

  • Put an End to the False Life of the False Self (Writing - 7/2/18)

    The false self is the master of making mountains out of molehills, because it loves nothing better than dark and bumpy downhill roads.

  • Practicing the Presence of Peacefulness (Writing - 12/1/18)

    Within each of us, in our hearts and in our minds, there lives a special kind of light. In truth, it is everywhere.