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Notes from grateful readers.

“Breaking Dependency is a genuinely inspirational, powerful book! It gives the recipe to true freedom, how to break the devastating grip of addiction, and start building a life of deep love [and] joy independent of outer circumstances.”

— Sharon Shelton

“I purchased and listened to The Majestic Life recently and I can't say enough about it. To me, along with his book The Secret of Letting Go, it is a true masterwork.”

— Robert B.

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“To the perennial wisdom of many awakened beings, Guy Finley adds his own wisdom, insights and inspirations. The book The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred speaks to us all about spiritual clarity, awareness, sanity and freedom. I highly recommend it.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

“Guy Finley brilliantly describes the most important key to the breakthrough life. Let go of all the negatives, and turn over the fears to God. What happens afterward is that we are free to follow our deepest intuitions with courage.”

— James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

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  • Insights & Instructions Along the Timeless Path of Self-Knowing (Writing - 8/11/02)

    While experience may serve as the path to self-knowledge, still it remains the lesser half of the path to self knowing.

  • The Secret of Release and Relax (Writing - 1/5/04)

    As Guy Finley explains, as we let go of our identification with negative feelings we also let go of their associated pain.

  • The Sure Way to Raise Your Life Level (Writing - 4/19/04)

    Guy Finley explains that the only lasting way to change our experience in life is to change our own life-level. At last the secret of real change!

  • Develop the Indomitable Self in You (Writing - 8/10/04)

    In this world that you and I live in, response is request. We can slightly enlarge this idea by restating it this way: The way you respond to life is…[more]

  • An Inner Exercise to Change Your Life (Writing - 6/19/05)

    All interior practices, explains Guy Finley, begin with the wish to meet our lives from a new understanding of ourselves granted us through new knowledge about ourselves.

  • The Right Choice That Keeps You Safe (Writing - 4/30/06)

    Guy Finley reminds us that no negative state wants what is right for you.

  • To Release or to Resist... That is the Question (Audio 10:53 - 12/26/07)

    You can let go of any painful situation or darkened state in your life starting right now! This powerful talk explains how resisting your pain actually keeps it alive. Listen…[more]

  • Find Happiness in a Higher Meaning of Life (Audio 9:32 - 12/26/07)

    Tired of going in painful circles in your life? In this talk Guy Finley reveals the secret of finally moving out of what may feel like a meaningless existence into…[more]

  • Panic Attacks (Writing - 5/28/08)

    Guy Finley discusses panic attacks and the fearful, mechanical thoughts that terrorize an unawakened mind. Learn the secret of knowing that all is well when you realize the truth that…[more]

  • Open Yourself to Real Life and Find True Liberation (Audio 7:50 - 10/6/08)

    In this podcast, best-selling author Guy Finley presents an extremely helpful and practical exercise that--if you will do what is required on your part--can instantly change your day and your…[more]

  • The Cultivation of Love (Audio 19:57 - 12/3/08)

    In this podcast, best-selling author Guy Finley talks about how our experience of life is a direct result of what we spend our time attending to.

  • End the Misery of Measuring Yourself (Audio 14:36 - 2/23/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains in detail how measuring yourself actually prevents any real change from taking place.

  • Spiritual Evolution: True or Not? (Audio 20:10 - 4/28/09)

    Spiritual evolution is not something that is going to just happen by mere accident. It is something that requires an inner effort on the part of the human being. In…[more]

  • The Strange Non-Life of the False Self (Writing - 8/27/10)

    The sky is forever. And so is your true nature.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Timeless Life (Video 3:50 - 5/15/12)

    In this video blog, Guy talks about why it is so important to work at spending more and more time each day attending to our interior lives.

  • Put the Universe on Your Side (Writing - 7/23/12)

    We never experience anything that does not arise directly from our own inner life.

  • End the Game of "Pain Pong" (Audio 6:00 - 3/22/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how most of the unnecessary struggle and conflict that we experience in this life is due to our habitual, unconscious fixation on recurring…[more]

  • Go Against the World That Wants to Carry You Away (Audio 9:07 - 6/17/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we must always make an effort to be awake so that we can begin using life's currents and waves for our…[more]

  • The Power to Know Natural Peace (Audio 5:28 - 6/26/13)

    Guy Finley talks about how we currently live from an agitated nature that searches for "peace" through its own frenzied activity. Our awareness of this fact is what seeds within…[more]

  • Five Facts to Liberate You from the Lie of Fear (Writing - 12/2/13)

    The more we are willing to learn about the way fear works, the less power it has to work its ways on us.

  • Practice the Presence of a Power Beyond Yourself (Writing - 12/23/13)

    Whenever we find ourselves confused, depressed, angry with someone, or upset with ourselves for whatever reasons, we must come wide awake and realize -- through our inner awareness -- that…[more]

  • How to See the End of All of Your Enemies (Audio 2:31 - 2/19/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that it is possible for us to find complete freedom from the mechanical, enemy-making nature that presently tricks us into believing that it…[more]

  • How to Walk Out of Any Dark Mental Movie (Writing - 2/3/14)

    Learn to detect negative feelings that imply there's nothing that can be done about the way you feel at the moment.

  • Release Yourself from Runaway Reactions (Writing - 4/14/14)

    Painful reactions to life events are just mechanical, emotional knee jerks.

  • Choose in Favor of Self-Command (Writing - 9/15/14)

    Choose to live from a free mind and you have chosen in favor of owning your own life.

  • Perfect Every Moment With This Single Purpose (Audio 5:58 - 1/1/15)

    Guy talks about the importance of being present to ourselves at all times, especially as the unattended mind creates false purposes for itself which can only lead to pain.

  • Ten Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself (Writing - 4/18/16)

    Regardless of how disappointing or painful it may have been, nothing real lives in your past that can grab you and make you its captive any more than a dark…[more]

  • Four Insights That Make Old Fears Fade and Finally Disappear From View (Writing - 8/15/16)

    Awaken the higher understanding you need that allows you to walk past the level of self that gives rise to your fear.

  • Release Yourself from the False Sense of Life (Writing - 9/12/16)

    Like the invisible winds that move the branches on the trees, we live in a world of this unseen, but ceaseless, flood of thoughts and feelings.

  • Use These Insights to Help You Walk Away from Guilt, Shame, and Regret (Audio 2:21 - 10/27/16)

    In this short talk, "letting go" author Guy Finley explains that there exists within all of us a lower nature that is always operating unconsciously to get us to be…[more]

  • Use These Insights to Help You Walk Away from Guilt, Shame, and Regret (Video 2:03 - 12/19/16)

    "Letting go" author Guy Finley explains that there exists within all of us a lower nature that is always operating unconsciously to get us to be the expression of its…[more]

  • Let Go of Self-Limiting Fears (Writing - 3/27/17)

    To flatten your fears once and for all, you must forget about the idea of domination and start thinking about self-illumination -- the miracle that happens within us whenever we…[more]

  • Don't Be Deceived by the Dark Side of Technology (Audio 3:34 - 7/4/17)

    Technology seems to be empowering human beings when in fact it is enabling an unconscious part of us that is incapable of growth. Once this becomes clear you can start…[more]

  • Put an End to the False Life of the False Self (Writing - 7/2/18)

    The false self is the master of making mountains out of molehills, because it loves nothing better than dark and bumpy downhill roads.

  • Find the Magic of the Original Moment (Writing - 7/13/18)

    Bound up as we are within the closed world of our own thoughts, we see virtually nothing other than what the false self of the moment wants us to see.…[more]