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Notes from grateful readers.

“The most important things about life I have ever had the privilege of reading [have come from Guy Finley's talks and writings]. A real honest-to-goodness thankyou, Guy Finley. I read The Secrets of Letting Go a couple times a week - it speaks to my deepest self again and again."”

— David N.

“Your audio came to me by a mysterious coincidence. I had a public speaking commitment coming up, and I was terrified of it, but I knew that I had to do it. Somehow there was a Divine intervention that dropped this audio into my lap about two weeks ago. Your presentation is magnificent, and I am so grateful. It has opened up a whole new area of my life. I am 80. Thank you, and God bless you.”

— Howard M., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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“Guy speaks to you in this book [The Essential Laws of Fearless Living] - listen, and you can live a limitless life. Pass this information on to your children, and you will inspire them to live the life of their dreams too.”

— Pat Wyman, best-selling author of Learning vs. Testing

“Guy Finley reminds us that turning within is essential for living a life of peace. The practical guidance in this book will bring you home to the heart of Love. ”

— Ana Holub, Forgiveness counselor and author of Forgive and Be Free

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  • Commentaries on the Christ and True Christianity (Writing - 12/29/02)

    Coming to Know Christ As the Living Light

  • Jump In (Writing - 10/6/02)

    Life will fill whatever you empty. Be hollow. Let the winds of change play you instead of punish you.

  • Take the Road (Writing - 9/29/02)

    It does not matter how you take the road. All that really matters is that you take it.

  • Care Of The Soul (Writing - 7/7/02)

    Within solitude and silence should we weigh those matters concerning the care of our soul.

  • Awakening (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Awakening: How to change our destination and arrive at that Higher World!

  • The Awakening Soul (Writing - 4/20/03)

    A poem by Guy Finley on the condition of the awakening soul.

  • Enlightenment (Writing - 4/1/04)

    Follow along as Guy Finley explains the true nature of enlightenment and spiritual rebirth. Discover how the power of your own awareness can connect you to the freedom inherent in…[more]

  • Enter Into the Untroubled Now (Writing - 5/11/04)

    Seeing that thoughts do nothing more than keep us firmly entrenched in pyschic slumber, explains Guy Finley, is the first step to learning to live in the untroubled Now.

  • Heal Your Life With Higher Self-Correction (Writing - 12/20/04)

    Each glimpse we get of any character shortfall within us, explains Guy Finley, invites us to walk the one true path towards its perfection.

  • Success (Writing - 1/1/05)

    Guy Finley discusses how we can fulfill the promise and potential of our lives and realize true success through living the awakened life and by developing self-seeing in the present…[more]

  • The Bible (Writing - 8/1/05)

    Guy Finley discusses the Bible as a revelation of Truth and a resource for living the awakened life.

  • Awaken the Power of Your Supernatural Self (excerpt) (Audio 2:06 - 10/19/05)

    Guy Finley explains how to be elevated to a Higher life starting right now. Discover the extraordinary power hidden in our awareness and how it literally can transform our life.

  • Always Walk on the Light Side of Life (Writing - 12/18/05)

    The feeling that everything is right with your life, explains Guy Finley, comes in direct proportion to you being for everything that is right in life.

  • Discovering the Depths of Your True Self (Writing - 5/21/06)

    The following short set of questions and answers is taken from the "Ask the Masters" sections that follow the end of each chapter in Guy Finley's newest book, *Let Go…[more]

  • Let Me Run With You (Writing - 7/3/06)

    Forget this world with its intermittent streams, whose waters begin and end. Search out the Ocean, and stand in Her surge until the waves wash away the shores of your…[more]

  • Realize the Timeless Truth of Your Self (Writing - 8/27/06)

    We are create, explains Guy Finley, with the capability of realizing the timeless truth of ourselves.

  • Advanced Lesson in Living the Good Life (Audio 10:23 - 9/10/06)

    In this talk Guy Finley describes why inner tension, fear, and a sense of limitation exist, and then gives the listener an amazing but simple exercise to move beyond all…[more]

  • How to Start Planting the Seeds of Peace (Writing - 12/4/06)

    Guy Finley explains if we are ever to realize the integrity and consistent kindness of our True Nature, if we long to know something of heaven while we live on…[more]

  • Invite the Light that Shatters Self-Limitation (Writing - 12/17/06)

    Guy Finley explains that life is always stirring and producing moments in which we are asked, in essence, to be more than we are.

  • How to Be a Friend of Truth (Writing - 2/5/07)

    What we become in this life, explains Guy Finley, is very much determined by the kind of "interior" company we keep.

  • Unleash the Power of Present Living (Writing - 4/9/07)

    Any lingering sadness, explains Guy Finley, is an unnatural life-form kept breathing by the false self's reluctance to let it go.

  • Be Yourself and Be Complete (Writing - 4/23/07)

    There is no substitute, explains Guy Finley, for seeing the truth of our actual spiritual situation.

  • Stop Struggling with Others (Writing - 8/13/07)

    When we're angry or resentful for what has happened in our lives, the real enemy is not ouside of us, explains Guy Finley -- it's what we don't yet know…[more]

  • Discover the Treasure of Your True Nature (Writing - 12/31/07)

    Awakening to who we are created to be, explains Guy Finley, is the first step in letting go of all that holds us captive.

  • Stop Sorting Your Experience and Stop Suffering (Audio 5:13 - 4/19/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains how we can reclaim our enthusiasm for life, no matter what our circumstances, when we stop resisting what we experience.

  • Creating a New Spiritual Center of Gravity (Audio 13:46 - 3/9/09)

    The real gifts given to us by Truth are more plentiful than our minds could possibly imagine. In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about what the healing action of truth…[more]

  • The Un-Possessable (Writing - 4/12/09)

    Like a flower that emerges from rocky soil
    Only on a fully moonlit night, Truth appears
    And its fragrance enriches whoever waits near.
    Then suddenly, just as it appears

  • Claim the Higher Vantage Point of Conscious Presence (Writing - 6/26/09)

    We have within us, explains Guy Finley, a very special part of ourselves within which we may be at peace regardless of what goes on around us.

  • Share in the Life Unending (Audio 5:51 - 10/24/09)

    In this special podcast featuring music performed live at Life of Learning Foundation in Southern Oregon, Guy Finley talks about the music and rhythm of life itself, and how we…[more]

  • Enter the Place of Power (Writing - 10/19/09)

    Make it your moment to moment practice to stay awake, says Guy Finley, and to watch for all the opportunities that your own now presents.

  • Let Real Light Into Your Life (Audio 2:31 - 1/10/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how nothing but good can come to those who place the love of light before all else.

  • Remember Your Way Back Home (Writing - 12/27/09)

    Guy Finley explains that there are those who, having once tasted the wine of truth, can never again be satisfied again with any other.

  • Has Anyone Seen My Camel? (Audio 5:47 - 1/12/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley tells a timeless story that underscores the need we have as human beings to know our true nature.

  • Invite the Truth to Set You Free (Writing - 2/22/10)

    Guy Finley explains that what we put first in our lives is what we receive from life.

  • Welcome the Light that Makes Life Bright (Writing - 4/16/10)

    Guy Finley reminds us that there is a part of ourselves that knows -- without having to think about it -- what is right from what is wrong.

  • Being Enlightened is Better Than Living Frightened! (Writing - 4/26/10)

    As a rule, the first thing we experience -- whenever we see something negative in us -- is an involuntary negative reaction: we immediately condemn ourselves. But Light never condemns;…[more]

  • Become a Spiritual Warrior and Win a Real Life (Writing - 6/14/10)

    Guy Finley answers the question, what does it mean to be a truly successful person in this life?

  • New and True Benefits That Self-Study Brings (Writing - 11/5/10)

    The true purpose of self-study is to invite something Good into our lives that then provides us with the unshakable goodness we were previously unable to give ourselves.

  • Build a Spiritual Fire for Your Heart (Audio 7:49 - 1/11/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how a real love for what is true and Divine requires that we agree to see ourselves as we actually are.

  • Let Self-Knowledge Light the Way Ahead (Writing - 1/17/11)

    The wise are not those most learned, but the best tempered by truths put to the test of life.

  • Uncover the Treasure of Your True Self (Writing - 7/25/11)

    Yours is also the right to effortlessly recognize and release anger and frustration, to be able to see them for exactly what they are -- false powers disguised as helpful…[more]

  • Christ's Life as a Lesson in Living Fully (Audio 11:25 - 8/14/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how true fulfillment is connected to using our life for the purpose that it was given to us.

  • Awaken the Character Meant to Be First (Writing - 8/29/11)

    We are meant to go through a transfiguration on this earth, a change internally that leaves our character like nothing it was before.

  • The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred (Video 5:53 - 9/23/11)

    Listen in as Guy Finley discusses with Dr. Ellen Dickstein some of the important ideas connected to the release of his groundbreaking book, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred.

  • Dare to Stand in the Light of Truth (Writing - 10/10/11)

    If we're to succeed in our search for wholeness, we not only require a new and higher order of self-knowledge, but one that must also take us in a completely…[more]

  • The Hope and Promise of Timeless Ideas (Writing - 10/17/11)

    Regardless of when in time, or where on earth, a truth appears, its effect is always the same.

  • We Are Not Alone (Writing - 10/24/11)

    Something in us knows that it is only through this relationship that we will be introduced to our own higher possibilities.

  • Remember Yourself and Realize Freedom (Audio 9:18 - 1/12/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how each moment of life is made for anyone and everyone who is present to it. If you are not in this moment,…[more]

  • Your New Authority Over Whatever Hurts You (Writing - 10/15/12)

    Only conscious awareness of our aching can lead us to what authentically answers it.

  • The Pearl of Great Price (Writing - 10/29/12)

    Like individual raindrops that feed our streams and rivers, it is new ideas that nourish and sustain the growth of science, art, and the humanities.

  • Working in the Garden of the Soul (Audio 6:21 - 10/29/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how something is always growing within us, but just like any garden that produces real physical food, what grows in our interior life…[more]

  • Depart from the World of Unconscious Pain (Audio 1:49 - 4/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how "waking up" spiritually includes an awareness of how much it hurts to remain "asleep."

  • The Discipline of Self-Discovery (Writing - 3/25/13)

    Every truth ever discovered -- each new light that will ever burn bright -- already exists in our consciousness.

  • The Role of a Spiritual Teacher (Video 3:36 - 4/23/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley explains that the true role of a teacher is to remind students of their actual condition, which presently is an unconscious state of "spiritual sleep."…[more]

  • Stop Being Used by Shame (Audio 6:06 - 8/6/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains the difference between the false kind of shame that shackles us to a self that is trapped in the past, and the proper…[more]

  • Drop Angry and Anxious Feelings Instantly (Writing - 8/26/13)

    No one sincerely asks for a new life until they are thoroughly dissatisfied with the old one.

  • Everything Grows Right in the Light (Audio 2:42 - 9/25/13)

    Guy Finley explains in this short talk how the mind that opens up to the soul that is trying to express itself reflects a radiance from which everything in the…[more]

  • Everything Grows Right in the Light (Video 2:31 - 10/7/13)

    Guy Finley explains in this short video how the mind that opens up to the soul that is trying to express itself reflects a radiance from which everything in the…[more]

  • Discover the True Source of a Silent Mind (Video 1:50 - 10/18/13)

    Guy Finley talks about how stillness cannot be brought about by any kind of will of our own, but that a real relationship with stillness is established by becoming aware…[more]

  • Put Yourself in the Right Place, at the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing (Writing - 2/24/14)

    When we are awake to what divides us, we are doing the work of living in Presence.

  • Do Autistic Children Have Spiritual Potential? (Video 5:54 - 4/28/14)

    Guy Finley responds to a question about the spiritual potential of autistic children, and reveals that the true responsibility of a caregiver is to first live up to their own…[more]

  • Spiritual Toughness Starts Here (Audio 11:57 - 8/25/14)

    Guy Finley explains that there is a nature inside of us that wants nothing to do with spiritual work and inner transformation. We must consciously meet this part of ourselves…[more]

  • Wake Up and Start Fulfilling Your Promise in Life (Writing - 9/29/14)

    The spiritually awakened life is not something that one achieves -- the true higher life comes to us naturally and reveals and expresses itself in anyone who realizes that this…[more]

  • 3 Simple Laws to Help You Reach Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities (Writing - 4/27/15)

    When we understand that self-knowledge is to our spiritual growth what a spring rain is to the wildflower seeds that await it, then we also realize how vital it is…[more]

  • Guy Finley Interview on "Buddha at the Gas Pump" (Video 2:05:49 - 8/12/15)

    Watch Guy's interview with host Rick Archer on the popular YouTube series, "Buddha at the Gas Pump."

  • Journey to the Self Beyond Comparison (Video 1:29 - 9/4/15)

    Guy Finley talks about how illuminated men and women throughout history have existed as shining examples of another higher order of consciousness that we are all intended to make contact…[more]

  • Interview on Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul with Dr. David Kamnitzer (Audio 1:13:51 - 9/10/15)

    Join Guy and noted holistic doctor Dr. David Kamnitzer as they discuss Guy's early background as a spiritual aspirant, his ongoing journey along the path of the Divine, and his…[more]

  • Are You Living in the World Called "Waking Sleep"? (Audio 6:25 - 9/27/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that when we begin to observe that most of our time is spent in a sort of twilight state of sleep, we will…[more]

  • Are You Living in the World Called "Waking Sleep"? (Video 6:03 - 11/17/15)

    In this short video clip, Guy Finley explains that when we begin to observe that most of our time is spent in a sort of twilight state of sleep, we…[more]

  • Find the Missing Half of Life! (Writing - 1/11/16)

    When it comes to experiencing an overall sense of peace, happiness, and abiding contentment, we are not created to be self-filling beings.

  • Stop Blocking the Light that Heals (Writing - 2/29/16)

    The goal of all truthful teachings handed down through the ages has been to encourage individuals to follow the path to a more expansive existence.

  • Liberate Yourself Using the Three Levels of Intention (Video 1:23 - 3/3/16)

    Guy Finley explains that setting intentions and working on spiritual exercises helps us to see parts of ourselves that we are currently unconscious to and have no authority over --…[more]

  • Liberate Yourself Using the Three Levels of Intention (Audio 1:44 - 3/3/16)

    Guy Finley explains that setting intentions and working on spiritual exercises helps us to see parts of ourselves that we are currently unconscious to and have no authority over --…[more]

  • Embrace the Beautiful Dual Nature of Self-Discovery (Audio 1:33 - 7/20/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains the roles that doubt and faith play in our spiritual work.

  • Doing Your Part in the Divine Plan (Writing - 8/1/16)

    Just as there must be a marriage between the aspiring soul and the timeless Spirit that gives it life, so must there be a union between spiritual sweat, sacrifice, and…[more]

  • The Necessity of Building a Spiritual Body (Audio 4:48 - 9/27/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that the purpose of true spiritual teachings is to create something real within oneself that is independent of the events of passing time.

  • Five Insights into Raising Your Level of Spiritual Freedom (Writing - 10/31/16)

    The following higher insights help summarize a prescription for a free life.

  • The Necessity of Building a Spiritual Body (Video 4:15 - 12/14/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that the purpose of true spiritual teachings is to create something real within oneself that is independent of the events of passing time.

  • Let Love Lead You to Achieve Your Heart's Desire (Writing - 1/30/17)

    If we want to receive love, we have to give it.

  • Let Love Lead You to a Fearless Life (Video 2:22 - 4/17/17)

    Guy Finley explains that if we wish to know God's life, then we must be willing to meet and walk into our limitations so that real faith can be born…[more]

  • Developing the Seeds of the Soul (Video 6:29 - 5/22/17)

    Without the soul there is no relationship to the Divine. Our relationship with the Divine occurs because of this tiny magnetic part within us that is capable of developing. We…[more]

  • Your True Spiritual Guide is a Lot Closer Than You Think (Writing - 6/26/17)

    The untold great spiritual secret concerning self-transformation is that we grow in proportion to our awareness of what we can no longer be.

  • "Seeds of the Soul" Interview with Guy Finley and Rob Spears (Video 8:27 - 6/30/17)

    In this excerpt from an interview with Rob Spears of KKNW's Conscious Talk Radio, Guy Finley explains that the purpose of his 2017 "Talks in the Pines" workshop will be…[more]

  • Share in the Secret Beauty of a Falling Leaf (Audio 2:44 - 12/13/17)

    Part of our possibility of growing into another order of being, of having a relationship with what is more celestial than earthly in nature, is that we're capable of seeing…[more]

  • Claim the Gift that Casts Out Fear (Writing - 3/21/18)

    Imagine how different life would be if we understood that nothing happens to us that isn't sent our way to help us learn more about the eternal nature of love.

  • When an Angel Whispers to You (Audio 1:13 - 4/5/18)

    It is a certain level of miracle when, for a person's willingness and work to understand the truth of themselves, something begins to formulate within them that will start to…[more]

  • Step Into the Undying Self (Writing - 4/9/18)

    For those who aspire to know the immortal Self, the dark night of the soul is a required time of "unknowing."

  • Find Freedom from Self-Induced Dark Dreams (Writing - 4/30/18)

    Our experience of each moment -- for its pleasure or pain, peace or trouble -- is a direct reflection of what we are in relationship with in the present.

  • The First Step to Awakening True Spiritual Strength (Writing - 5/6/18)

    Real spiritual strength is realized, slowly, by daring to drop any self-blinding negative states that we have allowed to define us.

  • Seek the Permanence of Real Life (Writing - 5/28/18)

    Everything in this life is made to be impermanent, so that by the action of time, it can be changed into something new.

  • Everything You Need to Succeed Will Be Provided (Writing - 10/7/18)

    To succeed spiritually, to discover the new man or woman waiting within us, requires going beyond being the thought-based, self-conceived creatures we are at present.