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  • Transcending the Soul (Writing - 1/26/03)

    Transcending the Soul through Suffering

  • The New Form (Writing - 10/27/02)

    Forgo All That Was and Assume a New Form

  • The Power of True Spiritual Possibility (Writing - 8/2/02)

    We imagine the impossible for ourselves to temporarily look upon ourselves as doers of greatness. Work to do the possible by conquering our own self-created imaginings.

  • 12 Steps to Help Find Your Way Back Home (Writing - 2/22/03)

    To break out of any prison you must first find a way that works. Here are a dozen new actions that have special powers to show you this needed Way.

  • 10 Small Steps to Real Self-Knowledge (Writing - 2/22/03)

    10 steps to help you to outgrow yourself by venturing into the unknown.

  • Transformation (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Real transformation is a task that takes intentional sustained inner work.

  • Special Insights into Making a Fresh Start in Life (Writing - 12/27/02)

    Special Insights into Making a Fresh Start in Life

  • Self-Help (Writing - 2/23/03)

    True self-help through transcendence, not struggle.

  • Start Sowing the Seeds of a New Life (Writing - 3/12/03)

    Helpful ideas about what is required of us if we wish to realize our True Nature, and offering specific examples of how to do the inner work necessary to align…[more]

  • Principles for Perfecting Relationships (Writing - 4/13/03)

    Guy Finley reveals how we can invite the unknown Love and Understanding that is capable of perfecting our relationships.

  • The Healing Power of Truth (Writing - 7/14/03)

    Guy Finley shows how our willingness to face what is troubling us invites the healing forces that are necessary for our complete recovery.

  • Learn Life's Great Lesson (Writing - 12/15/03)

    Our life on Earth is a spiritual path. Our life is our path. There is no other. The path to the perfected life, to fulfilling the promise of our True…[more]

  • Self-Correction is Self-Elevation (Writing - 4/4/04)

    Guy Finley shows us that it is through self-correction, not self-improvement, that true growth takes place.

  • This Key Unlocks the Door to a New Kind of Freedom (Writing - 5/25/04)

    The true answer to any problem we find ourselves in is not found in our thoughts about it, but rather in our willingness to allow new light to reveal its…[more]

  • Four Ways to Teach the Truths that Transform the World (Writing - 10/4/04)

    Leading by example, explains Guy Finley, is often accomplished by what we don't do, such as by not passing negativity on to others but instead bearing it within ourselves.

  • Heal Your Life With Higher Self-Correction (Writing - 12/20/04)

    Each glimpse we get of any character shortfall within us, explains Guy Finley, invites us to walk the one true path towards its perfection.

  • Ask the Masters (Writing - 2/19/05)

    Although we are earthly creatures living a physical existence, explains Guy Finley, we are also meant to develop into and dwell within a higher, spiritual world.

  • Start Being the Light of the World (Writing - 4/23/05)

    Each of us has a secret character hidden away in us, explains Guy Finley, that is created for just the alchemical purpose of transforming any dark influence into a beneficial…[more]

  • Self-Transformation (Writing - 6/1/05)

    Guy Finley discusses the path to true self-transformation, of growing beyond the nature in us that re-configures itself based on images from the past.

  • Awaken the Power of Your Supernatural Self (excerpt) (Audio 2:06 - 10/19/05)

    Guy Finley explains how to be elevated to a Higher life starting right now. Discover the extraordinary power hidden in our awareness and how it literally can transform our life.

  • Awaken to the Wonder of the Ever-Changing World Within You (Writing - 4/9/06)

    There is no moment, explains Guy Finley, in which the whole of the turning of the universe isn't producing a corresponding turning in the soul.

  • The Power to End Self-Defeating Patterns (Writing - 7/31/06)

    Guy Finley explains that before you can have a different life -- before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace, and in quiet command of yourself -- you must…[more]

  • The Agreement (Writing - 8/2/06)

    A special writing by Guy Finley which poignantly expresses the path we must take if we are to find God's Love. Originally presented at a classroom talk given on 8/2/06.

  • Invite the Light that Shatters Self-Limitation (Writing - 12/17/06)

    Guy Finley explains that life is always stirring and producing moments in which we are asked, in essence, to be more than we are.

  • Discover the Sound of Your True Self (Writing - 1/20/07)

    As we learn how to listen to the sounds of life within ourselves, explains Guy Finley, we open up to life's endless relationships.

  • Stand on the Ground of Your True Self (Writing - 4/15/07)

    When you don't -- when you consciously won't -- express some negative state, explains Guy Finley, you are literally asking for awareness of a Higher Self.

  • To Thine Own Self Be True (Audio 18:39 - 1/8/08)

    Popular today is the phrase "be true to yourself." But what in the world does that actually mean? In this podcast, Guy Finley explains the True meaning of this popular…[more]

  • Step Out of Yourself and Into the Whole of Life (Writing - 1/14/08)

    Real hope for the world, explains Guy Finley, begins with discovering what it takes to become a new human being.

  • Ask and Receive a Real Life (Audio 5:34 - 2/11/08)

    In this special podcast, Guy Finley explores the popular passage "Ask and you shall receive," and discusses what it means to really ask with a whole heart.

  • Stop Taking Fear as Your Guide (Writing - 4/6/08)

    Real fearlessness, explains Guy Finley, comes with knowing that we have everything we need to succeed in the same moment that it's needed.

  • Sow the Seeds of a Consistent Kindness (Writing - 5/19/08)

    To sow spiritual seeds, explains Guy Finley, means that we do spiritual work.

  • Chart a New Course Through Any Dark Moment (Writing - 11/10/08)

    Guy Finley explains that it's what we do inwardly -- with what takes place outwardly -- that alone has the power to transform our lives.

  • How You Can Be the Light of the World (Writing - 1/12/09)

    Each of us is created to be the Light of the world, explains Guy Finley.

  • Bright New Actions that Lead to the Fearless Life (Writing - 3/9/09)

    Deliberate release any thought or feeling, explains Guy Finley, that would have you believe that freedom is found through the approval of others.

  • New Rules to Rise Above Whatever is in Your Way (Writing - 4/6/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that seen or not, our attitude determines our altitude in life.

  • How to Want Whatever Happens to You (Writing - 4/20/09)

    You do not need to remain the victim of fear, explains Guy Finley.

  • Transformational Living (Writing - 7/1/09)

    Discover the authentic spiritual and esoteric secrets for truly transformational living.

  • The Secret Teaching of the Ages (Writing - 7/20/09)

    Guy Finley explains that a "prisoner" mentality is one that blames anything outside of you for the pain you have.

  • Let Life Sing You (Audio 4:44 - 10/6/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the fact that as human beings we are intended to live as instruments of God's life, as opposed to the present-day mindset in…[more]

  • Let Real Light Into Your Life (Audio 2:31 - 1/10/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how nothing but good can come to those who place the love of light before all else.

  • The Great and Secret Source of Self-Transformation (Audio 5:11 - 5/14/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our awareness of the true needs of other human beings heralds within us the birth of true compassion.

  • Find the Love That's Looking for You (Writing - 5/17/10)

    Love lends her force to the entire universe, explains Guy Finley -- so don't you think that if you were to ask rightly for a bit of it that She…[more]

  • Gratitude (Writing - 7/7/10)

    Discussion of gratitude and the secret to recognizing the Love behind everything that happens to us. Find out more about expressions of thankfulness including tithing, being grateful for the difficult…[more]

  • The Work that Makes Everyone a Winner (Writing - 9/17/10)

    It is not enough to just passively receive the lessons we are given. We must act upon their revelations and further clarify their import.

  • You Can Reach Whatever You Are Willing to Receive (Writing - 12/13/10)

    Learning to let go of our own constant mental chattering prepares us for the entrance of the Secret Self.

  • Resolutions (Writing - 1/12/11)

    Guy Finley discusses the resolutions necessary to make real and lasting changes in our lives. Learn what it means to use insights and higher knowledge to reach for a whole…[more]

  • 3 Words to Take You Beyond Any Limitation (Video 1:50 - 2/16/11)

    An excerpt from Guy's keynote presentation at the 2010 Healing with the Masters convention in Southern California.

  • The Hidden Power of the Heart (Writing - 3/21/11)

    Great prophets and sages alike have long taught that this heart hidden in the center of us -- our own physical heart -- is but a three-dimensional reflection of an…[more]

  • The Secret to Transcending Limitations (Writing - 6/27/11)

    As life pours itself out in the stream of passing time, and we run into challenges seemingly greater than our ability to answer -- each of these encounters "asks" this…[more]

  • The Secret Precursor to True Spiritual Power (Audio 2:58 - 10/10/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how resisting any weakness that we may see within ourselves is the same as rejecting the possible flowering of real spiritual strength.

  • We Are Not Alone (Writing - 10/24/11)

    Something in us knows that it is only through this relationship that we will be introduced to our own higher possibilities.

  • Higher Help for Persistent Problems (Writing - 2/6/12)

    The reason we haven't as yet realized real rescue -- and so usually wind up trapped in a tangle once more -- is because every time we ask ourselves how…[more]

  • Wake Up and Walk Into a Larger Life (Writing - 4/30/12)

    Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way.

  • Let in the Healing Light of Life's Lessons (Writing - 9/18/12)

    In the middle of any unwanted experience, waiting there all along for us to realize it, is the truth that liberates and lifts us above our former limited understanding responsible…[more]

  • Only a First Love Can Set You Free (Audio 2:11 - 2/4/13)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about what it takes to outgrow the part of ourselves that loves only itself.

  • Awaken Yourself to the Source of Real Strength (Audio 3:42 - 2/20/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains why it is necessary to encounter our own so-called "limitations" if we ever want to discover the real source of higher strength that…[more]

  • What is in Our Way is Part of the Way (Writing - 12/16/13)

    True freedom is not an achievement; it is our awakened relationship and participation with the genesis of real life.

  • How to See the End of All of Your Enemies (Audio 2:31 - 2/19/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that it is possible for us to find complete freedom from the mechanical, enemy-making nature that presently tricks us into believing that it…[more]

  • Step Up to a Higher Level of Life (Writing - 3/10/14)

    As long as we live within the darkened mansion of these lower-level thoughts and feelings, we must remain captives of their imperfect perspective.

  • Walk Safely Out of the Labyrinth Called Your "self" (Audio 12:02 - 8/4/14)

    Guy Finley explains that Truth is always gently inviting you to see that the moments you fear are part of a divine path that's intended to lead you to the…[more]

  • The Secret of Healing Your Past (Video 2:09 - 7/18/14)

    Guy Finley describes in this short video how our lives can change for the better, including all of our past, if we are willing, right now, to do the necessary…[more]

  • Walk Safely Out of the Labyrinth Called Your "self" (Video 11:40 - 8/25/14)

    Guy Finley explains that Truth is always gently inviting you to see that the moments you fear are part of a divine path that's intended to lead you to the…[more]

  • Spiritual Toughness Starts Here (Video 11:35 - 8/25/14)

    Guy Finley explains that there is a nature inside of us that wants nothing to do with spiritual work and inner transformation. We must consciously meet this part of ourselves…[more]

  • Remember Your True Identity and Realize Self-Liberation (Writing - 10/20/14)

    Nothing real stands between you and your wish to be free.

  • Live by the Rule of Divine Life (Writing - 12/29/14)

    When you know what it means to be in relationship with Goodness, you never feel bad.

  • Learn to Embrace Disgrace: The Path of Negation (Audio 1:45 - 3/20/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that the revelation of our true self is the natural outcome of a constant pruning away of the illusions we have about our…[more]

  • Learn to Embrace Disgrace: The Path of Negation (Video 1:24 - 3/31/15)

    In this short video, Guy Finley explains that the revelation of our true self is the natural outcome of a constant pruning away of the illusions we have about our…[more]

  • The Fruits of Sincere Spiritual Effort (Writing - 7/6/15)

    Freedom is either found within one's suffering or not at all.

  • Interview on Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul with Dr. David Kamnitzer (Audio 1:13:51 - 9/10/15)

    Join Guy and noted holistic doctor Dr. David Kamnitzer as they discuss Guy's early background as a spiritual aspirant, his ongoing journey along the path of the Divine, and his…[more]

  • Here Is How the Light of Truth Sets You Free (Video 46:59 - 12/6/15)

    Guy Finley explains how the winter solstice -- a time when we switch from increasing darkness to increasing light in the exterior world -- is representative of a moment-to-moment possibility…[more]

  • Doing Your Part in the Divine Plan (Writing - 8/1/16)

    Just as there must be a marriage between the aspiring soul and the timeless Spirit that gives it life, so must there be a union between spiritual sweat, sacrifice, and…[more]

  • The Victory of the Present Moment (Writing - 1/2/17)

    You cannot separate who you are from your experience of now.

  • Turn Limitation into Liberation (Video 6:10 - 3/17/17)

    Guy Finley explains that when we meet our limitations head on we enter into relationship with a transformative power that enables us to transcend anything that would limit us.

  • The Essential Element for the Ripening of the Soul (Video 5:27 - 5/22/17)

    Guy Finley explains what is needed to initiate a true change in our character so that we can begin to fulfill our higher purpose.

  • Let Love Lead You to a Fearless Life (Audio 2:40 - 5/23/17)

    Guy Finley addresses a student's feelings of inadequacy as she tries to express what she's learning. Guy tells her that if you wish to know God's love in this life,…[more]

  • How to Know What's Best Without Thinking About It (Writing - 5/28/17)

    The amazing possibilities that appear with each present moment are literally beyond thought.

  • Making the Crooked Places Straight (Audio 5:17 - 12/13/17)

    There exists in you a level of being that can know the spirit that is about to speak before it speaks it. This is the meaning of the scripture, "I…[more]

  • Realize a Purpose Beyond Suffering (Writing - 4/15/18)

    Even in the most devastating moments, taken rightly, is a secret invitation asking us to let go of and transcend the self we've been.

  • Seek the Permanence of Real Life (Writing - 5/28/18)

    Everything in this life is made to be impermanent, so that by the action of time, it can be changed into something new.