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“Guy Finley speaks to me like no other has. I hope to meet him in person some day.”

— Jerry D., Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much, Guy Finley, your book has inspired the transformation of my life. :)”

— Tien F., Cupertino, CA

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The Courage to Be Free is a gift from a master teacher, filled page after page with insights that will help calm your anxieties, allay your fears, and help you live a more present, precious life.”

— Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“This is one of those timeless books - it could be read today, or 100 years from now and the wisdom still rings true. I highly recommend this book for anybody on a spiritual journey who is reaching that pivotal point where it is time to make the decision whether he/she wants to experience the ultimate freedom that we all equally deserve.”

— Chris Cade, founder,

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  • 12 Steps to Help Find Your Way Back Home (Writing - 2/22/03)

    To break out of any prison you must first find a way that works. Here are a dozen new actions that have special powers to show you this needed Way.

  • Lift Yourself into a Brand New World (Writing - 10/20/03)

    In this key lesson Guy Finley explains that our own only weakness is in what we have not yet discovered about ourselves, and our one strength is the realization that,…[more]

  • Take This New Attitude Toward Whatever Makes You Ache (Writing - 11/23/03)

    Guy Finley sheds light on the understanding that the lies of negativity and darkness are only powered by our willingness to let them rule us.

  • The Power of Being Single-Minded (Writing - 2/2/04)

    Persistence and faith on our inner journeys, explains Guy Finley, will be rewarded with enough spiritual gold to last an eternity.

  • Eleven Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level (Writing - 3/1/04)

    The only thing that holds us down is what we don't yet know about ourselves. This insight explains why our ability to learn the truth about ourselves, to increase our…[more]

  • Inner Work Rewards the Inner You (Writing - 4/12/04)

    The path to the higher ground within you, explains Guy Finley, is found through your persistent willingness to see that the path you are currently on leads nowhere.

  • Let What You Like Lead You All the Way to Self-Liberation (Writing - 9/28/04)

    Each time we listen to -- and work with -- that part of us which knows what is right and true, explains Guy Finley, we strengthen our relationship with all…[more]

  • Unleash Yourself from Self-Limiting Influences (Writing - 1/31/05)

    Drop whatever would define and limit you, explains Guy Finley, by bringing yourself back into the great and unconditioned Now where all is one.

  • Persistence (Writing - 1/1/06)

    Learn why persistence is such a critical part of your spiritual work.

  • Rejection (Writing - 11/1/06)

    Guy Finley discusses failure, rejection, and the stress-filled darkness of feeling forsaken or unworthy. Learn what it means to have your own life and to move past the conviction that…[more]

  • Faith (Writing - 3/1/07)

    Guy Finley discusses fulfillment of our purpose for living through success of the soul, and the trials of life that test our faith. Learn more about the truth that "all…[more]

  • Lessons in Realizing Higher Love (Audio 6:43 - 12/28/07)

    To find an unknown God and an unknown Love is the duty of individuals who are weary of the old, known ways. In this podcast Guy Finley reveals the need…[more]

  • True Heights (Writing - 11/30/08)

    It may not always seem so, but everyone wages
    The best battle possible at the time.
    When challenges come, we stand as upright as stature allows,
    And life delivers the…[more]

  • End the Misery of Motivating Yourself (Audio 9:02 - 6/1/09)

    In this incredible podcast, Guy Finley reveals some startling, life-changing facts about motivation that, up until now, have been hidden in plain sight.

  • Spiritual Stages Along the Way (Audio 8:35 - 6/12/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the subtle difference between becoming the embodiment of a thought or feeling that passes through you, and being fully aware of its presence…[more]

  • Step Into the Shoes of a Spiritual Warrior (Audio 2:19 - 7/24/09)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explores how a true spiritual warrior is not someone who imagines future victories to come, but is the individual who is willing to step…[more]

  • Failure (Writing - 10/18/09)

    Guy Finley debunks the notion of failure for anyone willing to put their love of Truth first in their lives. Find out that self-discovery is self-success, and that for the…[more]

  • Let Life Give You What You Need (Writing - 11/23/09)

    We can gain new self-knowledge, explains Guy Finley, through the observation of the fact that everything is changing.

  • End the Dark Cycle of Discontentment - Part III (Video 4:47 - 5/18/05)

    Guy Finley speaks about understanding the nature of discontentment and how to rise above its limiting influence (continued).

  • Courage (Writing - 9/27/10)

    Guy Finley discusses our native right to live fearlessly, and the courage, resolution, and persistence required to prove our fears groundless. Learn more about rising above the limitations of your…[more]

  • Find Out What Your Life is For (Writing - 7/18/11)

    When you begin to be for God before you're for yourself, then God will begin to be there before you.

  • Break Through Inner Barriers (Writing - 5/7/12)

    The next time you want to go ahead with any project -- whether it's designing a rocket ship, or finally getting around to repairing your favorite rocking chair -- and…[more]

  • Working in the Garden of the Soul (Audio 6:21 - 10/29/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how something is always growing within us, but just like any garden that produces real physical food, what grows in our interior life…[more]

  • The Spiritual Compass That Guarantees Success (Audio 7:35 - 1/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how, if our wish is to find true contentment, we must begin to give more and more of our attention to our…[more]

  • Keeping Bright the Light of Life (Video 4:34 - 5/3/13)

    Guy Finley talks about how it is impossible for you to fail if you will persevere with your wish to be in relationship with what is truly light and bright.

  • There's Nothing You Can't Do (Video 4:31 - 5/10/13)

    Guy Finley explains that everything you need to succeed and to change the kind of human being you are is already provided for you.

  • The Power of Persistence (Writing - 6/10/13)

    There is tremendous power in having a single direction and persisting without wavering.

  • Only Whole Actions Can Actually Heal You and the World (Audio 5:35 - 7/23/13)

    In this revealing short talk, Guy Finley explains that the only way to realize our true possibilities is by going all the way to the very end of things, because…[more]

  • How to See the End of All of Your Enemies (Audio 2:31 - 2/19/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that it is possible for us to find complete freedom from the mechanical, enemy-making nature that presently tricks us into believing that it…[more]

  • Take the Spiritual Risk and Your Life Will Change (Video 5:10 - 3/4/14)

    Guy Finley talks about how we must risk persisting with what we know to be true even when the sun is not shining.

  • No Risk, No New Understanding (Audio 1:38 - 11/4/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we cannot really learn anything new about ourselves without first letting go of our present level of understanding and the sense…[more]

  • The Possibility of Perfect Freedom (Audio 4:50 - 3/17/15)

    Guy Finley explains that perfection is a relationship between a human being and the world in which they live. As we strive for perfection we will reach, and necessarily so,…[more]

  • Quitters Never Progress (Audio 10:19 - 3/23/15)

    Guy Finley explains that within us exists both an affirming force that drives our wish to connect with the world above us, as well as a denying force that wants…[more]

  • Be on the Winning Side of the Fight of Your Life (Audio 6:00 - 3/24/15)

    Guy Finley explains that when we wrestle with the world in an attempt to get the things we think will make us forever happy, we are fighting the wrong battle.…[more]

  • Uncover the Unstoppable Goodness in Your Soul (Audio 1:55 - 6/26/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how an authentic struggle is necessary in order to realize the flowering of the goodness that is seeded within us.

  • Agree to Enter into the Battle and You Will Find True Help (Video 3:23 - 8/11/15)

    Guy Finley talks about a higher guide that goes before us and has already seen to our spiritual victory, but only if we agree to enter into the true interior…[more]

  • Climb Up to True Independence (Writing - 8/31/15)

    It isn't in another's power to do for you what you must do for yourself.

  • Refuse to Cooperate with Self-Limiting Thoughts (Writing - 3/7/16)

    Any negative states that try to stop you from taking the next step of any chosen journey are just psychological special effects

  • The Path to Perfect Impersonal Love (Video 1:36 - 3/28/16)

    Guy Finley explains that it is possible to pour our heart and soul into something we love without getting personally and painfully attached to the outcome.

  • This Brand-New Action Leads to the Wonderful Way (Writing - 9/5/16)

    There will be many, many times in our journey beyond ourselves where to put the truth first means we must see and admit where we haven't been truthful with ourselves.

  • Free Yourself From This Unseen Force That's Dragging You Down (Audio 2:38 - 11/16/16)

    In this brief talk, Guy Finley explains that anything that tries to get us to identify with something outside of us is dragging us down, even though it may seem…[more]

  • Free Yourself From This Unseen Force That's Dragging You Down (Video 2:21 - 1/10/17)

    In this brief video clip, Guy Finley explains that anything that tries to get us to identify with something outside of us is dragging us down, even though it may…[more]

  • Crash Through These Self-Confining Thoughts (Writing - 3/20/17)

    Moving away from the mental how into the spiritual Now places you under the guiding influences of an intelligence that never fears the unknown, because higher understanding is its very…[more]

  • Wake Up and Walk Away from the Rain of Pain (Writing - 5/15/17)

    Without consciously realizing our own limitations, it's impossible for our understanding to grow.