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Notes from grateful readers.

“I have been using Guy's material for a while and it has been a lifesaving tool for me. My Ipod is filled with your audios and I listen to them every day to inspire and transform thoughts and feelings and fears that used to undermine me. It has seen me through the illnesses and death of loved ones and the challenges of owning a business in a changing economic world. Most of all it has helped me to find delight in life.”

— Tracey R., Melville, Australia

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As I continue to listen to your messages I can't put into words how thankful I am to God for connecting me to your school of wisdom and website.”

— Leta C.

See what the experts say about Guy Finley's work.

“It is impossible to convey the wisdom, depth and magnitude of Guy Finley's new project, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. Ultimately all healing, within us, between us and others and the planet, is about reconnection with the Divine. We are all on the same journey home to our true self. This masterful new work gives hope to a deeply divided planet.”

— Stephen Daniel, Ph.D., FPPR, Founder of

“Guy Finley's new book, Letting Go a Little Bit at a Time, is a brilliant masterpiece that feeds small amounts of wisdom one day at a time. By the end of the year, the reader will feel as free as a bird to soar to greater heights of blissfulness.”

— Michael Levy, host of Point of Life Radio

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  • The Life Beyond Becoming (Writing - 11/13/05)

    A special writing by Guy Finley revealing the path to true change. Originally presented at a classroom talk given on 11/13/05.

  • Let Love Stand By You in Your Hour of Need (Writing - 7/6/09)

    No human being needs control over life, explains Guy Finley, because in reality, no one is apart from it.

  • Learn to Be the Light of This World (Audio 21:13 - 4/6/10)

    In this extraordinary podcast, Guy Finley talks about how each and every small act of doing what we know is true, no matter what the cost, changes the entire world.

  • The Great and Secret Source of Self-Transformation (Audio 5:11 - 5/14/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our awareness of the true needs of other human beings heralds within us the birth of true compassion.

  • The Work that Makes Everyone a Winner (Writing - 9/17/10)

    It is not enough to just passively receive the lessons we are given. We must act upon their revelations and further clarify their import.

  • Sit Down to the Banquet of Truth (Audio 6:57 - 12/27/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about the importance of being present to what each moment reveals to us about ourselves.

  • Learn to Love This Labor Called Life (Audio 5:06 - 1/13/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how a truly fearless and happy human being is one who understands that our lives are not meant to be spent serving only…[more]

  • Receiving What's True Begins with Giving Yourself to Truth (Audio 5:09 - 3/19/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our experience of life is directly connected to our understanding of the immutable spiritual laws that govern all things.

  • Being Fearless and Free Begins Within (Writing - 5/27/13)

    When a man finds that within him which is real, which is constant, abiding, changeless, and eternal, he enters into that Reality, and becomes meek.

  • Find Safety and Security in Love's Unfailing Order (Audio 1:13 - 3/25/15)

    In this brief audio clip, bestselling author Guy Finley says that we experience unnecessary pain in this life because we value the wrong things.

  • Live From the Celestial Will That Won't Ever Let You Down (Video 1:47 - 5/13/15)

    Guy Finley talks briefly about a great paradox in our spiritual work... that our level of interior freedom is determined by how willing we are to be commanded.

  • Find Safety and Security in Love's Unfailing Order (Video 0:53 - 10/9/15)

    In this brief video clip, bestselling author Guy Finley says that we experience unnecessary pain in this life because we value the wrong things.

  • To Fulfill the True Purpose of Your Life Start Being the Instrument of True Life (Video 3:05 - 1/28/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that "practicing the presence of God" begins with understanding that we never have anything more important to do than to simply be where…[more]

  • Crash Through These Self-Confining Thoughts (Writing - 3/20/17)

    Moving away from the mental how into the spiritual Now places you under the guiding influences of an intelligence that never fears the unknown, because higher understanding is its very…[more]

  • How Love Chooses You (Writing - 8/14/17)

    The beauty of Love is that She is already within everything; which means that there is nothing that we are drawn to know by Love's invitation that won't grant us…[more]

  • This is the Death of Sensitivty (Audio 3:15 - 10/16/17)

    In this short talk, Life of Learning Foundation Director Guy Finley explains that we as human beings are meant to be very sensitive instruments, never not being touched by Divine…[more]

  • Serving the Greater Good (Writing - 4/2/18)

    The great circle of life is imbued with a unique kind of "gravity" where all that lives is drawn to join itself to a larger body of life.

  • Step Into the Undying Self (Writing - 4/9/18)

    For those who aspire to know the immortal Self, the dark night of the soul is a required time of "unknowing."

  • Rise Above Your Reactions to Unwanted Experiences (Writing - 6/25/18)

    As life pours itself out in the stream of passing time, and we run into challenges seemingly greater than our ability to answer -- each of these encounters "asks" this…[more]