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“Thank you from my each cell of body and heart. Your wisdom is healing our lives.”

— Lashpal B., Woodbridge, Virginia

“I just want to let you know that I think is truly awesome. I'm serious. I am surprised that I have learned so much in such a short span of time -- and I've been doing this for about 13 years.”

— Carl B., Silver Springs, MD

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“Guy Finley reminds us that turning within is essential for living a life of peace. The practical guidance in this book will bring you home to the heart of Love. ”

— Ana Holub, Forgiveness counselor and author of Forgive and Be Free

“In a world full of false promises of external solutions to what are essentially spiritual problems, The Secret of Your Immortal Self helps set the crooked path straight.”

— Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, Founders of

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  • Look in the Right Direction  (Writing - 2/22/03)

    The answers to all of life's questions can be found WITHIN you. Three ways to start asking the right questions.

  • Perfecting Relationship (Writing - 2/23/03)

    The Secret of Pefecting Relationships

  • Happiness (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Happiness is seeing all dark states as passing clouds, behind which sits The Sun!

  • True Silence (Writing - 3/23/03)

    Understanding true peace and security.

  • Realize the Wholeness of Your Secret Heart (Writing - 12/12/04)

    The moment we understand, explains Guy Finley, that peace, happiness, and fearlessness are not found through our endless desires, we discover we are actually on the road to finding their…[more]

  • Letting Love Master Your Heart (Writing - 7/31/05)

    That which makes it possible for love to be felt between the lover and the loved, explains Guy Finley, is Love itself.

  • The Secret of Effortless Happiness (Writing - 3/19/06)

    Guy Finley explores how it is that you can make yourself miserable but you can't make yourself happy.

  • Let Love Use You for Its Life (Audio 7:46 - 1/23/07)

    Find your True Purpose in life and how your connection to Real Love can be realized and lived in every moment.

  • The One and Only Solution for Ending Unhappiness (Audio 8:34 - 9/12/06)

    Hear this talk and learn the actual truth about what's really causing your unhappiness. If you've tried everything but nothing seems to work, this will. All you need to do…[more]

  • Find Happiness in a Higher Meaning of Life (Audio 9:32 - 12/26/07)

    Tired of going in painful circles in your life? In this talk Guy Finley reveals the secret of finally moving out of what may feel like a meaningless existence into…[more]

  • The Power to Dismiss Discontentment From Your Life (Writing - 10/29/06)

    The discontented nature, explains Guy Finley, always requires that something be wrong in order for it to set it right.

  • The Secret of Having Everything You Want (Writing - 11/13/06)

    It is not what life has brought to you that you don't like, explains Guy Finley. It is your reactions that turn the gift of life into the resentment of…[more]

  • The Happiness of Dropping Painful Demands (Writing - 12/24/06)

    The source of our suffering, explains Guy Finley, isn't that life fails to live up to our expectations, but that we live from a nature that meets life with countless…[more]

  • Find Lasting Self-Fulfillment (Writing - 3/16/07)

    The object of any desire, explains Guy Finley, is powerless to bring an end to the desire that created it.

  • The Secret Starting Place for All Happy Endings (Writing - 9/3/07)

    We don't ever have to worry about happy endings to any of our life stories, explains Guy Finley, if we're awake enough to refuse all unhappy beginnings.

  • Solving the Mystery of Letting Go (Writing - 11/7/07)

    Sometimes the greatest truths are laid right before our eyes, in the simplest of things, and yet we just can't see them. Take for instance our own hands: what a…[more]

  • The Greatest Reason on Earth to Rejoice in Heavenly Truth (Audio 4:22 - 1/12/08)

    We all naturally resonate with Truth and Beauty when it is being expressed. When we know we have heard something true, why does it stir us? In this podcast, Guy…[more]

  • Outgrow Being Unhappy Over Anything (Audio 10:09 - 2/17/08)

    Real spiritual growth does not happen automatically with the mere passage of time. A change in our outer activities does not lead to true change. In this podcast, Guy Finley…[more]

  • Stop Sorting Your Experience and Stop Suffering (Audio 5:13 - 4/19/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains how we can reclaim our enthusiasm for life, no matter what our circumstances, when we stop resisting what we experience.

  • Step Out of the Dark Cycle of Discontent (Writing - 11/2/08)

    Our real "problem" with others, explains Guy Finley, isn't that they won't or can't give to us what we want from them.

  • Find Higher Happiness Beyond Sickness or Health (Audio 6:38 - 11/13/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains why we need not resist, reject, nor fear what the light shows us about ourselves.

  • Making a Living (Writing - 1/1/09)

    Guy Finley discusses the secrets of success and the truth that there is nothing to fear -- not even job loss or financial failure. Stop being punished by comparison and…[more]

  • Prescription for a Free and Happy Life (Writing - 5/4/09)

    Guy Finley explains that the day of our awakening is the same as the delightful date of our departure from a bankrupt world filled with beggars dressed as kings and…[more]

  • Make Room for Real Love in Your Life (Audio 9:13 - 6/5/09)

    In this podcast by Guy Finley, discover what it really means to love every moment of your life, no matter what it is that you need to do.

  • Insights Into a Whole New Kind of Success (Audio 3:07 - 6/17/09)

    All things good come to those for whom the good is all things. In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how failure is impossible for the human being whose primary…[more]

  • The Secret of Doing What You Don't Want to Do (Audio 4:29 - 6/24/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how you can start enjoying every moment your life, no matter what it is that you have to do.

  • Learn Where to Look for the Extraordinary Life (Writing - 8/3/09)

    I can think of no greater encouragement in this life than the self-evident truth that within each of us dwells something Extraordinary. By "Extraordinary" I don't mean any one condition…[more]

  • The Gift of Meditation (Audio 6:07 - 2/27/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explores the true meaning and purpose of meditation, and explains why it is the most natural and practical thing you can do for yourself.

  • Be One With the One Who Writes All the Music (Audio 7:16 - 2/21/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we can learn to be conscious participants in this grand symphony called the present moment.

  • End the Dark Cycle of Discontentment - Part II (Video 8:23 - 5/19/05)

    Guy Finley speaks about understanding the nature of discontentment and how to rise above its limiting influence (continued).

  • How to Win Your Own Life (Writing - 1/24/11)

    No human being has any authority over you. Your life belongs to you and to you alone.

  • The First Step to Outgrowing Your Suffering (Audio 26:57 - 3/24/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how dissatisfaction with our lives is not something to be ignored, but rather something that can be transformed through diligent self-study.

  • The Sure Cure for Unhappiness (Audio 5:19 - 5/23/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how our level of happiness is ultimately determined by our level of self-understanding.

  • We Reap What We Sow (Writing - 3/28/11)

    If we wish a life that is whole and loving, one that is filled with new light, then we must sow the eternal seeds of Truth within ourselves.

  • Find a New Order of Freedom (Writing - 8/15/11)

    We can either spend our lives fearful of any unwanted event that comes along to challenge our sense of self, or we can use that same situation to help set…[more]

  • Why Desires Never Satisfy (Writing - 12/5/11)

    If we're interested in spiritual things, we gradually realize that what we really need is to understand this nature that is never satisfied.

  • Take the First Step to Wholeness (Writing - 2/21/12)

    We go through our lives in a continual dance of being filled with something that needs an answer, and then going out and finding that answer... only to find out…[more]

  • Discover the Self of Many Colors (Audio 4:17 - 4/11/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we are intended to discover that who we really are, our true self, is a multi-colored palette of extraordinary possibilities.

  • Never Feel Sorry for Yourself (Writing - 8/10/12)

    One thing that makes it so difficult to drop feeling sorry for ourselves is how real it feels when we are full of self-regret. But any perception of reality that…[more]

  • The Seed is the Deed (Audio 5:37 - 8/31/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how our experience of life -- the way we feel in any given moment -- is the direct result of what we give…[more]

  • The Spiritual Compass That Guarantees Success (Audio 7:35 - 1/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how, if our wish is to find true contentment, we must begin to give more and more of our attention to our…[more]

  • Your Triumph Over Discontentment (Writing - 1/28/13)

    No self-described condition of what you have or don't have is at the root of your aching.

  • The One Great Secret for Successful Living (Writing - 6/3/13)

    Everyone wonders whether or not there is one great secret for truly successful living. There is. And it is not a secret....

  • How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life (Audio 3:43 - 2/10/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how the universe wants us to succeed as human beings. Although it may seem otherwise at times, when we finally understand the…[more]

  • How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life (Video 3:21 - 2/13/14)

    In this video clip, Guy Finley talks about how the universe wants us to succeed as human beings. Although it may seem otherwise at times, when we finally understand the…[more]

  • See the Whole of Yourself and Become a True Master (Video 3:09 - 3/24/14)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley explains that truly happy human beings do not concentrate solely on the development of one part of themselves, but instead work to understand the…[more]

  • Quitters Never Progress (Audio 10:19 - 3/23/15)

    Guy Finley explains that within us exists both an affirming force that drives our wish to connect with the world above us, as well as a denying force that wants…[more]

  • Quitters Never Progress (Video 9:58 - 4/6/15)

    Guy Finley explains that within us exists both an affirming force that drives our wish to connect with the world above us, as well as a denying force that wants…[more]

  • Be on the Winning Side of the Fight of Your Life (Video 5:39 - 4/28/15)

    Guy Finley explains that when we struggle in the world to try to get the things we think will make us happy, we are fighting the wrong battle. When we…[more]

  • To Heal the Hidden Heart of You (Writing - 11/7/16)

    The more we believe, as we are inclined to do, that there exists something outside of us with the power to make us happy and whole, the more attached we…[more]

  • The Truth That Sets You Free Begins With You Being Able to See It (Excerpt) (Video 9:02 - 12/19/16)

    In this excerpt from a talk given on Sunday December 11th 2016, "Secret of Letting Go" author Guy Finley talks about the three wishes of every spiritual aspirant and what's…[more]

  • It's Not Your Job to Complete Yourself (Video 4:44 - 3/29/18)

    Guy Finley explains our role in finding real fulfillment and purpose.

  • The Awakening of the Heart (Video 3:37 - 4/5/18)

    In this excerpt from an online Q&A with Guy, he explains to an attendee that as negativity subsides, the heart's natural capacity to feel returns.

  • Free Yourself From Unnecessary Sorrow (Writing - 10/14/18)

    Here are just ten small places in our lives where we are trying to do the impossible -- struggling to do what cannot (and need not) be done -- and…[more]