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“Your audio came to me by a mysterious coincidence. I had a public speaking commitment coming up, and I was terrified of it, but I knew that I had to do it. Somehow there was a Divine intervention that dropped this audio into my lap about two weeks ago. Your presentation is magnificent, and I am so grateful. It has opened up a whole new area of my life. I am 80. Thank you, and God bless you.”

— Howard M., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Thanks for That is my lifeline. Amazing how our minds work. Guy's talks keep me on the path.”

— Andrew S.

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“Guy speaks to you in this book [The Essential Laws of Fearless Living] - listen, and you can live a limitless life. Pass this information on to your children, and you will inspire them to live the life of their dreams too.”

— Pat Wyman, best-selling author of Learning vs. Testing

“Finley has a way of getting at the heart of a matter with stories, metaphors and insight that is transformative. In my experience, nobody does a better job revealing what is really going on in the human mind...”

— Tom Miller, Personal Development Tips Blog

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  • Jump In (Writing - 10/6/02)

    Life will fill whatever you empty. Be hollow. Let the winds of change play you instead of punish you.

  • The Right Request for Spiritual Rebirth (Writing - 11/10/02)

    Let Go of Self and Experience Spiritual Rebirth

  • Where the Heart Belongs (Writing - 12/1/02)

    Leave Your Heart in God's Good Keeping

  • Twelve Secrets to Living Stress Free (Writing - 2/22/03)

    Real secrets for stress-free living. The answers really do exist!

  • Neither Am I (Writing - 5/19/02)

    Be Receptive to God's Hand at Work in You

  • Useless Thinking (Writing - 2/22/03)

    Whatever dominates us in the moment is what is first in our lives and is useless thinking.

  • Painful Past (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Learn to let go of any painful past condition!

  • Resentment (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Letting go of painful resentments.

  • Transformation (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Real transformation is a task that takes intentional sustained inner work.

  • Letting Go (Writing - 2/23/03)

    The real miracle of letting go.

  • Meditation & Prayer (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Meditation & Prayer can show you how to let go and know that Life is complete and so are you!

  • Grief (Writing - 2/23/03)

    The secret for dismantling the grief felt from the death of a loved. The same can be applied to the pain felt whenever a part of ourselves experiences a "death"…[more]

  • Contact With the Secret Self (Writing - 12/20/02)

    Contact With The Secret Self

  • Let Go and Know Peace (Writing - 2/7/03)

    Discover an altogether new kind of peace in your life as you learn to let go.

  • Discover Your Power of Higher Choice (Transcript) (Writing - 4/16/03)

    Discover the hidden Truth about negative states such as fear, worry, anger, and depression. Guy Finley reveals that the reason these states hold us captive is because of our willing…[more]

  • Let Higher Facts Free You from a Painful Past (Writing - 8/24/03)

    Guy Finley explains how to make a fresh start by learning our lessons and dropping regrets instead of carrying painful past experiences forward into our lives.

  • Release Yourself From Yourself (Writing - 10/12/03)

    In this key lesson Guy Finley explains how the now is meant to always be new.

  • Flow On My Soul (Writing - 11/25/03)

    A special writing by Guy Finley showing that the secret of letting go hinges on the realization that the means in our lives are not really different from the ends.

  • Let Go and Let Higher Life Forces Succeed for You (Writing - 3/14/04)

    Inside each of us, explains Guy Finley, resides a seed to be nurtured by something higher.

  • Follow These Twelve Secrets All the Way Home (Writing - 7/6/04)

    The key to rising above our present limitations, explains Guy Finley, is to look beyond our old answers for new and higher understanding.

  • Death of a Loved One (Writing - 8/1/04)

    How to deal with the death of a loved one.

  • Cancel Self-Wrecking Resentments (Writing - 8/17/04)

    Unconscious conflicts, in dialogue form, play themselves out in our mind by painfully reenacting various scenes from our past; moments gone by in which we either know, or sense, we…[more]

  • Sow the Seeds of a Higher and Happier Life (Writing - 10/10/04)

    If we are ever to realize, explains Guy Finley, the integrity and consistent kindness of our True Nature, if we long to know something of heaven while we live on…[more]

  • Witness (Writing - 11/22/04)

    This specially crafted poem by Guy Finley complemented his classroom talk on November 7th, 2004.

  • Find Lasting Self-Renewal in Self-Release (Writing - 1/9/05)

    The reason why Truth sets you free, explains Guy Finley, is because it alone reveals that what you are held captive by has no reality outside of your wish to…[more]

  • To Come and Go (Writing - 1/12/05)

    This beautiful 8 line verse by Guy Finley reveals the essence of the real Spiritual Path.

  • Unleash Yourself from Self-Limiting Influences (Writing - 1/31/05)

    Drop whatever would define and limit you, explains Guy Finley, by bringing yourself back into the great and unconditioned Now where all is one.

  • Practicing the Presence of Peacefulness (Writing - 4/4/05)

    Negative states born of nothing other than conflict-filled, comparative thinking, explains Guy Finley, steal into us to squander our peace one hundred times a day.

  • Letting Go into the Flow of Real Life (Writing - 5/29/05)

    This Now, the real Now, explains Guy Finley, is a perfect integration -- a dynamic mutual convergence of all the creative forces, which is always stirring.

  • The First Step in True Self-Transformation (Writing - 6/5/05)

    The difference between living Now and living "then," explains Guy Finley, is the difference between living in a thought nature vs. living in our True Nature.

  • An Inner Exercise to Change Your Life (Writing - 6/19/05)

    All interior practices, explains Guy Finley, begin with the wish to meet our lives from a new understanding of ourselves granted us through new knowledge about ourselves.

  • Step Into Your Personal Spiritual Workstation (Writing - 7/15/05)

    Each time, explains Guy Finley, that we actually come to the end of what we know to do and stay there without punishing ourselves or hating life for finding ourselves…[more]

  • Let Go and Grow Beyond the Limitation of Illusions (Writing - 8/22/05)

    It is an illusion to believe, explains Guy Finley, that the world our senses reveal is the whole of reality.

  • Giving Yourself Up Is Lifting Yourself Up (Writing - 9/10/05)

    Understanding that we are not our thoughts and feelings, explains Guy Finley, is the first step towards stopping them from ruling our lives.

  • Let Go and Live the Extraordinary Life (Writing - 10/24/05)

    When it comes to letting go and living in the Now, explains Guy Finley, no sincere effort goes unrewarded.

  • Wake Up and Break Up the Stress Cycle (Writing - 10/29/05)

    We must learn what it means to reach for a whole new place within ourselves, explains Guy Finley, from where it's possible to see that our present thoughts and feelings…[more]

  • How to Release Yourself from Yourself (Writing - 12/5/05)

    Letting go is about learning to die to ourselves psychologically, explains Guy Finley, so that something higher, something "undiminishable" can stand in for us.

  • Walk Lightly Through Life (Writing - 12/11/05)

    It is not our life that must change, explains Guy Finley, but our view of our life.

  • Three New Choices That Dismiss Dark Conditions (Writing - 1/7/06)

    Guy Finley sheds light on the fact that negative reactions to unwanted events do nothing to cure them.

  • A Great Lesson in Letting Go (Writing - 1/28/06)

    We must no longer lend ourselves, explains Guy Finley, to the will of any dark state looking to use us as its vehicle.

  • Discovering the Depths of Your True Self (Writing - 5/21/06)

    The following short set of questions and answers is taken from the "Ask the Masters" sections that follow the end of each chapter in Guy Finley's newest book, *Let Go…[more]

  • Realize the Bright, Noble, and Ever-Ascending Life (Writing - 5/29/06)

    When we attempt to do what is not within our power, explains Guy Finley, we only succeed in making ourselves miserable.

  • Keys to Consciously Changing Yourself (Audio 9:39 - 7/7/06)

    Guy explains that one of the primary reasons why we don't change is because there's no space in our life. He shows how real change requires we agree to the…[more]

  • Start Living Without the "Shakes"! (Writing - 6/18/06)

    Anything that you have to control, explains Guy Finley, controls you.

  • An Advanced Lesson in Letting Go (Writing - 8/12/06)

    The real act of letting go, explains Guy Finley, is first an interior action, followed, if needful, by a wiser exterior action.

  • Let Go of the Little Things in Life (Writing - 10/9/06)

    Learning to let go and to live in the Now, explains Guy Finley, is the same as catching ourselves holding onto what limits us and then deliberately dropping these self-imposed…[more]

  • You Can Conquer Any Condition (Writing - 10/16/06)

    The only power negativity has over us, explains Guy Finley, is the power we give it.

  • Invite the Light that Shatters Self-Limitation (Writing - 12/17/06)

    Guy Finley explains that life is always stirring and producing moments in which we are asked, in essence, to be more than we are.

  • Let Go and Realize Real Rescue (Writing - 1/28/07)

    Guy Finley shows us that any desperate attempt to escape a trouble usually leads us right back into more trouble.

  • Unleash the Power of Present Living (Writing - 4/9/07)

    Any lingering sadness, explains Guy Finley, is an unnatural life-form kept breathing by the false self's reluctance to let it go.

  • Release This Unseen Limitation on Your Life (Writing - 8/6/07)

    Guy Finley explains that we are not meant to be the slave of any negative thought or feeling

  • Your True Nature is High (Expanded) (Writing - 9/22/07)

    There is nothing wrong with being a successful human being. In fact, the purpose of your life is to win. But what if, in your quest for this victory, you…[more]

  • Use This Light to Help You Make a New Beginning in Life (Writing - 10/8/07)

    Starting life over again is the key to a new you, explains Guy Finley.

  • Let Go and Grow Beyond Negative States (Writing - 10/15/07)

    Drop whatever would define and limit you, explains Guy Finley, by bringing yourself back into the great and unconditioned Now where all is one.

  • Five Great Illusions Keeping You from Letting Go (Writing - 10/27/07)

    Guy Finley urges us to see through false illusions that keep us from letting go.

  • Letting Go Into the Power Flow (Writing - 11/5/07)

    In the early 1900s, before the age of superhighways, supermarkets, and the giant food manufacturers, things were very different, better in many ways. Small family farmers used to truck or…[more]

  • Solving the Mystery of Letting Go (Writing - 11/7/07)

    Sometimes the greatest truths are laid right before our eyes, in the simplest of things, and yet we just can't see them. Take for instance our own hands: what a…[more]

  • You're Not Supposed to Know What You've Been Given (Audio 7:37 - 2/18/08)

    In this extraordinary podcast, Guy Finley reveals a fact that will forever change your relationship with Life.

  • Infidelity / Betrayal (Writing - 3/1/08)

    Guy Finley shows how to move beyond the harmful effects of betrayal, affairs, and infidelity by turning the hurting into healing and learning.

  • Seven Laws of Fearless Living (Writing - 5/26/08)

    When you know what you're looking for is what you already are, explains Guy Finley, then you stand on the threshold of Fearless Living.

  • Let Go and Give Others Room to Grow (Writing - 10/13/08)

    We can help others reach higher by simply agreeing, explains Guy Finley, to give them space to go through their changes.

  • Choose to Let Go (Writing - 11/17/08)

    Once we understand that letting go is the missing half of the whole happiness our heart longs for, explains Guy Finley, everything in our life grows easier.

  • Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders (Writing - 11/29/08)

    Why try and change your outer world, asks Guy Finley, when it is only a reflection of your inner life?

  • Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time (Audio 6:32 - 1/20/09)

    In this extraordinary podcast, Guy Finley reveals the higher understanding that is necessary to Let Go and find the Truly Fearless and Free Life!

  • Let Go and Grow Happy! (Writing - 1/28/09)

    Guy Finley explains how and why to let go of any negativity.

  • Learn to Be the Instrument of Life (Audio 4:08 - 6/22/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the immense difference between a life spent accumulating possessions, and a life in which an individual allows something higher to take possession of…[more]

  • Awaken the New Perception that is Pressure-Free (Writing - 6/22/09)

    It is our own narrow mind, with its narrow view of life, explains Guy Finley, that pressurizes our events and their moments.

  • Let Life Sing You (Audio 4:44 - 10/6/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the fact that as human beings we are intended to live as instruments of God's life, as opposed to the present-day mindset in…[more]

  • First Step to Ascension (Audio 3:50 - 11/24/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how a new, whole relationship with life is possible for the human being who is willing to let go of the endless struggle…[more]

  • Letting Go of Unseen Self-Limitation (Writing - 12/14/09)

    We all know what it is like to be held captive of the little things in life -- those petty concerns and small desires that steal their way into how…[more]

  • Outgrowing Relationships (Writing - 4/1/10)

    Outgrowing Relationships - Learn why walking the authentic spiritual path necessarily causes some relationships to fall away.

  • The Courage to Let Go of the Past (Writing - 9/10/10)

    When we are hurt badly, the higher lesson hidden in this trial is to recognize the time has come to let go of who and what we have been up…[more]

  • The Secret of Letting Go (Video 1:46 - 6/1/09)

    Guy Finley explains the secret of letting go and how it's only through letting go that we are given something better than what life has asked us to give up.

  • You Can Reach Whatever You Are Willing to Receive (Writing - 12/13/10)

    Learning to let go of our own constant mental chattering prepares us for the entrance of the Secret Self.

  • Let Go and Receive Real Life (Audio 7:02 - 12/27/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how real relationship with the present moment requires both receptivity and letting go.

  • See Through This Secret Form of Limitation (Audio 3:47 - 4/18/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we can begin to transcend any limitation that we meet along the path to discovering the truth about ourselves.

  • Letting Go of the Little Things in Life (Writing - 4/4/11)

    We are at our core a creature of the stars: beings whose original and celestial stuff is not only born of light, but also intended to live unbound.

  • The Secret of Letting Go of Dead-End Relationships (Writing - 4/11/11)

    The truth is that letting go is very simple and, above all, natural; as natural for you and I as it is for a tree to shed the heavy, sun-ripened…[more]

  • Procrastination (Writing - 4/30/11)

    Guy Finley discusses procrastination and the false sense of self-mastery and justification we receive by putting off until tomorrow what needs to be attended to now. Learn how to stop…[more]

  • Empower Yourself to Make New and Higher Choices (Writing - 6/13/11)

    Seen or not, our attitude determines our altitude in life.

  • The First Step in Releasing Negativity (Writing - 8/22/11)

    The true nature of anything -- whether a newly opened leaf or a fearful thought or feeling -- is inseparable from what it serves.

  • Let Go and Learn the Truth of Yourself (Audio 5:53 - 8/27/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about why human beings are so addicted to stress and tension, and why it is so important for us to understand that something…[more]

  • Your Secret Power of Self-Disconnect (Writing - 12/26/11)

    Deliberately disconnecting yourself from whatever you think has you blocked leads to true self-liberation because you have never been trapped by anything outside of your own lack of understanding.

  • Start Taking Conscious Risks (Writing - 3/19/12)

    Once we realize that our present view of self, a view that defines our reality, is a construct of a certain level of our own consciousness, we also realize the…[more]

  • Never Feel Sorry for Yourself (Writing - 8/10/12)

    One thing that makes it so difficult to drop feeling sorry for ourselves is how real it feels when we are full of self-regret. But any perception of reality that…[more]

  • Make Room for a New Order of Joy and Trust (Writing - 10/8/12)

    Fall is nature's preparation for regeneration, and we too should use this time to release anything left hanging over.

  • Let Go and Rise Above What Holds You Down (Writing - 11/26/12)

    Letting go follows the realization that holding on is of no further use.

  • Learn to Be New and Live in the Now (Writing - 12/24/12)

    Our awareness of the troubled thoughts and feelings roaming through us is the power that keeps their harmful and self-limiting influences from having control over us.

  • Find the True Place of Peace (Writing - 1/21/13)

    Higher self-knowledge empowers you to realize the better, brighter life you've always wanted!

  • No One Hurts You in the Now But You (Audio 2:12 - 4/29/13)

    Guy Finley talks about how Truth will never stop trying to help us see and drop the psychological "baggage" that we unconsciously carry around with us.

  • Find Divine Direction in Disappointment (Audio 3:25 - 5/27/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we must first become consciously dissatisfied with our discontentment if we want to begin the process of letting go of it.

  • The Flight of Freedom (Audio 2:08 - 8/26/13)

    Guy Finley explains in this short talk how all of us must eventually leave behind the consolation of familiar spiritual ideas and begin to act on what we know is…[more]

  • The Flight of Freedom (Video 1:46 - 10/1/13)

    Guy Finley explains in this short video how all of us must eventually leave behind the consolation of familiar spiritual ideas and begin to act on what we know is…[more]

  • Let This Realization Change Your Reality (Writing - 10/7/13)

    When all is said and done, what is it that we suffer over other than finding out that something we thought belonged to us... doesn't!

  • How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life (Audio 3:43 - 2/10/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how the universe wants us to succeed as human beings. Although it may seem otherwise at times, when we finally understand the…[more]

  • How to Drop the Pain Before You Get Burned (Video 4:49 - 3/28/14)

    In this short video, Guy Finley talks about the necessity of remaining as conscious as possible to any kind of inner psychological pain in the moment that it appears. Guy…[more]

  • Learn to Let Life Shape You (Writing - 8/18/14)

    Learn what it means to let life shape you -- let God shape your life, your soul -- until you're in direct relationship with life.

  • Let Go and Be at Peace (Writing - 10/6/14)

    Fall is the season for gently stepping back from whatever it is that we endeavor to be in life.

  • Choose the Life that Never Fades (Writing - 11/20/14)

    Letting go is an effortless state of our own consciousness.

  • How to Find True Balance in Life (Video 4:18 - 3/19/15)

    Guy Finley explains that the grand movement of life itself is a ceaseless rebalancing. But because the native state of every living organism is inertia, when life produces the conditions…[more]

  • The Immeasurable Action of True Spiritual Sacrifice (Audio 2:37 - 5/13/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about what it means to let go of something without needing to know beforehand the outcome of that sacrifice.

  • The Immeasurable Action of True Spiritual Sacrifice (Video 2:16 - 7/27/15)

    Guy Finley talks about how there are times in our spiritual journey whereby we reach points in which we know we must give something up without knowing what will be…[more]

  • Go Ahead and Let Go of Yourself (Writing - 9/14/15)

    Part of the truth's rescuing action is to reveal to us that we are not apart from what we see.

  • Are You Living in the World Called "Waking Sleep"? (Audio 6:25 - 9/27/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that when we begin to observe that most of our time is spent in a sort of twilight state of sleep, we will…[more]

  • Let Go of the Judge in You (Writing - 10/26/15)

    We are spiritually free when we no longer want anything to do with sitting in judgment of others, regardless of their perceived transgression.

  • Are You Living in the World Called "Waking Sleep"? (Video 6:03 - 11/17/15)

    In this short video clip, Guy Finley explains that when we begin to observe that most of our time is spent in a sort of twilight state of sleep, we…[more]

  • The Spiritual Secret of Starting Over (Excerpt) (Video 6:28 - 2/23/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar that Guy Finley presented on Sunday 2/12/17, he explains what is necessary for us to go through if we truly wish to live…[more]

  • Drop the Unseen Dependency that's Dragging You Down in Life (Video 12:30 - 6/30/17)

    Guy Finley explains why fear is a form of spiritual sickness, and what one must do to return to spiritual health.

  • Turn Any Unwanted Event into Unimagined Victory (Writing - 8/21/17)

    Whenever we "collide" with life, parts of us we've never seen before are illuminated. It is the light of new and higher self-awareness that is our real friend in such…[more]

  • The Power to Dissolve Any Anxious State (Writing - 9/25/17)

    You are able to get past any fear when you understand that the only thing keeping you involved with the state is you.

  • A Rolling Thought Gathers Mass (Audio 4:24 - 12/13/17)

    Try to catch the part of yourself that can't wait to pick up negativity and then learn how to set it down before you get caught up in its momentum.…[more]

  • Let Humility and Gratitude Lift You (Audio 2:44 - 12/13/17)

    Life, in its expressed perfection, provides endless possibilities for an individual to understand humility. As you catch the part of you that wants to be or express what you know…[more]

  • Surrender and the Path to Self Perfection (Writing - 2/5/18)

    Surrender of self is not the beginning of something "better" to come; it does not set the stage for the gain of anything, but spells the end of that nature…[more]

  • Stop Igniting Pain from the Past (Writing - 2/26/18)

    Any sorrow, resentment, or anxiety brought over and into the living now can only be an echo of some event now past.

  • It's Not Your Job to Complete Yourself (Video 4:44 - 3/29/18)

    Guy Finley explains our role in finding real fulfillment and purpose.

  • A Special Exercise for Those Who Wish for Inner Freedom (Audio 4:07 - 3/31/18)

    Guy explains that in order to come into a real life, you need to work to stop passively giving into fear and start taking action that allows you to see…[more]

  • Realize a Purpose Beyond Suffering (Writing - 4/15/18)

    Even in the most devastating moments, taken rightly, is a secret invitation asking us to let go of and transcend the self we've been.

  • Let Go and Enter the Flow of Ceaseless Change (Writing - 6/10/18)

    Life will always give you something greater than what it's asked you for, providing you're willing to let go of that part of yourself that, for fear of the new,…[more]

  • Go Ahead and Let Go of Yourself (Writing - 8/20/18)

    Any human being who has to hold himself together is someone who is ready to fall apart.

  • Choose to Participate in Life As It Is (Writing - 9/12/18)

    Getting stressed and struggling to change the outcome of any past event is like arguing with an echo to make it see your point of view.