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“Thank you for your work, Guy. I have searched my whole life for spiritual insights... and finally someone who can make sense to me!”

— Lloyd Cooper, Fort Wayne, IN

“Mr. Finley has been a beloved, deeply valued and respected Teacher to me for more than a decade. His speaking is always fresh, new and alive.”

— Barbara D.

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“I had the pleasure of being able to meet Guy Finley at a recent conference in Irvine, CA. His speech entitled, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless Again, was fantastic. I have been to literally 100's of seminars, workshops and retreats over the last 35 years and this hour long speech was among the best that I have heard.”

— Greg Voisen, Founder,

“Guy Finley has written another soulful, life-changing book. The Secret of Your Immortal Self will empower you to let go of the past, realize your incredible power within, and help you to connect more deeply with your higher self and true purpose.”

— Kristi Ling, Happiness Strategist, Life and Business Coach, and author of Empower Your Day

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  • Anger Management (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Learn anger management, how to never again be tricked into feeling bad about anything!

  • Forgiveness (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Finding forgiveness in being forgiven.

  • Helping Ourselves and Others Break the Circle of Suffering (Writing - 6/2/03)

    Guy Finley shows the one way for breaking the cycle of conflict, hatred, and pain that arise in human relationships.

  • New Answers that Bring a New Life (Writing - 6/29/03)

    Guy Finley shows how our experience of life is a direct result of who and what we are, and how we can begin today to bring about a new experience…[more]

  • Self-Pity (Writing - 8/4/03)

    Guy Finley shows how we can muster the courage to stop giving ourselves over to self-pity and identification with dark states. He explains that instead of following and falling into…[more]

  • Self-Justification (Writing - 3/1/04)

    Guy Finley discusses how to get past justifying weakness and negative states through awareness of our pained condition and surrendering ourselves to a higher strength.

  • Two Ways to Raise Your Level of Spiritual Freedom (Writing - 3/13/05)

    We are spiritually free, explains Guy Finley, when not one part of us harbors any hatred or resentment for any other human being.

  • Fulfill the Higher Plan for Healing Whatever Pains You (Writing - 11/20/05)

    Guy Finley explains that any part of us trying to drag us into a heated stew over "who" or "what" should be blamed for our pain is secretly working to…[more]

  • Step Up and Away from Punishing Feelings (Writing - 12/11/06)

    We punish ourselves with unhappy feelings, explains Guy Finley, because we've been tricked into thinking self-hurt is self-help.

  • Go from Storms to Sunny Skies (Writing - 3/5/07)

    Fighting the storm by resisting its winds and rain, explains Guy Finley, will do no good.

  • Stand on the Ground of Your True Self (Writing - 4/15/07)

    When you don't -- when you consciously won't -- express some negative state, explains Guy Finley, you are literally asking for awareness of a Higher Self.

  • Enlightening is Better than Igniting Yourself! (Writing - 12/10/07)

    Guy Finley explains how rising above the blame game is the same as learning how to be in total command of yourself.

  • Get to the Bottom of What's Betraying You (Writing - 1/28/08)

    We value negative states, explains Guy Finley, because of the strong sense of self we get from them.

  • Don't Let Broken Expectations Bring You Down! (Audio 12:02 - 11/25/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains how expectations, while being necessary for daily living, can also become the source of conflict within us when we identify with the outcome of…[more]

  • Blame Schmame (Audio 6:29 - 4/25/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how any kind of blame is actually an avoidance of seeing yourself as you actually are in the present moment.

  • Turn Your Fuming into Freedom (Writing - 5/11/09)

    Guy Finley explains how whatever weight we seek to place on the backs of others simply falls back on our own.

  • Awaken the New Perception that is Pressure-Free (Writing - 6/22/09)

    It is our own narrow mind, with its narrow view of life, explains Guy Finley, that pressurizes our events and their moments.

  • Start Choosing What You Really Want (Writing - 7/13/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that you do not have to accept any condition that compromises your happiness.

  • Physician, Heal Thyself (Audio 15:45 - 8/11/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about a new kind of awareness that allows for the possibility of a genuine healing and reconciliation to take place in our lives.

  • The Secret of Gentle Intolerance (Audio 5:17 - 12/9/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley describes a new kind of interior, conscious resolve in which a person ceases to tolerate the deceptive demands of negative states.

  • Break the Chains of Bitterness (Audio 5:02 - 12/28/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the kind of direct self-observation that is essential for the individual who wants freedom from the present level of mind that unconsciously compromises…[more]

  • Stop Being Tricked into Serving Dark States (Writing - 12/7/09)

    Darkness, in whatever form we experience it, explains Guy Finley, only exists in the absence of light.

  • Regain Your Right to Be Self-Ruling (Writing - 4/29/10)

    Guy Finley explains that events do not exist as negative events except for our perception of them.

  • Put Angry States in the Past Where They Belong (Audio 3:57 - 11/19/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how getting angry over our present limitations actually prevents us from consciously meeting and transcending them.

  • Six Words to Help You Drop Any Dark State (Audio 6:28 - 6/28/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about a new action we can take to find freedom from negative states.

  • Find Out What Your Life is For (Writing - 7/18/11)

    When you begin to be for God before you're for yourself, then God will begin to be there before you.

  • Unmask the Hidden Power of All Negative States (Writing - 10/29/11)

    We value negative states because of the strong sense of self we get from them.

  • Self-Healing Begins as Self-Hurting Ends (Audio 3:21 - 3/27/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about a new understanding of ourselves that will put an end to unconscious suffering... if we will remember to put it into practice.

  • Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Past (Writing - 1/30/12)

    Our task, if we want to be free human beings -- if we want a life in which we no longer carry around with us "what he did," "what she…[more]

  • Discover the Self of Many Colors (Audio 4:17 - 4/11/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we are intended to discover that who we really are, our true self, is a multi-colored palette of extraordinary possibilities.

  • Learn to Observe Self-Defeating States (Writing - 5/21/12)

    To begin seeing that negative states such as anger, impatience, worry, and fear have lodged themselves into the hidden corners of your heart is to discover how they have managed…[more]

  • Practice the Pause that Spiritually Strengthens (Writing - 2/4/13)

    Negative emotions cannot exist without having something to blame for their punishing presence.

  • Attend to the Business at Hand (Audio 2:18 - 5/1/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley discusses the mind's compulsive habit of judging other people, which is an unfortunate waste of time and energy that would better be spent attending…[more]

  • Find Divine Direction in Disappointment (Video 3:05 - 5/30/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how we must first become consciously dissatisfied with our discontentment if we want to begin the process of letting go of it.

  • Negativity is Not Your Friend! An Answer to a 9-Year-Old Boy (Video 2:14 - 6/24/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how true interior freedom dawns as we begin to observe the mechanical behavior of negative states as they try to tell us who…[more]

  • How to Spiritually Stand Up for Yourself (Audio 3:01 - 7/29/13)

    Guy Finley concisely reveals in this short talk the proper way to spiritually fight for ourselves, which involves seeing the truth about the parts of ourselves that want to drag…[more]

  • Free Yourself From This Familiar Negative State (Video 3:26 - 9/18/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about the painful sense of self that becomes more and more certain about its false position of righteousness in exact proportion to the degree…[more]

  • The One True Answer to Anger (Audio 4:11 - 11/22/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about the only true solution to anger, which is to atone for it in the moment by allowing the light of revelation to…[more]

  • Commentary on the Pennsylvania School Stabbing Incident (Video 6:02 - 4/28/14)

    Guy Finley comments on the April 9, 2014 stabbing incident at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA. He answers the question, what causes a young person to act in…[more]

  • The Real Root of All Rage Revealed (Audio 1:14 - 8/25/14)

    In this brief sound bite, Guy Finley talks about the root cause of all the pain and anger we experience when something that we thought we possessed is taken away…[more]

  • The Real Root of All Rage Revealed (Video 1:15 - 11/4/14)

    Guy Finley explains that all forms of rage, whether inwardly or outwardly directed, are the result of our thwarted attempts to possess what we think we need in order to…[more]

  • Learn to Use Energetic Forces for Self-Revelation (Video 6:10 - 10/23/15)

    Guy Finley explains that when strong energetic forces such as anger, rage, and anxiety appear in us, we can either deliberately use them for our spiritual growth, or they will…[more]

  • Refuse to Give Life to What is Harming You (Video 4:17 - 10/25/16)

    Whenever we don't want a particular condition and then attempt to push it away, we actually strengthen the condition that we say we don't want. To see this dynamic taking…[more]

  • If You Lay Down with Dogs, You Get Up with Fleas (Video 16:00 - 1/5/17)

    Guy Finley explains that when we lend our attention to considering any worry, blame, regret, or resentment, we have unknowingly agreed to be commanded by that negative state.

  • Being Perfected by the Golf Swing (Video 6:18 - 2/28/17)

    "Letting go" author Guy Finley tells a story about an owner of a golf driving range befriending a young player who, despite being a newcomer to the game of golf,…[more]

  • Realize the Real Purpose of Relationship (Writing - 7/17/17)

    Other people do not create any disturbance we feel in the relationship. They are revealing to us in that moment the part of us that lays in the dark and…[more]

  • A Rolling Thought Gathers Mass (Audio 4:24 - 12/13/17)

    Try to catch the part of yourself that can't wait to pick up negativity and then learn how to set it down before you get caught up in its momentum.…[more]

  • Deliberately Drop Your Own Negativity (Writing - 10/25/18)

    The instant we become aware of any negative thought or feeling wanting us to embrace its agitation - not only must we drop it on the spot, but we must…[more]