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“In The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, Guy Finley has compiled compelling, insightful messages that invite us to let go of fear, and rejoin Love. Thank you for leading the way, Guy!”

— Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., host of Full Power Living

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  • Jump In (Writing - 10/6/02)

    Life will fill whatever you empty. Be hollow. Let the winds of change play you instead of punish you.

  • Recovery (Writing - 2/23/03)

    In Recovery the Light from one small moment of honest self-inquiry is more powerful than the accumulated darkness of a million years of doubt.

  • Starting Over (Part 2) (Writing - 2/23/03)

    How to make a truly Fresh Start starting over!

  • Cancel the Cause of Self-Captivity (Writing - 5/10/03)

    A lesson revealing the extra effort needed on our part to realize True Freedom.

  • Release Yourself From Yourself (Writing - 10/12/03)

    In this key lesson Guy Finley explains how the now is meant to always be new.

  • The Secret for Making a New and True Beginning (Writing - 12/28/03)

    Guy Finley explains that a new and true future begins with planting seeds of change in the now.

  • Eleven Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level (Writing - 3/1/04)

    The only thing that holds us down is what we don't yet know about ourselves. This insight explains why our ability to learn the truth about ourselves, to increase our…[more]

  • Sow the Seeds of a Higher and Happier Life (Writing - 10/10/04)

    If we are ever to realize, explains Guy Finley, the integrity and consistent kindness of our True Nature, if we long to know something of heaven while we live on…[more]

  • A Higher Lesson in Life Levels that Leads to a New Life (Writing - 10/18/04)

    Guy Finley describes for us how a higher conscious awareness empowers us to be one with all that exists in the kingdom of creation.

  • The Ten Traits of the True Spiritual Warrior (Writing - 12/5/04)

    Guy Finley outlines the ten traits of a True Spiritual Warrior.

  • Take the Step that You're Sure You Can't (Writing - 1/1/05)

    Guy Finley shows us that, no matter how hard it seems to start fresh or learn something new, who you really are is greater than any part of yourself which…[more]

  • Find Lasting Self-Renewal in Self-Release (Writing - 1/9/05)

    The reason why Truth sets you free, explains Guy Finley, is because it alone reveals that what you are held captive by has no reality outside of your wish to…[more]

  • The First Step in True Self-Transformation (Writing - 6/5/05)

    The difference between living Now and living "then," explains Guy Finley, is the difference between living in a thought nature vs. living in our True Nature.

  • Wake Up and Break Up the Stress Cycle (Writing - 10/29/05)

    We must learn what it means to reach for a whole new place within ourselves, explains Guy Finley, from where it's possible to see that our present thoughts and feelings…[more]

  • Walk Lightly Through Life (Writing - 12/11/05)

    It is not our life that must change, explains Guy Finley, but our view of our life.

  • The Love of Winter (Writing - 12/24/05)

    In pure barrenness, explains Guy Finley, there dwells an honest beauty.

  • Persistence (Writing - 1/1/06)

    Learn why persistence is such a critical part of your spiritual work.

  • Be Careful What You Pray For . . . (Writing - 1/15/06)

    Guy Finley explains that our experience of life moment-to-moment is, in fact, what we have asked for.

  • You Are Not Who You Think You Are (Writing - 2/27/06)

    Events may happen to you, explains Guy Finley, but you are not the event.

  • How to Develop a New Attitude and a New Altitude in Life (Writing - 4/3/06)

    A young woman once decided that her best chance of getting hired by a company doing geological survey work in the Alaskan wilderness was to earn a private license to…[more]

  • The New Self-Understanding that Makes You Unstoppable (Writing - 6/12/06)

    We live in a world, explains Guy Finley, that is established for us to succeed in realizing that within us dwells an Intelligence beyond fear.

  • The Little Boy Who Laughed Away the "Haunted" House (Writing - 9/4/06)

    If we will courageously examine every frightening thought that goes through our minds to see if it is based in reality, explains Guy Finley, we will eventually discover that there…[more]

  • Let Go of the Little Things in Life (Writing - 10/9/06)

    Learning to let go and to live in the Now, explains Guy Finley, is the same as catching ourselves holding onto what limits us and then deliberately dropping these self-imposed…[more]

  • True Revolution (Writing - 12/10/06)

    A special writing by Guy Finley on what it truly means to be a peaceful and peace-filled human being.

  • Abuse (Writing - 12/31/06)

    Nothing can grow true, strong, and healthy that lives under the dark shadow of abuse -- whether it's an abusive relationship or the abuse inflicted by mean-spirited thoughts and feelings.…[more]

  • Be the Ruler of Your Own Reactions (Writing - 3/26/07)

    Who you really are, explains Guy Finley, is an endless learning ground, a limitless possibility for higher and higher self-discovery.

  • Unleash the Power of Present Living (Writing - 4/9/07)

    Any lingering sadness, explains Guy Finley, is an unnatural life-form kept breathing by the false self's reluctance to let it go.

  • Spiritual Weariness (Writing - 5/1/07)

    Guy Finley discusses how to keep alive the zeal for awakening and self-work, and to persist on the path to self-knowledge. Learn about the self-honesty that allows you to overcome…[more]

  • Wake Up and Walk Out of the Cell of Yourself (Writing - 4/28/07)

    Whenever we find ourselves in some "unwanted" part of ourselves, perhaps reliving an old heartache or caught in the throes of some irrepressible anger, old fear, or unyielding worry, part…[more]

  • Five Truths That Make You Victorious (Writing - 9/17/07)

    Guy Finley explains that nothing in life can stop you from starting your life all over.

  • Use This Light to Help You Make a New Beginning in Life (Writing - 10/8/07)

    Starting life over again is the key to a new you, explains Guy Finley.

  • Discover a Peace that Never Goes to Pieces (Writing - 1/6/08)

    Guy Finley explains that if our peace is built upon worldly forms, then it will be, at best, a temporary peace.

  • Why You Should Feel Encouraged (Writing - 2/10/08)

    The light from one small moment of honest self-inquiry, explains Guy Finley, is more powerful than the accumulated darkness of a million years of doubt.

  • Sow the Seeds of a Consistent Kindness (Writing - 5/19/08)

    To sow spiritual seeds, explains Guy Finley, means that we do spiritual work.

  • Stop Self-Stalling and Become Self-Starting (Writing - 9/7/08)

    Never again look for a way out of any anxious condition, explains Guy Finley. Look instead for a way to see through it.

  • Let Love Lead You Home (Writing - 12/22/08)

    Love is a latent interior "hunger" we all feel through our longing to know -- deeply -- someone or something to which we are drawn. And Love understands that whatever…[more]

  • Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time (Audio 6:32 - 1/20/09)

    In this extraordinary podcast, Guy Finley reveals the higher understanding that is necessary to Let Go and find the Truly Fearless and Free Life!

  • Comes the Snow Before the Spring (Audio 8:52 - 4/6/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how conflict is born in those moments when our expectations about how life ought to unfold meet reality.

  • The Difference Between Just Living and Real Life (Audio 2:54 - 6/29/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the choice we have to either passively exist -- having our lives lived for us -- or to become conscious that we are…[more]

  • Step Into the Shoes of a Spiritual Warrior (Audio 2:19 - 7/24/09)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explores how a true spiritual warrior is not someone who imagines future victories to come, but is the individual who is willing to step…[more]

  • Every Day Can Be Your Birth Day (Audio 4:16 - 10/11/09)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the absolute fact that it is never too late to open yourself up to the possibility of being a better human being and…[more]

  • Rise Above the Blame Game (Writing - 9/21/09)

    The weakness that blames others, explains Guy Finley, blinds you to your real inner condition.

  • Let Life Give You What You Need (Writing - 11/23/09)

    We can gain new self-knowledge, explains Guy Finley, through the observation of the fact that everything is changing.

  • Has Anyone Seen My Camel? (Audio 5:47 - 1/12/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley tells a timeless story that underscores the need we have as human beings to know our true nature.

  • Learn to Release all Resentments (Writing - 5/10/10)

    Guy Finley explains how to learn to ask for a happy, new life by refusing to relive what's been tearing at you.

  • Free Yourself from the Whole Idea of Failure (Writing - 5/23/10)

    It is impossible to feel ourselves a "failure" without having first condemned ourselves for some shortcoming, explains Guy Finley.

  • Start Asking Life for Something New (Writing - 6/28/10)

    The person in denial of his or her own condition continues to ask for more of what didn't help the last time around.

  • Leave the World of Limitation (Writing - 7/16/10)

    The only way to leave the world of feeling sorry for yourself is to deliberately leave the world of thought.

  • The Courage to Let Go of the Past (Writing - 9/10/10)

    When we are hurt badly, the higher lesson hidden in this trial is to recognize the time has come to let go of who and what we have been up…[more]

  • Take Yourself Off the Track to Nowhere (Audio 6:42 - 10/19/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains that true self-command becomes possible when we begin to consciously interrupt the momentum of the unconscious nature that is presently in control of our…[more]

  • Sing the Self Eternal (Audio 2:50 - 11/2/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the potential we possess to live from a higher part of ourselves that is always in a harmonious relationship with the present moment.

  • Guilt (Writing - 11/1/10)

    Guy Finley discusses releasing guilt, shame, regret, and remorse over harmful things we may have done in the past, as well as fears of eternal damnation for choices that may…[more]

  • Courage (Writing - 9/27/10)

    Guy Finley discusses our native right to live fearlessly, and the courage, resolution, and persistence required to prove our fears groundless. Learn more about rising above the limitations of your…[more]

  • Put Angry States in the Past Where They Belong (Audio 3:57 - 11/19/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how getting angry over our present limitations actually prevents us from consciously meeting and transcending them.

  • The Secret Prayer That Renews You (Writing - 12/6/10)

    Before something genuinely new can appear in our lives, something old must pass.

  • Real Life: Lesson #1 (Writing - 12/27/10)

    In order for change to take place, we must be changed.

  • Resolutions (Writing - 1/12/11)

    Guy Finley discusses the resolutions necessary to make real and lasting changes in our lives. Learn what it means to use insights and higher knowledge to reach for a whole…[more]

  • Participate in the Fulfillment of Real Life (Audio 3:09 - 3/2/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we are intended to use all of life's moments to grow into a more fully integrated and meaningful relationship with real life.

  • The Secret of Letting Go of Dead-End Relationships (Writing - 4/11/11)

    The truth is that letting go is very simple and, above all, natural; as natural for you and I as it is for a tree to shed the heavy, sun-ripened…[more]

  • The Courage to Be Free of Negative States (Writing - 5/23/11)

    Self-limiting thoughts or feelings have power over us only when we are tricked into believing that we need something we don't.

  • Find a New Order of Freedom (Writing - 8/15/11)

    We can either spend our lives fearful of any unwanted event that comes along to challenge our sense of self, or we can use that same situation to help set…[more]

  • The Same Rose Never Blooms Twice (Audio 4:14 - 9/1/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how we are here as human beings to continually perfect our self-understanding so that we can begin to enter into an awakened relationship…[more]

  • See the Flowering of Spirit (Audio 3:28 - 10/19/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how it is possible for us to discover an authentically new life if we will persist with our wish to know the…[more]

  • Change is Now or Never (Writing - 1/2/12)

    It's imperative to meet each moment of your life with this realization: it's only what you do right now that is the seed of change.

  • For Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like There's No Hope (Audio 4:57 - 1/31/12)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about our common need for a higher kind of love that releases us from feelings of fear, doubt and hopelessness.

  • Wake Up and Recognize the Voices of Self-Defeat (Writing - 1/23/12)

    The only way it's possible to truly deliver ourselves from the punishment of our own self-wrecking thoughts is to begin awakening to their hidden cause within us.

  • Never Feel Sorry for Yourself (Writing - 8/10/12)

    One thing that makes it so difficult to drop feeling sorry for ourselves is how real it feels when we are full of self-regret. But any perception of reality that…[more]

  • Set the Stage for Your Spiritual Rescue (Audio 1:46 - 3/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how our sincere wish to act rightly in the moment will attract the authentic higher help that we need to change.

  • Spiritual Baptism by Water and by Fire (Audio 3:28 - 4/26/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley discusses the need to be nourished by a new kind of understanding that appears when we can no longer tolerate giving our lives away…[more]

  • Go Against the World That Wants to Carry You Away (Video 7:47 - 7/10/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how we must always make an effort to stay awake so that we can begin using life's currents and waves for our own…[more]

  • How to Escape the Prison of Monotony (Video 4:59 - 7/26/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how resistance to any moment actually produces a greater attachment to the life that we say we don't want.

  • Drop Angry and Anxious Feelings Instantly (Writing - 8/26/13)

    No one sincerely asks for a new life until they are thoroughly dissatisfied with the old one.

  • How to Ask For and Receive the Divine Consolation (Audio 7:36 - 9/18/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how freedom from the tyranny of psychological storms begins by refusing to be consoled by anything that our minds can imagine, an…[more]

  • Heal Yourself and Heal the Past (Audio 6:16 - 12/26/13)

    Self-realization author Guy Finley explains in this short talk that happier, healthier and brighter relationships with others become possible when we begin to let go of painful grudges and resentments…[more]

  • Heal Yourself and Heal the Past (Video 5:55 - 1/17/14)

    Self-realization author Guy Finley explains in this short video that happier, healthier and brighter relationships with others become possible when we begin to let go of painful grudges and resentments…[more]

  • How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life (Video 3:21 - 2/13/14)

    In this video clip, Guy Finley talks about how the universe wants us to succeed as human beings. Although it may seem otherwise at times, when we finally understand the…[more]

  • You Don't Have to Fear Changes If You Change With Them (Audio 5:32 - 2/24/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we would rather hold onto old convictions that are connected to images that we have of ourselves rather than allow natural…[more]

  • Let the Light of True Self-Seeing Rescue You (Writing - 7/28/14)

    If we're fortunate, there comes a certain point when we just know that we can no longer afford to refuse what we know we see about ourselves.

  • Choose to Change Now (Writing - 8/11/14)

    You can't change the kind of person you are later because there is no later -- there is only now.

  • Turn Away From Recurrence (Writing - 7/27/15)

    If you continue living as you presently are -- as an outer-oriented person -- you will be doomed to re-create your life the way it has always been.

  • The Path to Perfect Impersonal Love (Audio 1:55 - 3/3/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how it is possible to give all of ourselves to something that we love to do, and yet at the same time…[more]

  • The Lost Secret of Making a Fresh Start in Life (Audio 3:15 - 3/8/16)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley talks about the fact that every moment is new and untouched, and if we cannot see that fact it is because we are seeing…[more]

  • The Lost Secret of Making a Fresh Start in Life (Video 2:51 - 4/28/16)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley talks about the fact that every moment is new and untouched, and if we cannot see that fact it is because we are seeing…[more]

  • Uncover the Fountain of Fresh Starts Hidden in You (Writing - 1/9/17)

    The new beginning we long for is now or never.

  • The Spiritual Secret of Starting Over (Excerpt) (Video 6:28 - 2/23/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar that Guy Finley presented on Sunday 2/12/17, he explains what is necessary for us to go through if we truly wish to live…[more]

  • Turn Limitation into Liberation (Video 6:10 - 3/17/17)

    Guy Finley explains that when we meet our limitations head on we enter into relationship with a transformative power that enables us to transcend anything that would limit us.

  • The Secret Way Out of Painful Hopelessness & Despair (Video 2:21 - 3/22/17)

    Guy Finley explains that the only way out of any painful circumstance is through a transformation in our understanding of who we really are and what's possible for us.

  • Developing the Seeds of the Soul (Video 6:29 - 5/22/17)

    Without the soul there is no relationship to the Divine. Our relationship with the Divine occurs because of this tiny magnetic part within us that is capable of developing. We…[more]

  • The Lost Secrets of Starting Your Life Over (Excerpt) (Video 5:06 - 7/6/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar, Guy Finley explains that "starting over" is not something that happens by creating a better set of circumstances for ourselves, but is instead…[more]

  • The Beginning of Being a True Human Being (Audio 7:49 - 7/12/17)

    A true human being is a "feeling" human being, not a "thinking" human being. Real life is an impersonal, complete feeling. We live in a stream of divine energy, and…[more]

  • Lose Interest in the Pain of Your Past (Writing - 7/24/17)

    Since real life renews itself every microsecond, then whatever moment our mind keeps pointing to from our past can't possibly be the real reason for our present pain.

  • Realize the Power that Ends All Painful Patterns (Excerpt) (Video 4:24 - 10/31/17)

    Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley talks about the liberating idea that all discouragement is unnatural. Life brings us to painful points to actually help us transcend…[more]

  • No Thought Can Free You from Fear (Video 5:07 - 3/30/18)

    Guy Finley reveals what we must do to change our experience of life and enter into a relationship with freedom itself.

  • Let Go and Enter the Flow of Ceaseless Change (Writing - 6/10/18)

    Life will always give you something greater than what it's asked you for, providing you're willing to let go of that part of yourself that, for fear of the new,…[more]