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Notes from grateful readers.

“Guy, you're terrific! My husband and I have been fans of yours for years. You are so passionate, descriptive and clear when you speak. Every word resonates on very deep levels for us. Thanks again for your insight, teachings and commitment.”

— Rosanna D., Winnetka, CA

“Guy, just wanted to say that I've read a couple of your books recently and found them remarkable in the true essence of learning about oneself. I'd like to thank you so much for your fabulous writings ... what can I say to you but, "Bravo!" ”

— Victoria C., New York

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The Essential Law of Fearless Living, by Guy Finley, is the best of the self help books [reviewed]. Finley has a way of getting at the heart of a matter with stories, metaphors and insight that is transformative. In my experience, nobody does a better job revealing what is really going on in the human mind, and helping us see into our own minds.”


“Guy Finley's book Letting Go is absolutely life changing. I like when he says "Events may happen to you, but you are not the event." Exceptional philosophy!

— Norman Lacasse, Author of Master Of Service

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  • 5 Personal Practices That Put Anxiety Out of Business (Writing - 2/22/03)

    Your conscious participation in inner exercises, such as these five practices, is the only way to awaken the will you need so that one day you never have to answer…[more]

  • 10 Ways to Tell the World You've Lost Interest in Being You (Writing - 2/22/03)

    The true spiritual path begins and ends with what you already are. Use these 10 insights to tell the world you've lost interest in being you.

  • Painful Patterns (Writing - 2/23/03)

    Breaking out of old painful patterns, habits, and recuring problems.

  • Let Go and Know Peace (Writing - 2/7/03)

    Discover an altogether new kind of peace in your life as you learn to let go.

  • Let the Following Higher Hints Help You to Choose In Favor of Your True Self (Writing - 8/16/02)

    Use this list of ten powerful insights to begin choosing in favor of your True Self.

  • The Little-Known Secret for Owning Your Own Life (Writing - 4/5/03)

    Powerful insights from best-selling author Guy Finley show how we can bring an end to our punishing need for approval.

  • How to Live Life on Your Own Terms (Writing - 5/19/03)

    Guy Finley talks about how to escape the punishment inherent in wanting to be approved by others.

  • Helping Ourselves and Others Break the Circle of Suffering (Writing - 6/2/03)

    Guy Finley shows the one way for breaking the cycle of conflict, hatred, and pain that arise in human relationships.

  • Live in Harmony with Reality (Writing - 6/9/03)

    Guy Finley shows how we can begin enjoying True Success by agreeing to accept the lessons life has for us.

  • How to Make all of Life be Just for You (Writing - 9/15/03)

    In this short writing Guy Finley explains how we must revisit the same painful lessons over and over again until we begin to put the Truth first in our lives.…[more]

  • Start Seeing Through the Blame Game (Writing - 7/26/04)

    The question of why we find ourselves stuck in the same old rut, explains Guy Finley, can't be answered by the old self that asked the question in the first…[more]

  • Break Through to a Totally New You (Writing - 9/7/04)

    By rising above any self-righteousness that wants us to blame others for how we feel, explains Guy Finley, we gain an entirely new perspective on this useless reaction and learn…[more]

  • Take the Step that You're Sure You Can't (Writing - 1/1/05)

    Guy Finley shows us that, no matter how hard it seems to start fresh or learn something new, who you really are is greater than any part of yourself which…[more]

  • Enter the Great Estate of Your True Self (Writing - 2/5/05)

    No one ever feels small in life, explains Guy Finley, who hasn't first been fooled into believing that there is nothing bigger than those small thoughts and feelings through which…[more]

  • The Work and Reward of Just Being Yourself (Writing - 7/4/05)

    Looking for freedom in powers or possessions, explains Guy Finley, ensures that we will always be their captive for fear of losing them.

  • Free Yourself from Useless Fear and Frustration (Writing - 10/1/05)

    The root of that which is forever seeking acceptance and approval in us, explains Guy Finley, is that which is forever telling us that we are unacceptable as we are.

  • Walk Lightly Through Life (Writing - 12/11/05)

    It is not our life that must change, explains Guy Finley, but our view of our life.

  • Three New Choices That Dismiss Dark Conditions (Writing - 1/7/06)

    Guy Finley sheds light on the fact that negative reactions to unwanted events do nothing to cure them.

  • Be Careful What You Pray For . . . (Writing - 1/15/06)

    Guy Finley explains that our experience of life moment-to-moment is, in fact, what we have asked for.

  • A Rainbow in the Deep (Writing - 3/26/06)

    A special writing by Guy Finley which beautifully and poignantly explains that the world from which we sow is the world within which we reap. Originally presented at a classroom…[more]

  • Realize the Bright, Noble, and Ever-Ascending Life (Writing - 5/29/06)

    When we attempt to do what is not within our power, explains Guy Finley, we only succeed in making ourselves miserable.

  • An Advanced Lesson in Letting Go (Writing - 8/12/06)

    The real act of letting go, explains Guy Finley, is first an interior action, followed, if needful, by a wiser exterior action.

  • Practice the Principle of Being Present (Audio 7:38 - 1/23/07)

    Use the powerful principles presented in this talk to step out of the pain-filled worlds of imagination, and into the one True world of authentic inner-peace.

  • Dealing with Healing Ourselves (Writing - 9/11/06)

    Guy Finley explains the power in seeing that we are actively involved with unseen thoughts and feelings that compromise us.

  • You Can Conquer Any Condition (Writing - 10/16/06)

    The only power negativity has over us, explains Guy Finley, is the power we give it.

  • How to Start Planting the Seeds of Peace (Writing - 12/4/06)

    Guy Finley explains if we are ever to realize the integrity and consistent kindness of our True Nature, if we long to know something of heaven while we live on…[more]

  • Go from Storms to Sunny Skies (Writing - 3/5/07)

    Fighting the storm by resisting its winds and rain, explains Guy Finley, will do no good.

  • Wake Up and Walk Out of the Cell of Yourself (Writing - 4/28/07)

    Whenever we find ourselves in some "unwanted" part of ourselves, perhaps reliving an old heartache or caught in the throes of some irrepressible anger, old fear, or unyielding worry, part…[more]

  • Stop Struggling with Others (Writing - 8/13/07)

    When we're angry or resentful for what has happened in our lives, the real enemy is not ouside of us, explains Guy Finley -- it's what we don't yet know…[more]

  • The Spiritual Secret that Allows You to Defeat Any Discouragement (Writing - 9/24/07)

    Awareness is a living and intelligent feature, explains Guy Finley, of the ever-present Now within which it dwells.

  • Wake Up and Walk Away from Whatever is Pulling You Down (Writing - 10/21/07)

    We are here on earth, explains Guy Finley, to grow beyond the limiting influences of our own unawakened nature.

  • Snap Yourself Out of Psychic Slumber (Writing - 11/11/07)

    You may not be able to think your way out of a nagging problem, says Guy Finley, but you can see your way clear of it.

  • A Short Talk on Reincarnation (Audio 5:36 - 4/6/08)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley reveals the true, practical meaning behind the idea of reincarnation.

  • Challenge Fear's Right to Rule Your Life (Writing - 5/12/08)

    The seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem, says Guy Finley. It is your reaction that is fearful.

  • Liberate Yourself From Self-Limiting Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 3/23/09)

    Guy Finley explains that we should do what's in our power and refuse to be discouraged about anything else.

  • End the Misery of Motivating Yourself (Audio 9:02 - 6/1/09)

    In this incredible podcast, Guy Finley reveals some startling, life-changing facts about motivation that, up until now, have been hidden in plain sight.

  • Six Eye-Opening Insights to Start True Self-Healing (Writing - 6/8/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that the Living Light never shows us anything in ourselves that it hasn't already started to change for us.

  • The Secret Teaching of the Ages (Writing - 7/20/09)

    Guy Finley explains that a "prisoner" mentality is one that blames anything outside of you for the pain you have.

  • Turn the Light on What Stresses You (Writing - 8/10/09)

    Stress, explains Guy Finley, is a result of a false or incomplete view of reality imposed upon us by our own unenlightened nature.

  • 21 Ways We Waste Our Vital Life Forces (Writing - 8/17/09)

    Guy Finley reminds us that everything we need to succeed is forever raining down upon and within us.

  • Wake Up to the Complainer in You (Writing - 8/24/09)

    The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to help free yourself from the self-inflicted punishment of complaining. Until we become conscious of…[more]

  • This Key Unlocks the Door to an Unthinkable Freedom (Writing - 10/5/09)

    The next time you run into some familiar blockage or begin to feel unsuited to face some new and difficult personal challenge, don't do what you've always done before. *Don't…[more]

  • Practice Stepping Out of the Rush (Writing - 1/14/10)

    Intentionally separate yourself from any rushing inner condition, explains Guy Finley, by voluntarily stepping out of it.

  • Open Yourself to the Endless Resources of the Present Moment (Writing - 2/11/10)

    The only power dark, discouraging states hold over us, explains Guy Finley, is that they get us to identify with feelings of being powerless.

  • Break the Spell of Self-Limiting Negative States (Writing - 4/5/10)

    Your awareness of troubled thoughts and feelings, explains Guy Finley, is the power that keeps their harmful and self-limiting influences from having control over you.

  • Step Out of the Chains Called Self-Control (Writing - 5/28/10)

    You can wake yourself up, explains Guy Finley, just as many times as you're willing to catch yourself in daydreams where you're the star.

  • How to Discover Your Higher Possibilities (Writing - 7/9/10)

    In our willingness to journey to what seems the end of us, we are gifted with the understanding that there is no ending to our True Self.

  • Stay Out of Places that Steal Your Happiness (Writing - 8/13/10)

    We have the capacity to stop making ourselves powerless by waking up to having put ourselves where our powers are stolen from us.

  • The Courage to Stop Suffering Over Mistakes (Writing - 9/3/10)

    Real self-command dawns within us as we realize that reliving the past is powerless to change a present misunderstanding.

  • The Courage to Be Free (Video 4:40 - 7/29/10)

    Guy Finley speaks about topics related to his new book The Courage to Be Free including fear and fearlessness, beauty, kindness, love, and the authentic path to an enlightened heart…[more]

  • Take Yourself Off the Track to Nowhere (Audio 6:42 - 10/19/10)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley explains that true self-command becomes possible when we begin to consciously interrupt the momentum of the unconscious nature that is presently in control of our…[more]

  • Discover a New Way of Knowing Yourself (Writing - 10/22/10)

    No intention can be any stronger than our ability to remember it in the moment that it is needed.

  • The Simplicity of Natural Seeing (Audio 4:05 - 11/15/10)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about the vast difference between mere ideas about spirituality and the direct perception of living spiritual principles.

  • The Secret Prayer That Renews You (Writing - 12/6/10)

    Before something genuinely new can appear in our lives, something old must pass.

  • Real Life: Lesson #1 (Writing - 12/27/10)

    In order for change to take place, we must be changed.

  • Break Out of Any Rut (Writing - 6/20/11)

    The first step to breaking out of any rut in life is to no longer enable the parts of us that keep walking in them while wishing they weren't so…[more]

  • Let Go and Learn the Truth of Yourself (Audio 5:53 - 8/27/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about why human beings are so addicted to stress and tension, and why it is so important for us to understand that something…[more]

  • Liberate Yourself From Your Self (Audio 7:58 - 4/1/12)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the difference between merely thinking about spiritual ideas and the actual awareness of the truth of ourselves in the present moment.

  • End the Game of "Pain Pong" (Audio 6:00 - 3/22/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains how most of the unnecessary struggle and conflict that we experience in this life is due to our habitual, unconscious fixation on recurring…[more]

  • Spiritual Baptism by Water and by Fire (Audio 3:28 - 4/26/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley discusses the need to be nourished by a new kind of understanding that appears when we can no longer tolerate giving our lives away…[more]

  • Don't "Dance" with Painful Thoughts and Feelings (Video 12:49 - 3/22/13)

    In this video, Guy tells an enlightening and entertaining spiritual story about a young woman who gets carried away with "dance partners" -- thoughts and feelings -- that don't have…[more]

  • A New Approach to Old Problems (Writing - 4/8/13)

    Life is always new, which means there is no such thing as an "old" problem.

  • Stop Picking Up the Pain of the Past (Audio 1:34 - 6/11/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that if we will stop agreeing to "feed" the parts of us that produce unnecessary pain, then gradually those parts will stop growing.

  • Go Against the World That Wants to Carry You Away (Video 7:47 - 7/10/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how we must always make an effort to stay awake so that we can begin using life's currents and waves for our own…[more]

  • How to Escape the Prison of Monotony (Video 4:59 - 7/26/13)

    In this video, Guy Finley talks about how resistance to any moment actually produces a greater attachment to the life that we say we don't want.

  • Step Back from Self-Compromising Thoughts (Writing - 7/28/13)

    Before we can choose not to compromise ourselves, we must first become acutely aware of those thoughts of ours that may be holding some secret seed of self-defeat.

  • Heal Yourself and Heal the Past (Audio 6:16 - 12/26/13)

    Self-realization author Guy Finley explains in this short talk that happier, healthier and brighter relationships with others become possible when we begin to let go of painful grudges and resentments…[more]

  • How to See the End of All of Your Enemies (Audio 2:31 - 2/19/14)

    Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that it is possible for us to find complete freedom from the mechanical, enemy-making nature that presently tricks us into believing that it…[more]

  • Learn to Expose Unconscious Wrongness (Writing - 3/17/14)

    A crisis only becomes a breaking point when we fail to use it as a turning point.

  • See Through the False Bliss Called Self-Ignorance (Video 7:45 - 4/14/14)

    Guy Finley explains that we live in a universe of forces that are ceaselessly acting upon us, and it is only our awareness of these energies that allows us to…[more]

  • Drop the Burden of False Responsibility (Writing - 7/14/14)

    As we realize that there is no way that painful concern can positively affect any outcome, we drop that concern, and bit by bit, we begin to hear what real…[more]

  • Complete the Pattern of Life and Fulfill Its Great Purpose (Audio 4:57 - 8/5/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how anything that is authentically new in life is the fulfillment of a pattern, which then creates a new pattern, which itself…[more]

  • Complete the Pattern of Life and Fulfill Its Great Purpose (Video 3:51 - 10/29/15)

    In this short video, Guy Finley talks about how anything that is authentically new in life is the fulfillment of a pattern, which then creates a new pattern, which itself…[more]

  • The Lost Secret of Making a Fresh Start in Life (Audio 3:15 - 3/8/16)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley talks about the fact that every moment is new and untouched, and if we cannot see that fact it is because we are seeing…[more]

  • The Lost Secret of Making a Fresh Start in Life (Video 2:51 - 4/28/16)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley talks about the fact that every moment is new and untouched, and if we cannot see that fact it is because we are seeing…[more]

  • How to Find Lasting Freedom in Spiritual Stillness (Video 11:49 - 8/17/16)

    Guy Finley explains that real freedom is not found through obtaining powers or possessions, but in understanding the "wanting" nature within us that feels a captive of anything that interferes…[more]

  • Discover The Way Out From the Harmful Effects of Anti Depressant Medication (Video 4:45 - 8/23/16)

    Guy Finley addresses the path to freedom from addictive medications. Change is possible, and we are created to be free from everything that now holds us captive.

  • The Spiritual Secret of Starting Over (Excerpt) (Video 6:28 - 2/23/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar that Guy Finley presented on Sunday 2/12/17, he explains what is necessary for us to go through if we truly wish to live…[more]

  • How to Call on the Powers of Higher Healing (Writing - 3/6/17)

    The reason perfect love casts out fear is because any unwanted condition willingly embraced loses its power over us.

  • The Power to Dissolve Any Anxious State (Writing - 9/25/17)

    You are able to get past any fear when you understand that the only thing keeping you involved with the state is you.

  • Realize the Power that Ends All Painful Patterns (Excerpt) (Video 4:24 - 10/31/17)

    Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley talks about the liberating idea that all discouragement is unnatural. Life brings us to painful points to actually help us transcend…[more]

  • The Real Reason Why Things Never Change (Video 4:07 - 12/13/17)

    Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley Guy Finley reveals what we must do to change our experience of life and enter into a relationship with Freedom itself.…[more]

  • Liberate Yourself from the World of Resistance (Writing - 12/25/17)

    The reason that the "truth sets us free" isn't so much because of something that we're able to do with it, but rather through the always shocking discovery that, as…[more]

  • Only What is Real Can Change (Writing - 3/12/18)

    Make an aim for yourself... give yourself a task that you know you must attend to, whatever its nature. Just pick ONE... and keep it before you, at all times.…[more]