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Notes from grateful readers.

“Thank you from my each cell of body and heart. Your wisdom is healing our lives.”

— Lashpal B., Woodbridge, Virginia

“[I am] eternally grateful for all the wisdom that you openly share with so much love and wit!”

— Indira C., London, United Kingdom

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“Each saying in Guy Finley's little book on Letting Go is like an arrow of light directed at the heart. If you let it in, it will do its perfect work.”

— Joseph Polansky, editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

“Guy Finley's The Essential Laws of Fearless Living is NOT the same old, same old...his uncanny laser sharp wisdom goes straight to the core of what ails us, while he delivers what will turn our lives around time and time again.”

— Barbara Rose, Ph.D

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  • Take the Road (Writing - 9/29/02)

    It does not matter how you take the road. All that really matters is that you take it.

  • 10 Ways to Make God's Life Your Own (Writing - 2/22/03)

    10 Exercises for increasing your spiritual memory. Remember that every effort you make to remember to remember God increases His interest in you.

  • Remember to Remember (Writing - 9/8/02)

    Cling Fast to Your Aim and Strive to Be True

  • Self-Help (Writing - 2/23/03)

    True self-help through transcendence, not struggle.

  • True Silence (Writing - 3/23/03)

    Understanding true peace and security.

  • Discover Your Power of Higher Choice (Transcript) (Writing - 4/16/03)

    Discover the hidden Truth about negative states such as fear, worry, anger, and depression. Guy Finley reveals that the reason these states hold us captive is because of our willing…[more]

  • Spiritual Weakness (Writing - 9/1/03)

    Understanding our spiritual weakness is the key to following through on our good intentions.

  • Steps to Possessing Your True Self (Writing - 1/18/04)

    Guy Finley teaches us that as we begin to remember our true intentions in the moments when we need them most, we break the repetitious circle of Self that never…[more]

  • Make the Fear of Being "No One" Fade Away (Writing - 7/20/04)

    Looking for ourselves in the eyes of others throws us behind the walls of a psychic prison. The door slams shut each time we find ourselves feeling good about ourselves…[more]

  • Ten Truths That Prove You Have Nothing to Lose (Writing - 11/21/04)

    Guy Finley gives us ten ways to see through the false thoughts that would have us believe we must suffer because of them.

  • Slowly I Turn (Writing - 5/15/05)

    Guy Finley reminds us that just as the sun never quits the sky but only waits for the earth to turn and face the light, so, too, must we turn…[more]

  • Letting Go into the Flow of Real Life (Writing - 5/29/05)

    This Now, the real Now, explains Guy Finley, is a perfect integration -- a dynamic mutual convergence of all the creative forces, which is always stirring.

  • To Open the Eyes That See (Writing - 8/15/05)

    A poem by Guy Finley which expresses gratitude for Higher Love.

  • How to Develop a New Attitude and a New Altitude in Life (Writing - 4/3/06)

    A young woman once decided that her best chance of getting hired by a company doing geological survey work in the Alaskan wilderness was to earn a private license to…[more]

  • The Will and the Way to be Inwardly Still (Writing - 7/9/06)

    When it feels as though the world is whirling around us, explains Guy Finley, what we need to understand is that the whirling is not outside of us but is…[more]

  • The Power to Doubt and Dismiss Any Problem (Audio 11:36 - 9/11/06)

    Here is the secret to releasing physical tension and mental pain from your life forever. Learn these three simple steps and you will never be the same again.

  • Dare to Slow Down Your Life (Writing - 9/16/06)

    By deliberately slowing yourself down, explains Guy Finley, when everything in you seems to be screaming, "Rush," you will become inwardly awake.

  • Transcend the Limitations of Self-Centered Love (Writing - 7/2/07)

    One of the most shocking and necessary discoveries along the path, explains Guy Finley, is that what we love does not love us

  • A Short Commentary on Remembering Yourself (Audio 6:34 - 7/3/09)

    In this valuable podcast, Guy Finley talks about the higher intention and purpose behind the idea of "remembering yourself". Listen closely and learn about a beautiful, timeless principle that you…[more]

  • Reflections on the Real (Audio 4:54 - 12/31/09)

    In this revealing podcast, Guy Finley talks about how attending to the true needs of others also allows us to discover our own limitless possibilities.

  • The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (Video 3:24 - 6/1/10)

    Guy Finley speaks on themes from his best-selling book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.

  • A Visit to Life of Learning (Video 3:39 - 11/13/10)

    A video collage of Southern Oregon and Life of Learning Foundation, Guy Finley's self-realization school. Opening shots, in order: Oregon Coast, Redwood Forest, Crater Lake, Mt. McLoughlin (Cascade Volcano), Rogue…[more]

  • The Greatest Love of All (Audio 4:05 - 11/30/10)

    In this special short talk, Guy Finley talks about what it means to be truly receptive to the gifts that life wants to give us in each and every moment,…[more]

  • Stay Awake Behind the Wheel of Life (Audio 2:19 - 12/13/10)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about the importance of understanding the need to awaken from spiritual sleep.

  • Stop Fighting Confusion and Stormy Emotions (Writing - 2/14/11)

    When you begin to doubt everything you believe about your suffering, you will see that you never had to remain in the path of those destructive storms at all.

  • Get Started on the Higher Path to Selfless Living (Writing - 3/7/11)

    We are meant to take part in God's life through awareness of the freedom it continually reveals.

  • Articles of Higher Consciousness (Writing - 3/14/11)

    You have the Light to detect, dismiss, and to transcend the limiting influences of painful negative states such as doubt, worry, hatred, anger, and fear.

  • Find Out What Your Life is For (Writing - 7/18/11)

    When you begin to be for God before you're for yourself, then God will begin to be there before you.

  • The True Fruit of Life is the Vine (Audio 13:49 - 8/17/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about why nothing is more valuable than true self-knowledge.

  • How to Realize New Possibilities (Writing - 9/5/11)

    The way in which we grow is that we grow into the world above ourselves.

  • A Lesson Learned is a Day Well Earned (Audio 6:32 - 9/6/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about why it is so important for all of us to learn something new and true about ourselves everyday.

  • Make Being in Presence Your First Priority (Audio 6:54 - 10/9/11)

    In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about how the 'presence' moment always gives us everything that we need in the moment that it is needed.

  • Take Yourself Out of Harm's Way (Writing - 1/9/12)

    The foundation of self-observation is a higher self-awareness that puts you in direct contact with a new and superior Intelligence, a silent wisdom that immediately goes to work in your…[more]

  • The Power of Being Watchful Instead of Willful (Writing - 1/16/12)

    The more we imagine a fearless life created by conditions outside of us, the more compelled we feel to try and control those same conditions.

  • Learn to Turn to the Eternal (Writing - 4/9/12)

    When at last we see how our present sense of self is little more than a derivative of relationships with things outside of us, and realize that most of our…[more]

  • Avoid This Trap of Torment (Writing - 4/23/12)

    The Living Light never shows us anything in ourselves that it hasn't already started to change for us.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Timeless Life (Video 3:50 - 5/15/12)

    In this video blog, Guy talks about why it is so important to work at spending more and more time each day attending to our interior lives.

  • A Case of Mistaken Identity (Writing - 5/14/12)

    Once higher self-understanding is restored to us, the painful problems that are caused by its absence effortlessly disappear.

  • End the Race to Going Nowhere Fast (Writing - 6/11/12)

    There may be no greater self-deception than the false notion that rushing through anything actually helps us in any way whatsoever. After all, if anxious thoughts and feelings had any…[more]

  • The Freedom to Change Your Life Experience (Writing - 7/30/12)

    Our present experience of life, for its happiness or sorrow, is nothing more or less than what certain unconscious parts of us tell us it is. This means that before…[more]

  • The Sure Cure for Whatever Disturbs You (Writing - 8/20/12)

    No grief or disturbance of any kind is yours.

  • Welcome the Light that Liberates You (Writing - 11/5/12)

    Our spiritual task, assuming we are stirred to seek this truth of ourselves, is to awaken ourselves to the Light that first invites us, and then unites us with its…[more]

  • Find Strength in the Silent Force (Writing - 4/22/13)

    Looking for the power to be happy is not found in a person, place, possession, idea, or belief, but through the new understanding that your higher, permanent nature needs no…[more]

  • Keeping Bright the Light of Life (Audio 4:56 - 5/20/13)

    In this short talk, Guy explains how we cannot fail if we will persevere through our darkest moments, because the light never fails to illuminate what presently hides in the…[more]

  • Discover the True Source of a Silent Mind (Audio 2:12 - 10/7/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how stillness cannot be brought about by any kind of will of our own, but that a real relationship with stillness is…[more]

  • Put Yourself in Relationship with Goodness (Writing - 10/28/13)

    Only when you see yourself at the same time that you see what you're looking at, do you see truly.

  • Let Conflict Stop With You (Writing - 11/18/13)

    We must stop giving to our friends and family the pain we cannot bear to carry ourselves.

  • See Through the False Bliss Called Self-Ignorance (Audio 8:08 - 4/1/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how we are always being acted upon, moment to moment, by certain kinds of energy, and the degree to which we possess…[more]

  • Let Go and Flow with Real Life (Writing - 4/21/14)

    Real life is not limited to what was; it is always new because it's the expression of a compassionate and living intelligence that actively shapes whatever it touches.

  • Stand Up for What's True in You (Audio 12:13 - 5/5/14)

    In this powerful talk, Guy Finley talks about how we can have a real relationship with the Divine by seeing with great clarity that we presently give our lives away…[more]

  • Use the Power of the Present Moment for Real Inner Change (Writing - 5/26/14)

    Your awareness of the power of now can transform each challenging life moment into a new and true beginning for you.

  • Stop Sowing the Seeds of Discontent (Writing - 6/9/14)

    Who in his or her right mind believes -- even for a moment -- that the path to lasting contentment would be paved by continually thinking about everything that is…[more]

  • How to Break Free of Unhappy Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 6/25/14)

    You break free of unhappy thoughts and emotions by seeing that, even though it may feel that way at the moment, you are not owned by them.

  • Real Love is Now or Never (Audio 7:20 - 9/1/14)

    Guy Finley talks about the difference between the conditional love that we currently experience, and the real, higher kind of love that our hearts long for, which can only be…[more]

  • Raise Your Relationships to a New Level (Writing - 11/3/14)

    What you experience isn't the event but the content of your own past experience within its narrow confines.

  • Stop Looking For Trouble and You Won't Find It (Audio 2:55 - 12/26/14)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about the importance of being present to ourselves, especially when the mind seeks to identify with something so that it can feel disturbed.

  • Choose to Keep the Company of Truth (Writing - 1/5/15)

    Just as we need to keep an eye on the kinds of friends we keep around us, so must we also remain aware of the circle of "friends" we keep…[more]

  • Free Yourself From This Secret Form of Self-Sabotage (Writing - 3/2/15)

    Anyone from whom you want something, psychologically speaking, is always in secret command of you.

  • 3 Words and One Action That Guarantees Spiritual Freedom (Video 2:19 - 3/20/15)

    In this short video clip, Guy Finley explains that a true spiritual aspirant is someone who works to "make it real" because he or she has seen the futility of…[more]

  • The Fulfillment of Free Will (Audio 2:33 - 5/14/15)

    In this short audio clip, Guy Finley talks about some of the characteristics of free will -- the capacity to choose what we love -- and the higher kind of…[more]

  • Journey to the Self Beyond Comparison (Audio 1:50 - 6/22/15)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how all true teachings exist to help us reveal and transcend the present state of darkness that we live in, not to…[more]

  • The Fulfillment of Free Will (Video 2:16 - 7/27/15)

    In this short video clip, Guy Finley talks about some of the characteristics of free will -- the capacity to choose what we love -- and the higher kind of…[more]

  • Journey to the Self Beyond Comparison (Video 1:29 - 9/4/15)

    Guy Finley talks about how illuminated men and women throughout history have existed as shining examples of another higher order of consciousness that we are all intended to make contact…[more]

  • End Any Discouragement Right Now (Writing - 3/28/16)

    There is no real reason why our lives should ever seem stale or feel futile because real life, of which we are a part, is always new right now.

  • Authority Over Whatever Punishes You (Writing - 5/23/16)

    Whatever we try to go around in ourselves guarantees it will come around again, which is why the things we fear in life and about ourselves always tend to reappear

  • Don't Agree... Learn (Audio 1:50 - 7/25/16)

    In this short talk, Guy explains that true spiritual work is not about memorizing a teaching, but instead it is about us learning to see the truth for ourselves, from…[more]

  • The Necessity of Building a Spiritual Body (Audio 4:48 - 9/27/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that the purpose of true spiritual teachings is to create something real within oneself that is independent of the events of passing time.

  • Refuse All Unhappy Beginnings (Writing - 11/21/16)

    We don't ever have to worry about happy endings to any of our life stories if we're awake enough to refuse all unhappy beginnings.

  • Transcend Self-Limiting Self-Interests (Writing - 12/5/16)

    Through our willingness to work deliberately at placing our usual self in "second place," we agree not only to change the way we see our relationships, but we also agree…[more]

  • The Necessity of Building a Spiritual Body (Video 4:15 - 12/14/16)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains that the purpose of true spiritual teachings is to create something real within oneself that is independent of the events of passing time.

  • Go Beyond Thinking and Stop Sinking (Writing - 5/2/17)

    Learning to observe our self begins with one simple but deliberate act of attention on our part.

  • How to Recognize the Real Voice of the Master (Video 5:13 - 5/22/17)

    Guy Finley explains the key to being able to discern the true inner guide from a false one.

  • A Real "Mother's Day" Message (Audio 4:05 - 6/2/17)

    The idea of Mother's Day is beautiful, but it is not meant to simply celebrate our mothers with false sentimentality. It is meant to be a reminder of humility, receptivity,…[more]

  • Come Out from the Sea of Thoughts and Breathe in Real Life (Audio 3:02 - 7/6/17)

    If you wish to enter into a new relationship with life you must be willing to challenge the voices of "I can't" or "I won't" or "I don't" when they…[more]

  • Release Yourself by Realizing a New Order Within Yourself (Writing - 9/11/17)

    Whenever we find ourselves confused, depressed, angry with someone, or upset with ourselves for whatever reasons, we must come wide awake and realize -- through our inner awareness -- that…[more]

  • How to Harness the Celestial Forces that Set You Free (Excerpt) (Video 2:38 - 10/30/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar, Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley explains that we must work to harness the energy of negative forces instead of…[more]

  • The Secret of Making a New and True Beginning (Writing - 1/2/18)

    What very few men and women ever come to realize, spiritually speaking, is that life is a ceaseless series of inner choices about where they want to live.

  • You Have the Right to Choose (Writing - 5/11/18)

    Since what others may do to us is not in our power to change, we need only concern ourselves with what we do to ourselves, for this is in our…[more]

  • Take a Good Look at the World You've Made (Writing - 9/3/18)

    Our feelings about the world that we see, with all its confusing colors and schemes, are reflections of our own internal life.

  • Wake Up from the Self-Centered Life (Writing - 11/26/18)

    To remember yourself begins with realizing you have been asleep, taking part in a self-centered life instead of the God-centered one.

  • Learn to See Yourself Through the Eyes of Others (Writing - 12/9/18)

    To see the truth of the above is to understand how important it is for us to be as fully mindful as possible in the midst of a disagreement with…[more]