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“I listen to Guy just about every day on I love the website, love your books, and love the peacefulness in my life as I learn more and more.”

— Lisa H., New Haven, IN

“I am a true follower & listener of Guy's talks & messages, they have helped me enormously in being where I am right now and I still wait for his daily inspiration to come through each day, many a time it's as if they were personally written for me!”

— Sharon B.

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The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a rich tapestry of Guy's spiritual wisdom that teaches us how to let go of the old conditioning of fear, control and outmoded beliefs, so that we can find what we really seek: our inner connection to the Divine.”

— Michelle Mayur, Author of Embraced by the Divine

“Guy Finley is a very powerful and wise man who is teaching important universal lessons with a new and unique perspective.”

— Emily Aiken, Founder,

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  • Always You (Writing - 12/8/02)

    Put God First

  • Character (Writing - 2/23/03)

    How to develop True Character by dropping self-defeating habits!

  • Fear (Writing - 2/23/03)

    It is in your power to be awake to the fearful voices that either project some doom or denouce you for making mistakes.

  • Principles for Perfecting Relationships (Writing - 4/13/03)

    Guy Finley reveals how we can invite the unknown Love and Understanding that is capable of perfecting our relationships.

  • Lessons Only Love Can Teach (Writing - 4/20/03)

    A short exploration by Guy Finley into Love as the animating force behind all of creation.

  • The Power that Defeats Defeat (Writing - 1/23/04)

    To find new answers to the same problems we continuously face in our lives, Guy Finley teaches us that we must first ask new questions.

  • Empowerment (Writing - 3/1/05)

    Guy Finley discusses the nature of true empowerment and how we can overcome stress in our lives by realizing a new kind of inner strength that never fails us.

  • Attract Positive Life Results with This Powerful Secret Principle (Writing - 3/28/05)

    If we can see, explains Guy Finley, how positive inner states lead to positive life experiences, then we can also see that negative inner states must attract negative results.

  • Break Out of the Blame Game (Writing - 3/26/06)

    Negative emotions cannot exist, explains Guy Finley, without having something to blame for their punishing presence.

  • Disturbance (Writing - 7/1/06)

    Guy Finley discusses the daily disturbances that run through our lives and how we unconsciously take part in the conflict they create. Learn about a new kind of strength and…[more]

  • Be Stronger Than Any Inner Bully (Writing - 9/24/06)

    Starting to think differently towards your own fears, explains Guy Finley, is the same as learning to act differently towards them.

  • Clear This Obstacle and Climb to True Independence (Writing - 10/1/06)

    Every step along the way to a higher independent life, explains Guy Finley, is both the challenge and the reward.

  • The Beginning of True Self-Seeing (Writing - 5/20/07)

    Guy Finley explains that true prayer must begin with a genuine request.

  • Freedom From the Fear of Feeling Powerless (Writing - 3/17/08)

    Which would you rather have, asks Guy Finley: a big fire hose with a hydrant and a fire to put out every day, or a life without fires in them?

  • The Power to Never Feel Powerless Again (Writing - 7/11/08)

    Real power, explains Guy Finley, is knowing we already possess everything we need to succeed in the moment, as we would wish it.

  • Allow Your Individuality to Blossom and Flourish (Writing - 5/18/09)

    Guy Finley explains that the more approval you get, the more you have to have.

  • The #1 Secret to Being Relaxed, Carefree, and In Command (Writing - 1/1/10)

    There is a hidden part of you that knows, without thinking about it, how to always be perfectly relaxed, carefree, and in command. This higher intellectual and emotional intelligence is…[more]

  • The Truth About Angels and Devils (Writing - 8/20/10)

    The forces of good and evil can easily be seen working their ways in and through human beings.

  • The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (Video 3:24 - 6/1/10)

    Guy Finley speaks on themes from his best-selling book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.

  • The Secret Precursor to True Spiritual Power (Audio 2:58 - 10/10/11)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how resisting any weakness that we may see within ourselves is the same as rejecting the possible flowering of real spiritual strength.

  • A Case of Mistaken Identity (Writing - 5/14/12)

    Once higher self-understanding is restored to us, the painful problems that are caused by its absence effortlessly disappear.

  • Awaken Yourself to the Source of Real Strength (Audio 3:42 - 2/20/13)

    In this short talk, Guy Finley explains why it is necessary to encounter our own so-called "limitations" if we ever want to discover the real source of higher strength that…[more]

  • New Light that Reveals and Heals Old Pains (Writing - 9/30/13)

    The only power negative situations have over us is the power we give them.

  • The Power of Attention (Writing - 2/17/14)

    When attention is directed, it has the ability to invest an idea with energy and life. Wherever you place your attention, you give life to that seed of thought. We've…[more]

  • Step Up to a Higher Level of Life (Writing - 3/10/14)

    As long as we live within the darkened mansion of these lower-level thoughts and feelings, we must remain captives of their imperfect perspective.

  • Start Stepping Out of Anxious Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 5/5/14)

    If anxious thoughts and feelings had any power to help us reach some place in life where, finally, we'd be released from the pain of always feeling rushed... don't you…[more]

  • How to Break Free of Unhappy Thoughts and Feelings (Writing - 6/25/14)

    You break free of unhappy thoughts and emotions by seeing that, even though it may feel that way at the moment, you are not owned by them.

  • Stop Following the Road that Leads Nowhere (Writing - 11/10/14)

    What we put first, the choices we make in life are a direct reflection of what we value.

  • A New Approach to Life that Develops Your Spiritual Self (Writing - 12/8/14)

    Genuine inner growth requires a conscious choice and effort on our part.

  • Uncover the Masquerading Truth (Writing - 1/12/15)

    As we work and root out what is untrue, it becomes easier and easier to instantly taste the truth of anything (or anyone) we encounter.

  • Real Knowledge You Can Use About Being Negative (Video 3:08 - 2/11/15)

    Guy Finley explains that each of us is a unique blend of celestial energies, both positive and negative, all of which are meant to be used for the purpose of…[more]

  • Four Facts to Help Liberate You From the Lie of Fear (Writing - 2/16/15)

    The more we are willing to learn about the way fear works, the less power it has to work its ways on us.

  • Claim Your Sacred Birthright (Writing - 3/9/15)

    The mind that wants to know the truth of something, and that's willing to do the work required for such a discovery, will inevitably find that for which it is…[more]

  • Climb Up to True Independence (Writing - 8/31/15)

    It isn't in another's power to do for you what you must do for yourself.

  • The Final and Absolute Secret to a Fearless Life (Audio 5:10 - 12/14/16)

    Best-selling "letting go" author Guy Finley explains how psychological fear is always connected to the idea that something of value can be taken from us. But who we really are…[more]

  • We Become What We Love (Writing - 12/26/16)

    What we put first in our lives is what we receive from life.

  • How to Know What's Best Without Thinking About It (Writing - 5/28/17)

    The amazing possibilities that appear with each present moment are literally beyond thought.

  • How to Harness the Celestial Forces that Set You Free (Excerpt) (Video 2:38 - 10/30/17)

    In this excerpt from an hour-long seminar, Life of Learning Foundation founder and director Guy Finley explains that we must work to harness the energy of negative forces instead of…[more]

  • The Hidden Nature of True Spiritual Work (Audio 2:01 - 12/13/17)

    When you are with someone who is negative and they stir a negative reaction in you, once you understand that they have no awareness of their state, much less see…[more]

  • Rise Above Your Reactions to Unwanted Experiences (Writing - 6/25/18)

    As life pours itself out in the stream of passing time, and we run into challenges seemingly greater than our ability to answer -- each of these encounters "asks" this…[more]

  • The Secret of Knowing Without Thinking (Writing - 7/25/18)

    You possess unsuspected powers of perception just waiting to be awakened. The following technique will help you get started with this awakening of the Free Mind.