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“Dear Sir, Just began reading some of your materials and have some cds on my way from your office. I want to tell you that now even just in my first moments - I am really grateful. You are reminding me of things I knew that I feel like are as fresh water to me.”

— Finnur G., Hafnarfjordur Iceland

“I found your site on Google as I was in need of some guidance. The Life of Learning Foundation is a goldmine for the head and for the heart. I can't thank you enough and I've only just begun to peruse your site.”

— Tim M.

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The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: How could so much knowledge be packed into such a little book? For anyone looking for a rich path to a courageous life, this book is for you!”

— Anna Darrah, Spiritual Cinema Circle

“Guy Finley's new Book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a blueprint of simple, timeless wisdom to liberate your heart to live from the center of your spirit and create your greatest life. ”

— Lorraine Cohen, Life architect, soul guide, heart healer, co-author of Embraced By the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion, and Purpose

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  • Anyone who rushes through life always finishes last! This is a truth unseen by the masses, but evident to those weary of going nowhere fast. You race as you do to escape the unhappiness you feel being where you are, running toward what you imagine will free you from that dissatisfaction. But such races are always lost before they begin because you can't outrun yourself! (11/11/18)

  • The more willing we are to see the truth of ourselves as revealed in each passing moment, and then do our level best to attend to its silent instruction, the more truth seems to "follow us around," making straight the Way. (11/9/18)

  • We cannot -- of ourselves -- bring an end to the seemingly innate suffering inherent in the unfolding of "our" story; such a story only comes to an end when -- by grace and effort -- we see that it has no real future, and never did because... it is as false as the unconscious level of self that dreams it into existence, moment to moment, time and time again. (11/7/18)

  • As the chaff is gradually threshed from the wheat... It's not hard to imagine that the wheat may "feel" as if it is losing itself: as if all that it has been -- or known -- is being taken from it. In much the same way, a sincere aspirant (who seeks unconditional Love) may feel as if his life is being stripped away by the light and action of a "Divine Miller"... Who first reveals, and then cleaves away the false from what is True in him. Which brings us to the point of this key lesson: neither the chaff, nor the false self has any real life of its own, and it's only through their deliberate estrangement that the kernel of Life that lives in both can realize its highest possibility: rebirth. (11/4/18)

  • Any time you do the work, inwardly, to remember -- and then look for -- the "higher side" of life, you ensure that "low moments" not only lose their power over you, but that who you are in these moments will be increasingly immune to the world of "thrills and chills!" (11/2/18)

  • Learn to fall in love with seeing what's Right, Bright and True... and the rest of your days on earth, even ever-after, become a journey of discovering what is nothing less than the best in you. (10/31/18)

  • All our relationships, particularly with those we love, exist for a single beautiful purpose that expresses itself in two different ways. Our partner -- whatever role they play in our life is there to help us grow; to provide just the conditions we need to become the better, truer person that both of us know we're meant to be. But the other, and equally important half of this same higher purpose -- without which the first part can't be realized -- is as follows: our partner is also in our life to help us discover and then release whatever unconscious parts of us remain in the way of our realizing an unconditionally loving relationship with one another.

  • Grace allowing, the aspirant finds out that he can't be like someone else whose life he had first imagined, and then coveted. Thus begins his journey. But the second leg of the journey, and in many ways more difficult than the first, starts when he finds out that he doesn't even know how to be himself. And with this revelation is set the third and final leg of his journey: where he understands that all that he has ever imagined himself to be... must be left behind. When, as impossible as it may seem, he realizes that his journey begins and ends... within himself. (10/26/18)

  • We may pity the hamster on its wheel in a cage, perhaps even feeling superior to such a clueless creature that keeps running in the same place, going nowhere with no clue of its captive state. But the fact is -- and may God help us to see it as so -- there is little difference between this hamster wheel and the "wheel" of negative thoughts and feelings that, on one hand, tell us how to escape our suffering when -- in truth -- they lead nowhere other than deeper into the dark illusion that it's possible for us to get away from (our) negative states... by not wanting them. (10/24/18)

  • Part 1

    It may be said one finds freedom from suffering over oneself in direct proportion to one's realization that there is no separate self whose suffering is to be resisted.

    Part 2

    All unconscious suffering is... consensual. (10/21/18)

  • What is any form of true art -- whether expressed in verse, through action, or by a sublime vision revealed -- other than the heart, having awakened, stretching its wings and rising into worlds yet known... and where, upon arriving there, claims them as its own... as does the eagle the open skies through which it effortlessly soars. (10/17/18)

  • We must persist in finding out that we don't know what we think we do... until the presence of any "knower" within us is seen as being one and the same as the cause of all our useless suffering. (10/14/18)

  • You can't "clean up" the past by talking to yourself about it anymore than you can put spilled soup back in the pot. (10/12/18)

  • There are many times along the upper path when not doing the wrong thing... is the only right thing to do. (10/10/18)

  • Refusing to blame others for our pain is the same as asking for an awareness of a dark and unconscious nature that believes the best way to make things right... is to do wrong; that the surest way to get over our suffering is to blame someone for it, as if our healing depends on making others hurt. (10/7/18)

  • Here's the real reason a "coward dies a thousand deaths." By law, any fear we refuse to face always returns... until we finally learn its essential lesson: resistance ensures repetition, so that whatever we try to go around will come back around again. (10/5/18)

  • One of the secret ways our lower nature is able to hide, so successfully, its innate weakness -- let alone finds a way to go on living with its inability to transcend it -- is by judging, or otherwise repeatedly condemning itself for doing, repeatedly, the very thing it keeps "saying" that it doesn't want to do again. (10/3/18)

  • For those who persist with their wish -- and their interior work to know the truth that sets them free -- there are no dead ends... because every road followed to its natural conclusion leads to new self-revelation; this is the moment when, and only in our willingness to embrace the higher self-understanding we find there -- does the flowering of self-negation bring forth the timeless fruit of (Divine) self-realization. (9/30/18)

  • Unless... and until we learn how to be still, and listen to the truth that Life wants us to "hear"... we remain "self-taught" -- caught within, and living as a captive of a lower level of self whose imagined freedom is its prison. (9/28/18)

  • It never occurs to us to question our standing belief that the right order of things in unwanted moments is either to long for what we imagine is missing from our life -- and therefore the reason for our pain -- or, to protect ourselves from what we imagine may be threatening our security. But, the real order of things is an Undivided Wholeness that wants for nothing. And if our wish is to know this Timeless Unity that is freedom itself, then we must learn to see, and to stand in -- even in unwanted moments -- our given place within its Divine order... wherein we are already safe and free; where all that we need to be happy and whole is given to us with every beat of our heart. (9/26/18)