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“I have just finished reading The Secret of Letting Go and I plan to read it again and make notes to study. I can't thank you enough for your golden words. They have come to me at the perfect time in my journey to finding my true self. No longer am I making choices unconsciously.”

— Julie B.

“Thanks so much.... Your work makes a lot of difference. I've been doing conscious inner work based on your teachings and it makes my life enjoyable and actually spiritually exciting. Thanks so much.”

— Francis R., Brooklyn, NY

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“Guy Finley's new book, Letting Go a Little Bit at a Time, is a brilliant masterpiece that feeds small amounts of wisdom one day at a time. By the end of the year, the reader will feel as free as a bird to soar to greater heights of blissfulness.”

— Michael Levy, host of Point of Life Radio

“Guy Finley, in his new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self, serves us all a full plate of Wisdom. In just the 5 Steps to Giving Yourself What You Really Want is enough Knowledge to Transform your entire Life! ”

— Scott Cluthe, Host/Producer of Positively Incorrect! Radio & TV

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  • True spiritual progress is inseparable from seeing the truth of one's nature, and then agreeing to undergo whatever these revelations make evident as needed to change it. The powerful effect of this Divine interaction never moves in a single direction, but rather occurs in all directions at once, like the radiations of the sun. This order of light doesn't just transform the darkness into which it enters; it exchanges it with its own Celestial Character. (7/15/18)

  • That we should search only our own conscience for confirmation of what is good and true, this is the best definition of integrity. For that which is good and true is not social in nature, but spiritual in need and in deed. (7/13/18)

  • In this world of passing time, perfection is a ceaseless integration and transcendence of the imperfection inherent in all things created. Temptation is the futile -- and inevitably -- painful attempt to avoid the disturbance of having to experience this imperfection inherent in one's own temporal self; and so (it is) an endless struggle born of identifying with -- and then acting upon -- an insidious false belief: that one's sense of feeling incomplete can be resolved by obtaining, or otherwise acting out whatever the opposite is imagined as the solution to this suffering. (7/11/18)

  • Powers, pleasures, and possessions cannot "add a single cubit to your stature" any more than the ocean is enlarged when -- as is likely to happen on any given day -- surface winds and undersea currents create more waves than usual to roll across its endless surface. (7/8/18)

  • All negative reactions are cages that confine the mind; they seem to be protecting us with their instant prognosis of the problem -- but, in truth, they are a (psychic) prison of our own making. (7/6/18)

  • Fulfilling your true purpose in life -- finding unshakable strength and lasting contentment -- has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that can be planned. (7/4/18)

  • Since you would never agree to let anyone deliberately belittle you -- or to otherwise "label you" in some disparaging way... Then why (do you) accept the presence of some negative character at large within you that can't wait -- at the drop of a hat -- to pin any kind of painful, or shameful name on you. (7/1/18)

  • No fact is frightening unless it runs into conflict with what we want. When this happens, the fear is not in the event -- but in us -- who have decided that in order to feel secure, life must jump through our hoop. So, the fear we feel is in our hoop, not the fact that life may have jumped unexpectedly. (6/29/18)

  • True serenity, real inner repose is the same as being quietly, consciously, released from a legion of false beliefs... each of which gives rise to an equally false sense of self. (6/27/18)

  • The falling leaf. A branch in the wind. That bird in the tree that sings to me; the whole dance of all that sits perfectly still in the silent spotlight of the sun: I am... the story they tell. I am... the meaning they share. I am... the relationship that binds all as one. I am... that I am. (6/24/18)

  • Just as a branch grows out of the vine, so does our True Self dwell within the timeless patience, wisdom, and perfect love of the Divine. (6/23/18)

  • Our true role in creation is not to conceive what we want to receive -- to imagine being made whole... but rather our task in this world is to fulfill the First Order of Our Being: consciously waiting, ever receptive to the least touch of something Divine... and then -- from that energy -- to be the instrument that quietly conceives only what is there and then seen as needed in its appropriate place and time. (6/22/18)

  • Part 1

    Honesty heals; lies hurt. In these four words lives all one needs to know and practice, that is assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, loving, and true.

    Part 2

    Here is a truth that's hard to swallow, but like any true medicine... it heals those who will take it: we are only as lost in this life as we are conditioned to either accept the lies that we tell ourselves -- about ourselves, or as we are made to blindly justify them. (6/21/18)

  • Deny, or otherwise ignore whatever weakness is now a part of your life... and it will grow stronger! (6/20/18)

  • Starting out, the aspirant believes his struggle is just to awaken himself. But, as he awakens, the aspirant sees an increasing need to serve others in their wish to be free. Finally, the aspirant realizes that his struggle was never just for himself, or for those he met along the way, but to take part in the awakening of human consciousness itself -- to help in the liberation of all human beings, past, present, and those still "to come." (6/17/18)

  • Meditation is a living, conscious realization that there is no self without relationship... and that relationship is one's True Self. (6/15/18)

  • Once you learn what it means to actually, factually accept the "moment of yourself" -- as you are -- then you will not only understand what it means to accept all "others" -- as they are -- but you will also learn to be grateful for their presence, and what they have come to teach you (about yourself) as they pass through your life. (6/13/18)

  • Our unconscious agreement to identify with the pain of any negative state -- including the usual (anxious) rush to escape it -- is one of the ways our false nature suffers -- in vain -- to prove (to itself) that whatever "self" it imagines, and then pretends to be is, in fact, real. (6/10/18)

  • There is only one reason why we become emotionally negative, let alone surrender ourselves to its dark and debilitating embrace: We have forgotten that we have a choice as to what we love, and whose company we keep, accordingly. (6/8/18)

  • The fear-filled, anxious self loves one feeling, and one feeling only: getting all heated up over the "fire" it just ignited in the dark of its imaginary life, so that then it has something it must rush to... to put it out! (6/6/18)