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“Thank you once again for your wonderful teaching that seniors can afford to buy!”

— Sharon B., Port Orchard, Washington

“It is my goal to come and hear Guy Finley live. Guy has internally changed my life. He has impacted me with his wisdom as no other then the Holy Scriptures. In fact he has made the bible come alive with his teaching. I have read many of his book and purchase many tapes and I thirst for so much more. I will get to one of his live talks very soon. I had to write, this brother Guy Finley is awesome! I LOVE his teaching! ”

— John S., Pennsylvania

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“Once again Guy Finley has created a work of brilliance -- the lessons when applied can free you from needless suffering and create a life of possibility and peace.”

— Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, Authors, Onyx Webb

“Thank you again and again, Master Guy Finley, for sharing the gifts of your graceful and provocative awakenings in your wonderful new book, Letting Go...A Little Bit at a Time.”

— Carolyn Craft, broadcast veteran and expert, visionary producer/developer, and business executive and adviser

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  • Part 1

    It is impossible for one to awaken -- to realize a new mind and a new heart that carries no residue of resentment, let alone the image of some enemy -- until one sees the absolute uselessness of complaining about anything, to anyone... Including to ourselves about our "self."

    Part 2

    Here's the real reason a "coward dies a thousand deaths." By law, any fear we refuse to face always returns... until we finally learn its essential lesson: resistance ensures repetition, so that whatever we run from in ourselves only brings us back to it again.

  • Once you realize that you can't separate an imagined fear from the level of self that believes in what it has imagined, you are near the end of your fears. (9/14/18)

  • Everyone wants to be "enlightened" -- but few are those who will actually bear the interior flame required to illuminate the whole of oneself. (9/12/18)

  • Part 1

    Complaining about anything... is one of the main ways the false self tries to convince itself that it knows how life should be unfolding.

    Part 2

    The only thing we "gain" each time we complain about some unwanted moment in our life is... we get to do it all over again! (9/9/18)

  • Meditation is watching yourself "happen"... Without trying to change what you see. (9/7/18)

  • Not wanting to see the fact of the moment... is the same as refusing to realize the truth of one's self. (9/5/18)

  • Part 1

    All around us -- and within us, as well... are those who believe this world of time is the only one; vanity is their reward, and its blind partner, self-love... their unseen prison.

    Part 2

    Our dependency on any false feeling of self that suggests some power or peace is still to come is the opposite of the faith they presume to be as they pass through us. These feelings -- along with the self that embraces and identifies with them -- are a corruption of faith; they are false gods that come bearing the equally false promise of a kingdom to come. (9/2/18)

  • We are not meant to keep our eye on some "tomorrow" from which we blindly borrow the false pleasure of what "might be." Such dreams serve nothing save the sleeping self, an imagined sense of "self" that always realizes, too late, that its "hope in things seen" is the same as tomorrow's sorrow. (8/31/18)

  • Spiritual awakening is the realization of one's (own) consciousness becoming aware of itself; where self-integration is the same as transcending the suffering born of the temptation to identify with "one side, or the other" of every passing event. This level of consciousness can't be deceived into seeing any opposite as "good," or -- its other side -- as "evil"... because it knows, without taking thought... The Good of seeing both sides at once. (8/29/18)

  • It is a strange characteristic of most human beings that we would rather feel anxious and strained about things over which we have no power, than to do the one thing actually in our power -- for whose conscious practice we would know the very peace we claim to be seeking. And that is: to ground our attention in the fact of the moment where no worried or stressful feeling can enter. (8/26/18)

  • The real source of resentment toward others is not due to some "power" we may think they have and hold over us; rather, it arises from a secret weakness within us that keeps us believing that someone else holds the key to our well being. (8/24/18)

  • It's better to see even just a little of what's true in the needed moment, than to "know" everything... too late! (8/22/18)

  • There is probably no greater treasure than authentic higher self-knowledge but the reason that so few seek it, let alone make the kind of sacrifice needed to succeed in their quest... is because its realization leads one, inexorably, first to the shores... and then to the endless, open waters of uncharted seas. (8/19/18)

  • Anyone who acts to deceive another has been deceived by a dark illusion that it's possible to steal from another without first having sold his or her (own) soul for whatever may be their imagined profit. (8/17/18)

  • Spiritual attention is the beginning of humility.
    Humility is the seed of devotion.
    Devotion is obedience to the Divine.
    (Divine) obedience is the origin of freedom. (8/15/18)

  • Part 1

    It's not the moment that's unsteady; it's our present level of self: a shack made of sticks that's shaken by any unexpected wind... and that fears its own shuddering.

    Part 2

    The real reason why "familiarity breeds contempt" is because the wish that life remains constant, and knowable flies directly in the face of celestial laws that say nothing in existence remains the same. (8/12/18)

  • Just as all the qualities of the ocean may be found in a single drop of its water, so do all the infinite expressions of consciousness -- high and low, light and dark -- dwell within us, a drop of the Divine. (8/10/18)

  • Part 1

    The only real resolution to any conflict in (our) consciousness is its release into a level of being above it; one that -- though invisible to the "realms and their inhabitants" below it, we know exists for this simple reason: there must always be a kingdom -- perceived or not -- into which whatever is released... Is released.

    Part 1

    The true evolution of consciousness is the same as the continuing revelation of its limitless possibility, which means that the freedom of (your) true Self extends as far as you are willing to see. (8/8/18)

  • The fact that we always want something from the moment -- even if it's to not want what it offers, or has otherwise come to reveal -- blinds us to the fact that every moment is always giving us... showering us with the Light of a Life that wants for nothing. (8/5/18)

  • A quiet mind is one that literally lives at a different level of understanding than does a mind that never stops talking to itself. (8/3/18)