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“I share Guy's material with the women I counsel; especially the classic Secret of Letting Go as it helped me so much when I was breaking off a dysfunctional relationship.”

— Anne B.

“Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes. I see with more clarity than I have ever seen before!”

— Kathryn F., Waukesha, WI

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“Guy Finley's new Book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self is a blueprint of simple, timeless wisdom to liberate your heart to live from the center of your spirit and create your greatest life. ”

— Lorraine Cohen, Life architect, soul guide, heart healer, co-author of Embraced By the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion, and Purpose

“Guy Finley's The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred invokes the Sacred within all of us with his insightful storytelling, echoing and joining the great masters of the search. He challenges us, as seekers of truth and happiness, to make the inner journey.”

— Baba Rampuri, author of Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India

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  • Part I:

    Until we can be content wherever we are, we will never get any closer to the Home of Real Happiness.

    Part II:

    We do not see life as it is, but as we are; and so when it seems to us as though our life is not enough, not right, or just not happy enough, it isn't because life has singled us out to deny us its fulfillment, but because we have cut ourselves off from its abundance by being all tied up in "nots!" (2/21/03)

  • There is no such thing as preparing for what you are, there is only its realization. (1/2/00)

  • The initial stages in the work of giving up your suffering lead you through a new kind of suffering that begins with struggling to give yourself up, and ends with the glad discovery there was never any such sad self to surrender. (1/5/00)

  • Trying to find fulfillment through experiences alone is like thinking you can receive nourishment from a bowl of soup you see reflected in a mirror. (1/9/00)

  • We must learn to look out at life with more than just our eyes. We must find out what it means to see with our heart, and to look at all of life's events through an awakened mind not blinded by selfish and self-limiting desires. As we learn what it means to see life with all of us doing the looking, we will also make the Great Discovery that Life has been trying to show us all along: just how Good, how whole and Compassionate it has always been, only we just couldn't see it! (8/2/02)

  • Part I As we learn what it means to consciously "suffer ourselves" so are we given the keys we need to enter into the true life free from suffering.

    Part II We die to death in ourselves by suffering it for the sake of true life. (1/12/00)

  • All partial loves prove themselves to be just that; and in their inevitable passing we are always returned to that bitter-sweet realization that the love we long for can never become the possession of the self that longs. (8/4/02)

  • Part I:

    No animal hides in shame for being itself. No tree bends to the opinion of others. No wind avoids the granite face before it; only human beings cultivate ways in which to cower before one another, and all for the sake of winning nothing other than a fleeting feeling that for their cunning they have either stayed the tide of something unwanted or have momentarily won the object of their desire.

    Part II:

    Know this to be true and do not shun it because it speaks of things thought better left undisturbed: For the sake of that which is Good, there is no such thing as a "necessary evil," and whatever it is within us that states otherwise is the evil it would have us do. (8/7/02)

  • Whenever we are angry or upset with others for their unkindness towards us, the hardest thing to see in such moments is that the person we are about to punish is already in more pain than he or she can bear... and that this ache in their soul is the secret driving force behind their thoughtlessness. To see this suffering of the one before us, before we increase it, is how we learn to consciously bear our own. (8/9/02)

  • As long as we are at war within ourselves with all of the stress and sorrow such conflict breeds, everyone around us is a potential casualty of our pain. (8/11/02)

  • No one can come to know Real Love who has not yet learned what it means to listen, and no one can learn to listen who has not been called by Love. (8/14/02)

  • The reason for our dissatisfaction in this world is not due to what the world withholds from us, but is because this world is but a shadow of our real home... and until we awaken to this truth we will continue to feel the disappointment that living in illusion must create. (1/19/00)

  • Part I:

    It is never the unwanted condition itself that has us stuck, but that we are unknowingly hung up in habitual thoughts and feelings about our situation. To be New we must learn to see ourselves from that part of us that knows who we really are, our True Nature, was not created to be a captive of anything!

    Part II:

    Just as the echo of a voice that has shouted out, "Stop making all that noise!" is itself powerless to stop the one shouting, or to otherwise effect a change in its own harsh tone, so too is the level of self that negatively reacts to any unwanted condition powerless to change its unpleasant experience of that moment, or to transcend its own unconsciously self-produced stress as it goes through this struggle.

    Part III:

    We must stop searching for some kind of happiness "to come" and learn what it means for us to be Whole in the present moment... For all forms of momentary happiness have proven themselves as little more than brightly colored clouds briefly set afire by the setting sun. The more we learn how to choose in favor of being true to our own True Being, the sooner we will come to realize the Timeless happiness that already awaits anyone who will seek It first. (8/16/02)

  • Those things we earn or win in this life belong to the time in which they are gathered, while what we spiritually learn about our life is ours in its season and throughout eternity. (1/23/00)

  • Part I: Enlightenment is not knowledge of the whole universe, but to live in communion with its perfect design and divine purpose.

    Part II: To be empowered to act upon what we know is True and Good for us requires being present to ourselves in the moment of being tempted to make choices that have proven themselves to be unproductive or even self-destructive; so that the first step in finding and living the Truthful Life comes with developing the awareness of our own tendency to always forget the following fact: The unattended mind driven along by its own opposites must choose against itself. (8/18/02)

  • Ultimately, for those upon the path, the reason for the endless struggle with all forms is to realize the hidden forces (of light and dark) behind them.  Then the real question becomes not what forms do I seek power over, but in which forces do I choose to participate. (1/26/00)

  • Whatever is True, Right, and Real in any human being need no more seek approval for its own nature than does an eagle in full flight hope to hear the "caw-caw" of some crow below it, calling out to it about how confident it looks soaring alone through the wide open sky! (8/21/02)

  • Part I:

    What God has given each of us to be, cannot be enlarged, but only realized... And so our struggle and strain to be something more than this, to be grand in the eyes of the world, not only blinds us to the futility of these efforts, but puts us in conflict with everyone and everything that is seen as trying to deny us our demands.

    Part II:

    History proves that never has there been anyone who, for the sake of acquisition alone, ever felt as if he had acquired enough, which also proves that those who would possess the world are themselves the possession of an incomplete spirit that is only satisfied by wanting. (8/23/02)

  • What possible Good is there in seeking Love or Peace in a time or place to come when everything along the way that thwarts your dream causes some kind of resentment or is seen as yet another disturbance to avoid! (8/25/02)

  • If you listen to, and will sincerely consider the truth long enough, one day you will suddenly not only hear it but you will see it. (1/30/00)