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“The Meditative Life cd's are in my car and I listen to them constantly! Thank you for a simple straightforward and life-changing message! Thank you So Much!”

— Vicki S., Fort Wayne, IN

“I really appreciate to work with the materials of Guy Finley. It is pinpointing for me on a lot of issues.”

— Angelie, Netherlands

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“Guy Finley has done it again!! This little Letting Go book has a pearl on every page, and makes the whole world our oyster!”

— Sallie Felton, host, International Talk Radio, life coach, transition specialist

The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred by Guy Finley is a wise, very accessible and enjoyable guide to the well-springs of the spiritual life to be found deep within ourselves... This beautiful book will be a great resource for all readers.”

— Dr. Maria Reis Habito, International Program Director, Museum of World Religions

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  • Part I:

    The pain in being a human being is not because we are divided in our soul, but because we are created to be Whole in God. If we had not this vestige of Holiness we would never know the pain of being apart from it.

    Part II:

    The one thing that never dawns upon people who are always in a rush is that the only place they ever arrive at is yet another good reason to feel rushed!

    Part III:

    The pain of being divided does not belong to the self it creates, but this self then creates a further set of divisions which only serves to fuel both this pain and the sense of self it continues to birth. (8/28/02)

  • The simple reason why we are always the last one to see the truth about ourselves is because we are always the first one to look away. (2/2/00)

  • The unconscious resistance to seeing ourselves as we presently are keeps us from becoming what God has made it possible for us to be. (2/6/00)

  • The only power any storm of suffering thoughts and feelings has over you is how long you agree to remain under its reign of dark influences. (2/9/00)

  • Part I:

    If we could only learn to go consciously quiet in the face of some unwanted or otherwise fearful moments, then we would realize a kind of Real miracle: for in that same intentional silence (of ours) we would hear this adversary before us begin to tell us all we need to know about the meaning of its fearful appearance, as well as what actions to take -- if any at all -- to put us upon the best path to a peaceful solution.

    Part II:

    We cannot protect ourselves from what we fear in life and be free of fear. The only way anyone ever gets "around" a fearful moment is by a route that brings him back to it! (8/30/02)

  • Part I It will not occur to him to ask for a new self in God until he expires all the things in life he still believes will make him new.

    Part II He sets before himself an entirely new task... to no longer make demands of life, but rather to learn how to ask God for a new nature. (2/13/00)

  • Part I One's hunger for real life is proportionate to his discovery that his present life is being consumed by his appetites.

    Part II The food of the gods makes the mortal suffer, but this suffering leads the willing individual to immortality. (2/16/00)

  • Part I:

    The only true solution to that constant press of discontentment in our lives is not to acquire more of what has proven powerless to please us, but to consciously detach ourselves from that level of self that believes the path to contentment is paved by continually thinking about what is missing from one's life.

    Part II:

    At some point the sincere seeker of God's Life will speak something like these words: "It is your Life that I want and not the empty experience of ceaselessly chasing an endlessly changing list of things hoped for to make me feel temporarily whole!" (9/1/02)

  • Remembering that you need to know the truth of the moment before you act falsely init, is the beginning of a new order of being within you. (2/20/00)

  • When we understand that our true purpose in life is to grow in the Wisdom of God's Plan, and that this Wisdom we seek itself seeks us to help it unfold in Goodness, then we also realize that whatever disappointments we encounter along the Way must themselves be a part of Wisdom's Eternal Plan. It is for this New Wisdom that we are spared from falling through that darkened door called discouragement; a passageway whose threshold, once crossed, carries the soul to its own unwitting destruction. (9/4/02)

  • If you will dare to look closely at any uninvited moment of yours...what you'll see is that its chief feature is you talking to yourself about it. (2/23/00)

  • Part I: Be encouraged by this truth and then do the inner work to realize the freedom it holds for you: Life itself never stands in our way. It never intends to hold us down. If something is seen by us as restricting our way, then, instead of backing away in resentment from what amounts to a vision of life provided for us by our own thickened thoughts about what we cannot be, let us turn our attention to the parts of us that habitually believe in such barriers and learn to walk through these false notions as we do through late afternoon shadows.

    Part II: Any pleasure sought by the self to help bring its pain to an end does not help end this pain but, in fact, only secretly conditions the same self to run through a continuous cycle of unconscious pleasure and pain; where each pleasure gained serves only to ensure the need for, and continuance of, the pain this self needs in order to later please itself. (9/6/02)

  • Part I: What makes someone a master is not that he or she possesses some unattainable skill, but that these individuals have first realized the existence of, and then made contact with, a world above them that wants to pour its more perfected understanding into their own.

    Part II: We are only truly complete, in the real meaning of the word, when we are in communication with the world above us and conscious, for its presence in us, of a tender outflow of which we are the intended vessel. (9/8/02)

  • The real reason why we must be willing to do the needed work for self-change is because we become what we despise about ourselves if we don't change.  To see the truth of this gives us reason, will and courage sufficient to go through our resistance (to change). (2/27/00)

  • Part I: The reason that you give to yourself for the suffering that has come over you is, itself, a secret part of the suffering that overcomes you!

    Part II: The only reason that your inner enemies, those dark negative states, have so much say over your life is because you are so willing to stand there and listen! (9/11/02)

  • Part I: There is no worry so great, no anxious rush for resolution so strong, that these terrible twins cannot be taken up, reduced and returned to their basic nothingness by that mind brought back into its native quietude. Learning to be still is not just the remedy for our self-wrecking states, but proves to be their permanent cure.

    Part II: We must learn to see that our true habitat is not that mind filled with the incessant chattering of our thoughts, anymore than the ceaseless chirping of branch-hopping birds is the same as the deep and quiet forest in which they dwell. (9/13/02)

  • Part I The only force impervious to the pain inherent in the play of opposites is the understanding of them.

    Part II Do not a self make and be free of self-ache! (3/1/00)

  • Stillness is the backdrop of all that moves, and one's unwavering awareness of this Stillness is the backdrop of the Eternal Opposites at play in ceaseless motion. This means that within one's own awakened state of awareness rests not only the potential to transcend the passages of time, but to live within an un-passing, unsurpassed, and Timeless Peace that might be called the Ground of God. (9/15/02)

  • From where it is within you that you decide upon something is far more important than what you have chosen (to do). (3/5/00)

  • It may be fairly said that one has only found his True Place in life -- a place undiminished by time, unassailable by tide -- when he knows this place resides in the very center of his heart and seeks it no place else. (9/18/02)