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Notes from grateful readers.

“I am immensely benefited by your key lessons. I earnestly feel that people, who are in difficult situations in their lives would find solace in you. I think God has chosen you to serve the mankind in this way.”

— Debdas, India

“I have read many many so-called life-changing books. This is the first time that I found it to be true.”

— George J., London, UK

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“Guy Finley has the ability to illuminate with insight the mind's darkest corner. If it does not brighten with the first reading, read it again, let it sit and know the light will come.”

— Wendy Garrett, radio host, author of Talking to Nightlights

“I highly recommend this tiny book; it is not the quantity of words but the quality of Guy Finley's message that nourishes one's soul.”

— Greg Voisen, founder, Compassionate Communications

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  • Each real life-lesson gained, each timeless Truth gleaned by going through what we would have rather not gone through, confirms a great secret unknown by the masses: the whole universe had to have participated in that moment of our transformation, else none of the necessary elements involved could have been in the right place at the right time to deliver that perfectly tailored lesson. Here we find personal evidence of what new physics now professes as true. Our life sits at the very center of a universe that revolves around it. But to this wondrous discovery we must add one more insight: As this is true for "my" life, it must be equally so for that of everyone else. Each of us lives in the heart of this Great Center around which everything eternally turns. And the sooner we awaken to this Great Life Lesson -- that all of us are (at) cause for the creation of our lives -- the sooner will also pass away all of the conflict in this weary world of ours. (10/4/02)

  • No one wins a war that rages on born of fighting with his perceived enemy, but everyone loses who runs in fear of engagement. Victory is assured only to the one who will neither fight nor flee, but who will embrace his foe until there is no one remaining to either win or lose the contested ground. (10/6/02)

  • Part I: We are subjected to the unconscious pain of any negative state that we refuse to make the subject of our own conscious self-study.

    Part II: Peace can never be obtained by conquering fear but only in seeing that there is nothing one can possess that will gently hold the mind still or fill the heart with grace. (10/9/02)

  • Learning to recognize the fact that most of our conclusions about life have proven themselves to be illusions helps free us of that visiting dark dread of unwanted moments when we hear fear telling us what our future will be! (10/11/02)

  • Whatever those things may be that he is driven to possess, regardless of the noble names he gives to them, he seeks these things only in the attempt to possess himself. But true self-possession is impossible upon such a path. Each of the images that he clings to -- as he pursues their gilded promise of helping him to reach his goal of feeling whole -- only secretly serves to separate him from himself at the outset of his quest. (10/13/02)

  • There is no fate worse in life than to be a hater of Truth. And whoever turns against the truth does not know his hatred is secretly of himself, for the shadows that torment him are not caused by the truth but are the dark effect of his having turned his back on the Living Light. (10/16/02)

  • If we will do the right thing, in the right moment for the right reasons, there is no other possible outcome than for us to know Rightness. Such Rightness is its own reward; it is free of conflict because it is whole, and being whole it never seeks confirmation, which means it is fearless. These facts reveal that the path to True Happiness is not an up-hill road to be struggled over each day, but is a place found within our own heart. It is the path of willingness to see ourselves as we are; a new order of watchfulness dwelling within a Light-ness that is Rightness itself. (10/18/02)

  • Part I:
    True Silence is not the pleasurable sensation born of a quiet time taken in nature, and neither is it the natural repose that comes quietly at the close of day. True Silence is not a feeling at all, but is to one's emotions as is the sky to the sunlight that streams through it, lending it life.

    Part II: Self-created silence can not be creative. (10/20/02)

  • Whoever struggles to protect himself from his perceived fear does not banish his enemy but secretly breeds the dark seeds of its life. (10/23/02)

  • Part I:
    Life itself has never weighed-in so heavily upon us as to hurt us; rather it is we who -- in ignorance of reality -- carelessly attribute weight to events that are essentially without substance, causing ourselves to suffer nothing less than the fervent magnitude of our own imagination.

    Part II: The degree to which we feel ourselves confined by any circumstance in life is directly proportionate to how our own conditioned thoughts have defined the same. Now, in contrast to this self-imposed sense of captivity, consider the following truth: the True Present moment, by virtue of its ever-unfolding nature, is essentially un-definable... Which means that whatever seems to be our "confined" condition must be the secret doing of some unseen act of self-definition! A new Freedom dawns with the light of this discovery. (10/25/02)

  • We know the disturbance of desire, as in the pain of when we don't want what life brings. But what we are not conscious of is the disturbance in the pleasure of wanting what we don't have! When we see that the disturbance of pain and the disturbance of pleasure have the same root and only seemingly different fruits, then our nature will begin its transformation. (10/27/02)

  • Our sensations of life have nothing in common with sensitivity to life. The former is born of unconscious reactions as they cascade and then disappear in time, while the latter is related to True Conscience and is as timeless as the eternal wisdom it helps to bear. Learning to discern the difference between these two states of our being is a pre-requisite to our realization of Real Life. (10/30/02)

  • Life is always new, which means there is no such thing as an "old" problem. The only thing aged in us, with regards to what continues to make us ache, is our worn out ideas about how to overcome our unwanted condition; dead-end resolutions that include learning to "just live" with regrets and resentments. What does, in fact, grow "older" in us -- and secretly seasons our suffering -- is how we more readily and rapidly accept our own conclusions that our problems are insurmountable. And so, as amazing as it is, we remain captives of our unwanted condition by consent! (11/1/02)

  • Freedom follows the discovery that whatever it is within us that compels us to achieve can never itself be made content by achievement. (11/3/02)

  • Only a mind awakened to itself knows the cost of being spiritually asleep. While the mind slumbering in itself knows nothing -- not even the cost it pays for remaining asleep. (11/6/02)

  • Until we realize that the true work of transforming ourselves requires that we transcend our presently confined consciousness, we will continue to resist seeing our own limitations -- looking upon them as something to deny -- instead of approaching them as the secret doorways that they are to our new life beyond all former boundaries. (11/8/02)

  • Part I:
    We must continually recommit ourselves to the life of Truth, even as the Living Light ceaselessly recommits itself to sustain our soul through the truth of Its own eternal Being.

    Part II: When God's will becomes our sole wish in life then whatever happens to us not only fulfills our wish, but it is our wish to from the start. (11/10/02)

  • The continuing unconscious comparison of who we think ourselves to be, in contrast with who we imagine we ought to be, is the unseen movement of misery seeking new company without ever leaving the house of itself. (11/13/02)

  • To see that when you are thinking through some angry fearful, or anxious state that you are living out the best idea available to you in this moment is to begin realizing that you need a wholly new "idea entity." (4/9/00)

  • Unseen by us, but with real enough effect upon us, is that our constant internal commentary about the conditions going on around us surrounds us; wrapping us up as in a blanket (of thought) that seems comforting to us for its familiar weave and pattern, but whose ever-shrinking fabric secretly covers up and smothers all that might be seen anew about life. (11/15/02)