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“I just finished reading, The Secret of Letting Go. It was one of the best books I have read and I look forward to reading more by Guy Finley.”

— Nola H.

“VERY MUCH enjoying the Being Fearless and Free album I recently purchased. Actually, [it's] unbelievable! Please forward my sincere thanks... it was well worth the investment.”

— Karen S.

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“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith

“A book that encourages our self-examination of thinking, conscience, and behavior -- an essential step for each of us to hear the call for our important contributions at this time in history. His questions serve as a mirror of what stands in our way. The wisdom shared reminds us of the powerful truth -- all is within.”

— Debbe Kennedy, founder of the Global Dialogue Center, Author of Putting Our Differences to Work: The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership and High Performance

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  • Part 1

    We can either spend our lives shaking in fear each time an unwanted moment arrives -- trying, in vain, to protect ourselves from what we've imagined it means... Or, we can use that same moment to start seeing through a false self that believes some newly imagined strength will bring an end to its fear.

    Part 2

    Lingering negative states are the dark expression of an inherent -- deeply seated -- misunderstanding that somehow we are without all that we need to respond to any unwanted moment in perfect repose. (6/3/18)

  • Our (real) Mind is not intellect itself, nor is our Heart the seat of emotion alone; real Mind is the marriage of a higher order of intellect and heart: wherein feeling is wisdom -- and wisdom is, in turn, feeling; these two parts (of us) were never intended to be separated... as they now are for the majority of humanity. The purpose of (true) meditation is to reunite this crucial, innate relationship... of mind, heart, and body, calling this holy bond what you will: enlightenment, liberation, or simply being Whole. (6/1/18)

  • Trying to change, or otherwise control the unexpected appearance of some unwanted moment -- whose anticipated outcome you negatively imagine must be avoided at all costs -- actually helps create the unwanted condition that you had feared was coming! (5/30/18)

  • Part 1

    The illusion of Time is that it's a progression, but it is not; (it is) a higher dimension in and through which the will of creation continues to be revealed.

    Part 2

    The Presence Moment never repeats itself, and only the part of us that can be present to the Will of this Timeless Intelligence can share in its newness, know something of its purpose and, as a consequence, approach (Its) perfect freedom. (5/27/18)

  • The more you learn to quietly suffer your negative states in conscious silence, the sooner will your unconscious suffering be silenced! (5/25/18)

  • Part 1

    Evermore it appears that Real Life is the ceaselessly expressed creation of a (timeless) Mind whose Will and Awareness, forever as one, is reflected by, and then experienced through (the appearance of) a backdrop of passing time.

    Part 2

    The great paradox of an awakened life is that no one enters into it as it is found. (5/23/18)

  • It is from out of one's unconscious fear of death that comes the frustration, pain, and inevitable sense of regret born of trying to steal a feeling of being alive. (5/20/18)

  • We can imagine, and then wish for what we hope will make us whole -- fearless and free -- but real wholeness, spiritual freedom is unimaginable, as is the inner path that leads us to realize that innate Divine estate. (5/18/18)

  • Untouched, uncorrupted by what once was, and yet unfolding from it -- as does a tender new flower from its stem -- comes forth the ever-present moment. But (such) newness holds no familiar pleasure for a mind locked in time: where its struggle to be free unfolds in self-spun captivity, an unwitting but willing captive of a prison whose bars are the past carried forward. (5/16/18)

  • There is no real solution to those "trials & tribulations" we're always trying to change, or somehow escape in life... other than to realize an Innermost Place (already within us) that shows us -- by it's Light -- two great truths whose singular wisdom sets us free at once: there would be no need to seek a solution to our pain if we hadn't unknowingly "fallen" into the wrong place (in ourselves) in the first place. (5/13/18)

  • Face the Light...
    ...And darkness walks behind you. (5/11/18)

  • The only reason that ever you feel bored in life isn't because you don't have something fun or exciting to do; rather, it's because you don't know how to be your Self. (5/9/18)

  • The reason it's pointless to ask, or otherwise demand that someone explain himself to you for your troubled feelings over his words or actions, is because no one in the world can explain away a pain that you are creating for yourself. (5/6/18)

  • When all is said and done, there is nothing more difficult, nor as beautiful, than just being oneself. This is all any of us has to offer to real Life; fortunately... it is all that the Divine asks of us in order to be whole, happy, and to live in alignment with the Will of Creation itself. (5/4/18)

  • The torment of guilt is one of the ways in which weakness hides itself. It is a false, substitute emotion for the natural feeling of remorse that comes for having witnessed the unfortunate effect of seeing one's unconscious nature "in action." (5/2/18)

  • To walk the unmarked path that leads to a life in the Divine -- one that is no longer bound by fear and self-doubt -- requires that you enter a narrow, but sunlit gate above which reads this sign: Enter your present limitations here! (4/29/18)

  • Agreeing to feel sorry for yourself is like slipping off a boat far out at sea and, just as you're falling into the water, grabbing the anchor to take with you so you can always have a souvenir... to help you remember your time on the boat. (4/27/18)

  • Gluttony -- of any shape or form -- is not just the unbridled pursuit and inevitable surrender of oneself over to some physical pleasure, however embraced. Far from it: gluttony is the unappeasable longing of an unconscious nature whose favorite "food" -- when all is said and done -- is pain. How so? See it for yourself: the more this divided nature gives itself what it wants -- including pain -- the more it wants of it. (4/25/18)

  • Let every search for a solution to the suffering you feel begin in the unlit corners of your own consciousness, and soon you will never again wonder "why" you feel the worries, fear, and the bitterness that you do. (4/22/18)

  • False wishes, like most empty prayers are usually born when times get rough and -- much as do cut flowers -- lose their fragrance as soon as the tempest passes. A true wish, like any real prayer may have its roots in difficult times but, once born in the human heart, it never dies; it lives on, shining new light and lending new meaning to every moment of life for the one in whom its need has been awakened. (4/20/18)