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“On [the] recent prayer/final element [added] to [the] attention exercises? Just wish to say Thank You, I feel as if Guy has given the "Keys to the Kingdom." [...] Thank you all for sharing so intimately this wonderful journey we are on through the discussion groups. [...I] feel I know for sure now that there is something else within me that i that I have access to. Heaven!!!”

— Mary Holder, Horizon City, TX

“Have just finished reading The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and highly recommend it - I have learned so much and it is already making a difference in my life. Thank you.”

— Joan J., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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“As an avid reader and writer myself, Finley's book is one that is kept by the bedside. At any given moment, I'll pull it off the nightstand, open it to any page, and just start reading. [...] However you use this book, through and through, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living is well worth the read.”

— Voice of the Angels Magazine

“Guy Finley's The Secret of Your Immortal Self teaches us how to uproot the false beliefs underlying our fear, anger, uncertainty, and self-doubt and how we may access the inherent joy, equanimity, wisdom, and creativity of our Authentic Self.”

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

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  • Every revelation -- regardless its nature -- is the expressed momentary experience of a Divine perfection that belongs to a higher order of Being; (it is) a Oneness that dwells, unseen, in another order of time. Behind "each" of these revelations is the Divine will responsible for its appearance... a will that "seeks" to integrate the disparate parts of whatever it reveals, that it might bring all involved into its Holy Service. (4/18/18)

  • If attending to, and then surrendering oneself to the will of the Divine fulfills the highest possible purpose of one's real life -- and one works inwardly, as faithfully as one can to live this understanding -- then slowly, but surely appears a new kind of freedom; it appears in any and every moment when one sees that the true source of their psychological suffering has always had but a single source: an unawareness that one is attending to, and identifying with the unconscious will of an equally unconscious level of self. (4/15/18)

  • To see that the places where we feel stuck in life are really secret passageways -- provided for us to gain vital insight into our own greater potential -- is to no longer perceive these hurdles as a hindrance to success in life. In fact, once we learn to welcome whatever challenges us, we stand at the threshold of a new order of our own being, where never again will we feel ourselves to be a victim of anything! (4/13/18)

  • This, our world... is a virtual desert, but not because the earth herself is infertile. Rather it's because we -- human consciousness itself -- are barren: we bear no Light, let alone the Child within us... meant to be born out of its abiding Presence. (4/11/18)

  • Part 1

    There is but one relationship one can have with the wind-blown events of this world that isn't a part of all the useless, unconscious suffering they create... and that is to be a conscious witness of them.

    Part 2

    There is only one way to know -- beyond the shadow of a doubt -- the presence and power of that indwelling Divine nature that can't be dragged down -- or into yet another painful struggle with life: you must do the interior work needed to be (one with) it. (4/8/18)

  • Meditation -- the perfect action of a quiet mind -- is not the path to the Divine; it is a realization that the Divine is ceaselessly reflecting upon itself in a timeless and sublime state of Being... better known as the "Kingdom of Heaven." (4/6/18)

  • All forms of anxiety are created and sustained by the vain attempt to either acquire what we imagine will make us feel complete, or the equally vain attempt to escape or otherwise control what we perceive is making us feel incomplete or inadequate. (4/4/18)

  • Part 1

    Forever discontent, forsaken, and forlorn is the branch that seeks to grow its own fruit, and to glorify itself therein.

    Part 2

    Spiritually speaking, all relationships serve one purpose: higher self-knowledge. This level of self-knowledge serves one purpose: awakening to the truth of one's self. Awakening to the truth of oneself serves one purpose: dying to oneself. Dying to oneself serves one purpose: rebirth. And rebirth is... the purpose and fulfillment of all relationships. (4/1/18)

  • We judge others in the vain attempt to separate ourselves from our own negative reaction to them. This is like believing that turning our back on something we don't want to see in a mirror changes whatever it is that we'd rather not see in it. (3/30/18)

  • Part1

    We have no choice but to relive our past until we are present enough to see that we are about to do so... and then, have enough presence to step off of that time line. Otherwise, we will continue to run in unseen circles.

    Part 2

    Here's the real reason why the idea of "starting life over" rarely -- if ever -- actually leads one to realize a truly New Life: for most of us, the whole idea of "making a fresh start" begins with having imagined ourselves crossing some equally imagined finish line. But, being new has no finish line, so that any race that starts with one in mind... has been lost before it begins. (3/28/18)

  • Until our wish is to be present and responsive to the real needs of friends, family, and even strangers -- more than we want to be seen as important in their eyes -- we serve no one... not even ourselves. (3/25/18)

  • Silence is the soul's workshop. (3/23/18)

  • Despite our resistance to it, no unwanted moment in passing time -- in and of itself -- is ever "wrong", or "out of place." Our incomplete understanding of the reason for its appearance not only tends to color such moments "dark," but our unconscious identification with this false conclusion then acts to drag us down into that same imagined darkness. (3/21/18)

  • Part 1

    Never fear the loss of what will, and must disappear in this world of passing time. The work of remembering this timeless (but unwanted) truth is the same as connecting yourself to the love of an all-embracing, fearless awareness... that never dies.

    Part 2

    When you see that the emptiness you fear is full of your resistance to its appearance -- and that some unseen part of you is the source of this suffering -- you will no longer fear, or resist your awareness of being empty; In fact, you will welcome it. (3/18/18)

  • The greater percentage of what we call being "productive" in life is -- in truth -- little more than our unconscious complicity with a lower level of self that lives to build castles of sand... even as it watches and waits, fearfully, for a wave that will come to wash it away. (3/16/18)

  • Learning to use the appearance of a conflict -- whether with a friend, family member, or for an unwanted moment -- as a reminder that what you're really experiencing in that moment is the presence of some unseen contradiction in your own consciousness -- is the beginning of the end of ever again being made to act against yourself, or anyone else. (3/14/18)

  • Until you learn what it means to have your own life... it's owned by anyone and everything else from whom you want something. (3/11/18)

  • Your True Self is always more than perfectly equal to any unwanted moment; so that all you have to be is who you already are -- in that moment -- to see that everything is already done in the world above you... a higher level of being whose perfect reflection resides within you. (3/9/18)

  • You say your lines; I speak mine:
    A well-rehearsed play,
    Acted out in dreamtime.
    But when no one is the wiser,
    With the stage so dimly lit,
    None see that half of what is said...
    Is to no one there,
    Which suits the other half... just fine. (3/7/18)

  • When it comes to our wish to make real changes in ourselves, good intentions cost (us) nothing... and that's why the road to hell is paved with useless coins. On the other hand, making a conscious effort to change -- in the moment that calls for it -- comes with the cost of seeing ourselves as we really are; this awareness shows us not only the possibility of being released from our worry and fear, but also the unconscious parts of us that don't want us to be free. Enduring the totality of this revelation is the price of awakening, and (this) awakening is the herald of true self-transformation. (3/4/18)