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“This book should have on its cover: Caution -- Read Before Living!! Very few books deserve this warning. The Bible is one -- both are inspired by Intelligent Design.

— Dave W., Arcata, CA

“I've read my share of spiritual teachers in my time and I must say that Guy is the most eloquent and accessible. ”

— Michael S.

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The Secret of Your Immortal Self is THE BOOK to help you easily understand and successfully use Universal Truths that are there for us all to grow and prosper.”

— Linda Mackenzie, Founder/GM Radio Network

“If you want to free your mind, lose your inhibitions and erase the fears that hold you back in life, fears that threaten to keep you shackled to a mundane existence, then you must read this book.”

— Darren G. Burton, author of Real Life Dramas

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  • Learning what it means to take a deliberate step back from our reactions to life is the same as learning to walk past those parts of us that want us to believe our only choices in that moment are those presented to us from the content of these reactions. (1/19/18)

  • Looking for the meaning of any experience by taking thought about it is like focusing your attention on the single thread of a magnificent tapestry and hoping to understand the story it tells by analyzing that one thread. The story is so much bigger than that and... so is your true Self. (1/17/18)

  • The grand illusion and, in the end, the unseen source of psychological fear and pain is our unconscious perception of disquieting moments that "tells" us we are not responsible, let alone accountable, for the unwanted experiences that come our way. However, the "perfect love that casts out fear," along with its pain says otherwise, as follows: our experience of life, whether for its beauty or bitterness, is a ceaseless revelation of the role we've played in the creation of life leading up to that moment. If we want a different, happier experience of life, then we have to learn how to experience these unwanted moments in a holy New Way. Such knowledge gives birth to "truth that sets us free." (1/14/18)

  • Identifying with any kind of negative thought or feeling for having realized, inescapably, the fact that you are spiritually asleep is itself, a manifestation of the same level of mechanical self over which you now mourn. (1/12/18)

  • There's only one way to stop being deceived by the empty promises of others -- including those produced from out of your own desires... And that is to know that nothing promised to you -- or by anyone -- has the power to "add one cubit to your stature." (1/10/18)

  • If you will learn to tend to every thing that appears in your life in its time, then it won't be long before the whole idea of being anxious over anything will just quietly give way to this ceaseless revelation, accompanied by its peace-giving realization: there is nothing more important for you to do, no other place for you to go... Than to be right where you are, doing what you're being given to do in each and every passing moment. (1/7/18)

  • There is no such thing as a "bad day"... only our inability to see the Good in it. (1/5/18)

  • Truth is Imperishable; its timeless kingdom is untouchable. Therefore, the more truthful we can be with ourselves -- especially as concerns our present level of being -- the more we enter into a living relationship with Truth's Imperishable realm... wherein (we too) become untouchable by the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," and find ourselves beyond the ravages of passing time. (1/3/18)

  • Part 1

    When, before our inner eyes, we always have someplace better to be, or a feeling that who we are just isn't good enough, we are blinded to the presence of two great truths: First, all imagined destinations are dreams whose promised fulfillment fades the nearer we draw to them... And secondly, that where and who we are in each moment is, in fact, a field of possibilities whose powers are ours to gradually incarnate and perfect.

    Part 2

    Only what is in balance can reveal what is not, while whatever is imbalanced is powerless to restore balance to itself. (12/31/17)

  • Nothing in reality is fixed; the illusion of being unable to transcend some unchanging nature within you is the work of unseen resistance to the ceaseless transformation that is the matrix of Real Life. (12/29/17)

  • You cannot make yourself whole anymore than a wave can make an ocean. But, you can rise above the waves of frustration, that tempest of anger whose soul-eroding pain would have you believe that you are more than you can be in any given moment. (12/27/17)

  • The power to incarnate, to be a living expression of any Celestial Character begins with our realizing its temporary absence within us. Real action is instrumenting its return, whatever the cost. (12/24/17)

  • Learn to turn the things that you don't want to do in life into deliberate conscious actions, and it won't be too long before you'll want to do the things that you've always tried to avoid. (12/22/17)

  • Learning to see -- and then to deliberately take a step back from the unconscious part we play when we're identified with some mechanical reaction -- is the first step in learning how to play a conscious role in life... one that cannot compromise either the one acting, or those with whom he or she interacts. (12/20/17)

  • A kite on the broken string,
    That's the thing I am When I've forgotten you.

    My mind unattended, drifting
    ...Unaware it's falling
    Because you're not there
    To hold it against the wind.

    A kite on the broken string isn't free.
    It's lost. (12/17/17)

  • It often feels as if difficult moments in our life are things that we just have to "go through," but this is only half the story... and the lesser half, at that. In truth, each life event represents a very special set of conditions for which we alone have been created and then... are invited to grow through. (12/16/17)

  • The one who learns to look within, to seek therein the Kingdom of Heaven, no longer feels the need to look outward... So that the whole idea of looking forward to some "better, happier tomorrow" simply ceases to exist for him or her. This means he is no longer bound by whimsical winds of passing time; thus free... he no longer lives with worry or fear. (12/15/17)

  • What I am -- whatever its nature in an unwanted moment -- is one and the same as that moment I don't want. (12/13/17)

  • It is impossible to let go of any painful thought or troubling feeling until you see the parts of yourself that are secretly clinging to it. (12/10/17)

  • In any given moment we must give all that we have to whatever we may be doing, for only complete action on our part has the power to teach us completely those lessons that life would have us learn. (12/8/17)